Good Reasons To Get Loft Conversions In South East London


Good Reasons To Get Loft Conversions In South East London

Hope everyone had a fantastic christmas, I bet you had all your family round for a big feed up and plenty of drinking, problem is at the end of the night there is no where but the sofa and the floor for people who have had to much to drink to sleep, and you wish you had more space so the family could come round more often.
Maybe its time to consider having that loft conversion done in south east london for that extra bit of space and comfort, Im going to give you a quick list why a loft conversion would be a good option for some extra space so your family can have a more comfortable night next christmas.

So, why the attic? In most cases, because its an empty space filled with the detritus of everyday life. It may be an ideal place to store suitcases, skis and defunct pieces of furniture, but think how much more useful it would be as a bedroom, home office or childrens play-room. At an average of 100 a square foot, a loft conversion is far cheaper than buying more space in the shape of a larger house – and about a third of the cost of digging out the basement. Unlike a back extension, it wont eat into your precious garden, either.

Nor is it just a London phenomenon.While the high price of property in the capital means moving upwards makes even more sense there, people all over the country are looking to their roofs. The online property portal Globrix (partly owned by News International, publisher of The Sunday Times), which allows you to search homes by feature, lists 2,670 for sale with loft extensions – 2,308 of them outside London.

So, what can you do with all that space above you? Although most people go for an old favourite – the extra bedroom and ensuite bathroom – this need not be boring. Take the loft extension that Mark Newman, director of Newman Zieglmeier, an architecture firm, and his girlfriend, Natasha Bulstrode, a make-up artist, have just finished above their two-bedroom flat in Kensal Rise, northwest London. They have created a boutique hotel-style bedroom, with a roof terrace, a freestanding resin bath at one end of the room and an enormous plate-glass window with views over the city. It was quite an effort to get planning, says Newman, 39, who carried out the work himself, with a skeleton team of builders. They wanted something a bit more traditional at the front, but we managed to persuade them otherwise.

So, what else can you do while youre up there? You could go greener. Building regulations stipulate generous amounts of roof insulation, but go one better by opting for an environmentally friendly material such as Thermafleece, made from British wool, or Warmcel, which uses recycled fire-retardant newspaper. The Energy Saving Trust estimates that the average family could save 110 a year on heating with proper loft insulation. You could also install solar panels: government grants of 2,500 are available for those installing solar panels to generate electricity; if the panels are for heating water, you can get 400.

What about a roof terrace? Councils dont look on them favourably, largely because neighbours are unlikely to take kindly to you peering down at them while they are sunbathing in the garden. And think carefully before creating one without permission. Because its on your roof, its rather obvious, says Hugo Pace, an architect at Snell David, a London-based firm. Its not hard for nosy neighbours to learn you don t have planning permission and make you apply for retrospective planning or take it down.

Is a loft conversion south east london always a good idea? Its cheaper to build space than to buy it, so, if you can create the extra space, chances are youll be quids in, says Phil Spencer, the Sunday Times columnist, Channel 4 presenter and director of Garrington, a property-search agency. Square footage is money – the more you have, the better.

Recent statistics from the Nationwide show that converting the loft in south east london of an average three-bed, one-bathroom home can add 19% to the propertys potential price. It certainly seems to have worked for Newman. The conversion cost him about 120,000, but according to a recent valuation by Foxtons, it has added 200,000 to the value of his home.

I hope this information sounds good to you so until next time enjoy the rest of your christmas from loft conversions south east london.

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Copywriting Techniques Help you Jump In Your Sale

Tips on How to Write a Profit Pulling Copy You cannot have a successful internet marketing campaign without good copywriting. In some cases, internet marketers have risen to the top of their field simply because of their copywriting abilities. No matter what you’re selling, the better your sales copy, the more you’ll sell. If you follow the copywriting guidelines that follow, you will find that your conversion rate improves. The most important part of your copy is your headline. If your headline doesn’t capture attention, the rest of the copy won’t matter. On the World Wide Web browsing is done very quickly, as people are viewing page after page. Your sales letter should have a catchy heading to stop the user. How can you tell if your headline is good or not? By testing different headlines and rotating them, you see which one converts better. For an effective headline there are no fast rules to follow. If you are able to grab their attention and get them to read your sales copy, you’ve won. In the history books you see that the best copywriters used amazing headlines and got the best results. An attentive headline is not necessarily what words you use but how you use them. For you to separate from your competition you need to start thinking out of the box. There are also other elements that play a part in determining if your headline is good or not. Anything more than 17 words would be considered a weak headline. There are numerous ways when writing a sales copy to increase the products value. Including a free bonus is also one way to increase the value for the user. Everyone loves the idea of free bonuses. It lets them think they’re getting more value than they’re paying for. With the help of a few bonuses with your product you can effectively give the customer the impression that your product is very valuable. There are reports of customers buying products just to access the bonuses on offer. Yes, it is that effective. However, the type of bonuses you offer will have an impact on your success. Try to offer something of value that compliments your primary product in some way. Don’t just include bonuses because you have the ability to. Another copywriting principle is that you should be as specific as possible. This is true for your entire page, including the headline and sub headlines as well as the body. Readers will not appreciate vague or general comments about a product or service. The trick to influencing people is to supply specific information that to into depth about a subject. If you want people to trust you and believe your copy, this is the way to do it. So focus on providing people with as many details and specific information as you can. Copywriting should express the full benefit which your product is capable of and to have the prospect aware of them. While this art takes some time to really be easy for you it is also a reality.

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Paid Survey – Where Can You Find the Real One?

Finding the right site which pays a lot and really pays is not hard, right? There are always search engines that when you type “paid surveys” in the box, there would be a long list of results presented to your very eyes, right? Wrong, because search engines may give you millions of results but then there is also always the possibility that it will show you the low paid ones and even the ones that are a hoax. So, if not search engines, then where do we go? I will further explain to you what it means when I say finding about the real ones.

Search engines are not reliable when it comes to looking for the right paid survey sites. Not only will they present you with a list of disappointing low paying sites but also the unpopular sites that will give you the idea that their surveys are just a hoax. You do not have to worry or fret so much and disappoint yourself with this idea, though. You just need to know that there are better options or alternatives out there.

The answer to this dilemma would be to join and forums and use it to your advantage. Why forums? Forums are places where you meet people online, exchange information about a certain topic and even make friends. This would be a great opportunity to ask members about their experience on various paid survey sites whether they have good feed back from it or not. Forums also don’t allow spam and useless information from other people so it is totally safe and the best part about it is it is completely free.

You can use their search engine to find topics on paid surveys and this time you will be presented with very satisfactory results because you will find threads that are solely dedicated to that topic alone. Here, you can ask other members their opinions regarding paid surveys, they would give you the best and legitimate ones and would help you avoid the fake sites.

It would take up a lot of time and effort but in the long run, will make you earn more.

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Role Of Poster Printing In Business Promotion

Poster printing is considered as a very effective mean to advertise a specific brand, product or service. Posters contain colorful graphics, photos, these prints can attract people and even influence them to seek more information or take any action. Poster printing let you convey your message to your target audience in a cost effective and time efficient manner. Poster printing plays different roles to promote your business, some of them are as follows:


Establish Your Presence

People wouldn’t come to you if you don’t tell them about your business. Poster printing can help you in this by setting the ground for customer awareness.


It is a fact that posters alone are not capable enough to send a strong marketing message and generate the sales you need as poster usually contains logo, your business name and a slogan which is not enough to convince the buyers. But, posters can certainly create the awareness that your business is exists and what type of business it is.


Effective Way Of Street Promotion

There is no doubt that Television, Radio, Internet are very useful way to promote your business. But its fact that no one stay in front of the Television, Radio, Internet forever. People need to go out for work, for studies and other activities. When this happens, poster printing take cares of your advertising campaign. Posters can keep reminding your target audience about your products, service when they go outside the house.


Build Your Reputation

People often think that bigger is always better. That’s why they always prefer to go to large business companies. It gives them an artificial sense of security and satisfaction. Poster printing can help you to create this kind of reputation for your business. By looking at your colorful poster yourcustomers will think that you must have a big capital to afford professional posters, (not true) and thus help you to create good reputation of your business.


Cost Effective Method

Poster printing is one of the most cost effective tool of marketing. Small companies who don’t have enough money to spend on advertising can opt for poster printing to promote their product or the service.


So this shows that, cheap poster printing services is quite useful in any kind of advertising campaign. Poster printing can be the perfect pick while promoting any kind of business.

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Making Money With Internet Marketing

The most important thing you should take note of when you try to start making money through internet marketing is that you do not have to interact with the public face to face and try to con them into purchasing stuff from you.

You don’t have to chase down people to make your sales or find leads or generate revenue through an ad campaign. It is such an amazing business. The automatic ability that Internet marketing has to generate money for you is unlike any other.

Some of the traditional marketing principles will definitely come into play when doing Internet marketing, but another key to this business is focusing on precise actions proven to give results. The best part is you don’t have to be an expert to get them to work for you if you just follow what has worked for others.

For example, search engine optimization (SEO) is an established way of generating revenue, which through the use of websites, blogs, etc. generates a lot of free traffic. Traffic, after all, is the driving force behind all business.

This traffic is not just random visitors. They are targeted customers that land on your page after searching for a keyword that is relevant to your business. Whether they are looking for information, products, or just a pleasant stop, they are searching for something that is related to what you are offering. Each visit you get through SEO has a large prospective pertaining to what the purpose of your website is. No matter what that may be, it some how deals with generating revenue for you.

SEO is a lot of work, but it is worth every minute you spend. It is more of a long-term approach rather than a quick way of making money.

CPA networks combined with the use of Google Adwords campaigns and domain forwarding are another way of making money with Internet marketing. This method allows you to get almost instant traffic and makes things a little easier. You will become an instant success for your traffic is targeted and there is little to stop people from buying, for you offer them email submissions, free trials, and things like that. The profits that you see also come rather quickly.

With this method, you don’t need a website or need to create content. You also don’t need to worry about optimizing your site for search engines and you will make money very fast. This is a huge advantage and you can increase your business almost instantly.

You must know what you are doing when you use these methods though. You can’t just expect to hop right in and have it work since there are certain rules and special methods you need to know in order to be successful and make a lot of money.

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The Bone Yard of Internet Marketing

Ahead is the signpost for the Bone Yard. It is relatively easy to find just look at any large marketing, article publishing, or internet-training site and you will see a steady stream of those heading toward the Bone Yard. It is not a pretty sight but it happens each day.

Some statistics reveal the average person entering the internet-marketing arena drops out after 2 months leaving their seed money on the table. They might hang around to see if anything happens with their efforts but have no doubts; they are on the way to the Yard.

Why does this happen so fast, so frequently? Like most things, the answer varies but if you can get a survey completed on the subject it should start with:

What brought you into internet marketing? Most will say because it looked like a fast, easy way to make money.

Why are you leaving? Most will say because it is harder than they thought, takes longer than they thought and they just got over whelmed with all the details and activities required to earn anything in this effort.

How Did I Avoid the Bone Yard?

This article aims at those newly experienced in this effort, those within the first few weeks of effort, and those still not turned off by the reality vs. the expectation.

My personal experience started from an interest to see if the advertised “quick, easy” money in internet marketing was real or even existent. Like most, I read information found on advertising, forums, and generally tried to find a good place to start.

Following that effort, I selected one guru from the many resources available, jumping directly into the fray. The immediate reaction within two days was an overwhelming immersion of emails, PDF, HTML documents in a vast and seemingly endless stream. If you happen to sign up for a “free” add-on, it creates another stream of marketing solicitations, so the immersion gains momentum. Sign up for more than one and you need a big bucket to catch the load coming your way. It’s like drinking from a fire hose.

If you are able to spend the hours a day required to read this material, it probably will sound like a lot of gibberish. Not taking any potshots at the providers but the newbie reading this volume is struggling with just reading, the understanding will come later.

After direction and reminders of all the fantastic success stories it is comforting to know that success awaits just around the corner if you will follow the paths outlined. You read, ask questions, get answers, and make the first plan deciding not to put money into pay per click yet as that is not the way to go. You decide to use the Bumm Marketing techniques to reduce cost.

The cycle begins with creating lens, articles, RSS feeds, more articles, sales promotion areas, all the things that make this money cycle work. You get the needed accounts ClickBank, Google AdWord, and others. Time goes by and it does not seem to work, No Sales. Questions begin. Did I not get the keywords right? Did I not get the right Product? Did I not put it in the right Place? The questions rising from negative results are endless. There must be a reason for my failure; I followed all the steps in all the sources I read. What happened?

What you Know, What you Do Not Know

Have you built a house using a set of properly drafted plans? Have you cooked a dish from a recipe book?

In those efforts, did the product come out exactly as the house plans or recipe promoted by following the steps exactly as outlined? If they did, you are most fortunate. What generally happens when the house starts up something will pop-up requiring a decision not covered clearly on the plans? You have to make a decision. If you are experienced in home building, your decision will probably be correct. If you have no experience you will try to call someone and explain what you are considering to get some idea what to do. If you can relay all details to the listener exactly, it is probably you will make the correct decision. If not maybe, the house will not fall down in a strong wind.

When you cook a dish from a recipe, it states to set the oven on 350 degrees for 30 minutes. You follow the instructions and the dish comes out much dryer than expected or as pictured in the recipe. You wonder why, and then remember your oven reaches 360 degrees on the 350 setting but you forget to adjust the temperature shift or the cooking time. In this case, you knew something but forgot to use it.

The point of this thread is you know yourself and use your knowledge when applying any instructions obtained from any source. One way to start this awareness is to use the old paper and pencil trick or a computer if that is better. Regardless after reading all the steps on “how to do it” make a list of activities and skills required to do those steps.

Then make a list of skills you possess that parallels those steps. Are their any? If so, which ones really stand out as your super skills? Then look back at the first list and compare where your strengths match the list of needs.

Possibly, you will find that your skills give you a real edge in one area and using that skill might offset some difficult to finish items. What you will also find is some of the steps might not be comfortable for you but you will have to learn how to do it. The old saying of, “if you are doing what you enjoy, you will enjoy what you are doing” is very true. The effort becomes so much less when the world you visit is a world you like.

The positive aspect is people who read your work, hear your tapes, or watch your video will also know you like what you are doing. It is like answering the phone with a smile on your face. The smile goes out over the line and the caller feels it. The audience you are soliciting to have interest in your product will also see that appreciation in your work.

This discussion of what, how and can I solve my problem continues at the BoneYard. Stop by for a while.

Harold Simmons


Copywriting Help You Out To Jump In Your Sale

Make More Sales with These Copywriting Tips Copywriting is an integral part of any Internet marketing campaign. There are online marketers who have made it big just because they had a strong copy backing their product. By improving your sales copy, you will improve your conversion rate and thus make more sales. Let’s examine some time tested copywriting techniques that will improve your conversion rates. It’s important to realize that the copy you write should not be focused on you. The focus should be on your reader, the person you are trying to persuade about your offer. No matter what virtues you may possess, this is much less interesting to your prospects than how your product can help them. How your product will help them is all they want to know. If you waste your limited space by going on and on about your own accomplishments you’ll only be pushing away the people whose attention you need. Remember, when writing copy, “you” is a much more powerful word to use than “I.” Copywriters who talk about themselves too much end up driving their prospects to the web pages of their competitors. Don’t wait too long to show them what you’ve got for them. In fact, the customer should be the main subject of your copy from start to finish. It is possible to increase the products value when writing a sales copy in many ways. You might include a free bonus for every customer who buys. Getting a free bonus is always something liked by people. They like anything that they don’ have to pay for. So when you throw in a couple of free bonuses along with your main product, it automatically enhances the value of your product and makes your price look smaller. There are also instances where people only bought the product for the free bonus included. Yes, the effect is that great. It all depends on what bonuses you include and how you position yourself. The bonuses included must be exclusive and complimenting to the product in order to see the best results. Don’t put in the bonus just for the heck of it. The key is to keep it as straightforward as possible. That’s one of the basic rules of copywriting. You’re aiming here to simplify things for the prospect, not make them more complex. Don’t be too techie and don’t use lots of big words. You won’t want to make things too heavy to keep up with. Some think that copywriting is hard to do because it follows a complex structure. The truth is, however, good copy is easy to write. Prospects won’t flee from it either. All in all, don’t let that sale slip through the crack. With a quality copy you can reach a level of success that you never imagined. After all, if you’re selling a product, it all comes down to bringing in the profits.

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Get A Paid Reverse Site Membership To Keep That Freak Away

Reverse phone search websites are some of the best ways in which you can keep the bad guys out of your life. These are the people who hurt you, try to exploit you, and ultimately, leave you feel wretched and miserable. Such people could come into your life in many ways – like pranksters through annoying blank calls, bad boyfriends or girlfriends who turn out to be maniacs, horrible roommates who never pay the rent, business partners who are immersed in financial problems, and become a liability to your business, and so on.

The problem is that when we meet them, they appear to be completely charming. It is very hard to tell how they’ll turn out to be later. However, you can prevent some trouble by yourself these days thanks to reverse phone search.

Reverse phone search is an amazing technology which helps you make the right decisions. You will be able to tell very easily if a person, a stranger that is, is someone worth associating. This is because this phone number search technology helps you perform background checks on people by using just their phone number.

The fees that are charged by even the most highly reputed sites are extremely affordable. Thus, by using the reverse cell phone lookup functions that are available on these sites, you will be able to retrieve information regarding the owner’s employment status, marital status, criminal records, insurance records, and so on. This will help you make a much better decision regarding the kind of person that the owner of the number is.

If you are being annoyed by strange and mysterious calls from unknown numbers, you can use the reverse cell phone lookup functions of these websites to tell you the name and address of the caller. The reverse cell phone lookup function is extremely efficient among the reputed reverse phone search websites. The results are given to you in the form of a reverse phone search report, which is easy to read, and which can be downloaded on to your desktop within minutes of conducting the search.

It is here that you must exercise some caution. If you really want to be sure that your life remains freak-free, then you must use only the paid reverse phone search websites. This is because it is only these which can be trusted to give you some accurate and reliable information. The free reverse phone search websites are of no use, and will give you only old, localised data.

Use a paid reverse phone search site to keep your life free of nuisances who cause unnecessary troubles. To try a sample search, lookup here: (417)-577.


Hurry up for Topons Bundling Promotion

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How to Succeed at Internet Marketing

There’s no question that internet marketing can be challenging. With that said once you know what is working you can quickly turn the tables around to your advantage.

The key to success is measuring your actions. You need to know what you’re doing and what results your yielding from your marketing efforts. The best way to do this is to track each task you do.

You need to set goals. In other words if you say to yourself I’m going to write 20 articles. You need to track those articles to understand what results they’re bringing in.

You also need to know where those articles are generating the most traffic for you. The next step involves the landing page those articles are leading back to.

Once traffic starts coming back to your web page you need to know how many of those visitors are either clicking on your affiliate links or going to your shopping cart.

This will give you an idea of how well your landing page is performing. In effect it is also wise to test different landing pages. The goal here is to find out which landing page is performing the best.

The reason for all this testing is to find out how to generate conversions. To me traffic is not that difficult, the most difficult part is converting visitors to customers.

Once you get this right you will now have an exact number relative to ROI. ROI which is short for return on investment includes the time you spend on your traffic generation methods and the money spent generating that traffic. Due to this you will now know how much you can spend on traffic in order to make a profit.

Once you have these metrics you can ramp up your traffic so as to get to your desired income.

In conclusion, remember you do not have a business until you do business. And you need to know the numbers so that you can make a profit and get your business income where you want to get it.

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