How to Structure a Coupon Or Promotion


How to Structure a Coupon Or Promotion

In this economy, promotions are important… and competitive. Google or Bing ‘coupons’ for your favorite brand or the item you want to purchase, and you’ll see pages of coupon offerings from your competitors and affiliate sites. Customers are looking for savings for just about everything, so get in the game of increasing your sales with coupons and discounts.

Here are a few great promotion ideas for services:

1. Try it free for 30 days
2. Become a VIP member and get 2 weeks of meals free
3. Free trial PLUS $ 10 off
4. Refer a friend, get a $ 45 spa gift card
5. Free consultation, valued at $ 750
6. Free white paper

Here are great promotion ideas for products:

1. Free Shipping Always
2. Free Shipping over $ 45
3. Save 10% with $ 100 purchase
4. Save $ 10 with $ 50 order
5. Get a free laptop case with your laptop purchase
6. Clearance Sale!
7. Save 25% until August 1st
8. Save $ 10 off $ 50, use code SAVE10

Landing Pages are very important

Don’t forget to create or update landing pages that mention the sale or clearance. Some great sites use automatic savings, based on the link that the customer used. The savings follow the customer through to the cart.  If your promotion is product specific or category specific, make sure that your landing page features your promoted product or category. Higher conversions depend on this.

If you prefer to use a coupon code, make sure the code is easy to remember (SAVE10 versus 07302009). Some affiliates also prefer exclusive coupons or savings for their visitors. It’s important to listen to what they want, as they know their audience best. Create coupons that are exclusive to that particular affiliate, and not available anywhere else – not on your website, or available for other affiliates. You’re creating relationship and a loyal affiliate.

If you’re offering the discount through email, make sure to add a ‘Share with a Friend’ link to ‘viralize’ your offer.

Creating your Terms & Conditions for the coupon or discount:

Consider what restrictions or requirements your customer needs to meet in order to qualify for the discount. Does the coupon expire? Can it be combined with another discount or coupon? Can they use the coupon with all products on your website? Can the coupon be used online and offline? Is there an total order minimum?

Announce new coupons

Announce your coupons or specials through email, your blog, twitter the day that it goes live. Add login links for your affiliates to easily get the links they need online or add the links directly in your email.

Consider making a pre-launch announcement with an incentive to your affiliates to use those links. Perhaps add on a ‘Bonus payment’ or ‘Giveaway Contest’ for those affiliates who activate specific links.

New customers cost more to acquire, and with a great marketing strategy, including regular targeted emails and promotions, you’ll have loyal customers who may even do some marketing for you (word of mouth marketing).

Test coupons, update them often and ‘seasonize’ them when appropriate. Keep your coupons fresh. You’ll keep your current customers interested and gain new ones, too.

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5 Effective Techniques For Increasing Your Squeeze Page Conversions

If you’re creating a home based business online a squeeze page, an opt-in page or a landing page on your website is an absolute must for any long term success on the web, because as the old Internet marketing adage says “the money is in the list.” In order to build your list of potential customers you need a squeeze page or whatever you prefer to call it to capture your visitors contact information in your auto responder so you can follow up with future offers.

Having people sign-up and leave their email address is the main purpose of your squeeze page however a truly effective opt-in will turn your visitors into customers or at the very least newsletter subscribers and here are 5 tactics you can employ to help increase your existing client base via your landing page:

1. First of all your opt-in must load into your visitor’s browser very quickly because you have a very limited time to attract their attention and get them to leave their vital information. A slow loading page will deter people from your offer because they value their time online and don’t like waiting for their information. A couple of things to avoid are overloading your page with graphics which slows download time and a server which is sluggish and reacts slowly to requests.

2. The popularity of video on the web has home business owners and Internet marketers using it as an advertising technique and adding a video to your page can only increase your conversion rate. By taping a message from you, personally, you will have taken a major step in the relationship building process with your potential customer and if they feel a trusting bond developing they are more likely to subscribe or to become a paying client.

Video also adds a professional touch to your home business and people see you’re willing to go the extra mile to obtain their patronage. When creating your message make it short and to the point. Cover all the information people are looking for in a concise point by point format while adding a little personality to help create that feeling of trust.

3. Colorful and professional looking graphics are a must on your squeeze page. As mentioned, you only have a short time to capture people’s information and they aren’t going to be attracted to a bland and amateurish looking opt-in which gives the impression it was slapped together with no thought or imagination involved. The graphics you choose should also reflect the overall theme of your home business website and help to deliver the information people are seeking.

4. Your text message on the landing page is another important component of your conversion rate. Once again because of the limited time and, in this case, the limited space involved you must keep your message short and to the point while highlighting the benefits to your potential customers.

Telling someone how you’re going to solve a problem for them is a tremendous enticement to buy now rather than later. You must remember however this isn’t your sales page so you have to resist the temptation to overwhelm your visitors with information. Too much too soon can have a negative impact on your guests and deter them from subscribing.

5. The size of your opt-in page also has an impact on your conversion rate. Your visitor’s shouldn’t have to scroll through the page to get the entire message. It should be presented to them head on with instructions telling them what they need to do to continue and how they will benefit by proceeding via leaving their name and email address.

These are five very effective tactics you can use to create the conversion producing squeeze page which yields the revenue generating email list you need to serve as the foundation of your home based online business for many years to come.

Bob Withers is a professional sales and marketing person with over twenty years in the field. He has now set his sights on Affiliate Marketing and creating successful Home Based Businesses online to apply his trade. If you want to get in touch with Bob or learn more about Affiliate Marketing or setting up an Internet based Home Business please visit:
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Table-less Psd To Xhtml Conversions

The table-less PSD to XHTML conversion plays relatively significant role in the web development industry. The Table-less XHTML formatting seamlessly help in stopping inconvenience and inconsistency that may occur in the flow of the content and hereby, maintain uniformity of a web portal by presenting data in the user-friendly manner. As per the current W3C standards, the table-less design are strictly recommended for a web page.

When it comes to highly cross browser compatibility, the table-less PSD to XHTML works strongly against any type of annoyance in terms of compatibility on different major browsers such as Internet explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari, Opera etc. By coding PSD format based files with strong table-less XHTML mark-ups, an individual can really enhance the accessibility, cross browser compatibility, page loading speed, and functionality of his website’s pages.

Majority of XHTML developer believe that cell based tables should be thrown out of the window that ultimately brings table-less layouts in latest trend. The table-less PSD to XHTML codes help in avoiding many meaningless tags and a website left with only significant headings. Code a website by converting PSD to XHTML to define page structure and content without any bad accessibility.

The table-less formats are proven boon from search engines optimization point of perspective. The reason is simple – it makes easier for popular search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing etc., to index the XHTML tags of a website and help them in extracting dynamic meaningful content from tags. On top that, it make a page more search search engine friendly by simply reducing code to conduct ratio.

Quick Glance at the benefits of Table-Less PSD to XHTML conversions:

Table-less layouts take less bandwidth.
Improved accessibility
Easy to change using CSS
User-friendly web page navigation
Fast page loading
Easy website indexing

In a nutshell, it is believed that table-less formatting make a web page more convenient to access only if hand-coded from professional and high-quality PSD to XHTML conversion through skilled XHTML developer.

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Paid Surveys – More Tips to Make the Most of Your Paid Survey Payouts

For some people who have tried paid surveys for the first time, they complain that the payout is too low for them, claiming in the end, that paid surveys are scams and that the income is too low. Paid surveys would no have lasted this long and would not have gained its popularity if that is the case. A lot of people still continue to patronize the paid survey industries because it helps generate a bit of income and not to mention, it is the simplest job you would ever find on the internet so to avoid being frustrated and make the most of your payouts be guided accordingly by these tips:

1. Take It Little By Little

Of course everyone wants to get rich but not all people are as lucky as Bill Gates. Even Bill Gates had to work up the Microsoft system before he hit the jackpot. The point here is that people tend to believe in too good to be true ads which is why when they join the site that the ad advertised, they become disappointed because it turns out that it was just a fake. Ads will always be advertising exaggerated things because they are meant to attract people. So do not believe everything that you see. Everyone has to start out at the bottom and slowly work their way up.

2. Search it Up

As always, the number one paid survey advice is to research anything and everything before signing up. Look for review sites, blogs and forums where honest experiences from participants like you share their opinions and experiences. Research is the answer to avoiding scam sites. Also, do not forget to read everything that is stated in the terms and conditions before you agree with it so that you won’t miss anything.

3. Work for the Same People

Starters would probably receive just about the minimum but if you work regularly for the same providers or company, they might slowly raise your earnings so be sure to make a good impression by submitting on or before the deadline, filling up your profile with the required information and answering their surveys with your most honest opinions.

4. The More The Merrier

Search up as many legitimate sites as you can and join everything that you find provided that it really is legitimate. Legitimate survey companies normally send out a minimum of two to three surveys per week. So by joining several websites you won’t run out of surveys to answer continuing to get invitations and keep the ball rolling. Answering surveys is not tedious work so you do not have to worry if it piles up, the more the better.

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Chevrolet Xenon Headlights HID Kits Lights Conversions

Chevrolet is the proud brand of General Motors as it takes the first position as the highest-selling car among all those brands that come under its umbrella covering. You can find a variety of automobiles ranging from the compact cars to the commercial trucks of medium duty. Widely known by its pet name Chevy, it is the brainchild of Louis Chevrolet, a racecar driver in association with William C. Durant, Founder of GM, who was later forced to quite GM. In 1917, when GM took over Chevrolet, it was a prominent automobile that attracted one and all, and continues to be so even today and any car lover would vie for buying one for himself. All through these years, Chevrolet has been making extensive market research and with the customer’s feedback and their needs in mind, it has brought in various models of cars that would become an instant hit. Not to be left behind is its technology that is at par with any other automobile brand and thus undoubtedly it holds the top position in this ever-expanding competitive market.

One of these advanced technologies that can be clearly seen even by a layperson is the quality of its headlights. Everyone knows that as the engine works as the heart of an automobile, its headlights act as the eyes. When the driver of the car finds it difficult to drive due to poor visibility, may be at night or due to rain or a foggy weather, the car’s headlight lends its eyes to the driver to make the path clear and visible so that he can easily drive ahead. But imagine if the eyes of the car are poor to provide sufficient light then what will happen? The driver would be in a really horrible situation and will go through risking his life and that of others too.

Taking this into account, Chevrolet has come up with a high quality Xenon Headlights that uses the latest technology of HID or High Intensity Discharge. With this the light produced is highly intense that provides ample amount of visibility. The high and low beam combination that is used in this technology makes the light fall evenly and spread on a wider area giving in room for a broader visibility. The white color that is emitted is more typical to that of the sunlight that makes your eyes comfortable to adjust with. Along with it is the advantage of durability and greater reliability. This gives the necessary risk free atmosphere and thus with xenon HID headlights one can now take even a long drive on rough weathers without the fear of the headlights giving away or poor visibility. The other advantages of these headlights are that they are power savers too and consume quite a less amount of power when compared to traditional headlights. They go on and on and on for many years and never call for maintenance in between. These come with an attractive and useful kit that contains the necessary instruments to make the headlights plug and play into your vehicle. To get one for yourself you can check in at Chevlrolet Cars.


Copywriting Skills Advice News And Information

Although many will say that copywriting for the web is a new and totally different animal, remember that the principles of copywriting still apply, and it’s a skill that has been around longer than you may think.

Writing compelling and persuasive copy is a skill that every entrepreneur must learn – whether they conduct business online or offline. And at the beginning of any marketer’s career this more important than ever. Because unless you can pay many thousands of dollars to hire someone to write great salescopy for you, you’ll surely break the bank in no time, if your sales can’t back-up the expenses that it will take for you to have it professionally outsourced.

Copywriting is essentially marketing. It is persuasive and it promotes an overall idea about either a product, a service, or a company.

Copywriting has only one goal, which is to SELL. But with the advent of the internet, copywriting has become more in depth and wordy to assist in search engine rankings.

Copywriting is about knowing how to use words. This includes how to manipulate them and assemble them in a way that achieves your ultimate goal … which is to SELL.

Effective copy will speak directly to your audience. So to be able to do that, you first must understand who your audience is. What keeps your prospects awake at night? What problems and pain do they struggle with? What questions do they have? And what answers can you provide?

Also in speaking directly to your audience, it must be in words that they can understand and relate to. And to draw them into the message you are communicating, write your copy as if it were for ONE PERSON. Sprinkle it with words like YOU and YOUR, rather than “we, me, and our”.

Since our world is made up of all different levels of literacy, choose your words wisely so that they can be understood by customers and prospects with weaker reading skills. In fact, some of your customers and prospects might be multi-lingual, and their vocabulary skills in the language you’re marketing in might be weaker.

For this reason (and others too), keep your paragraphs short, and scannable.

Scannable copy means that a person can glance at the web page, and get the general idea of your message without reading every word of it. As you organize the format, remember to make use of color, bold & italics, font sizes, capitalization, bulleted lists and line length.

Although all these formatting choices will help to make your copy scannable, don’t use them all at the same time, or for entire sentences. Highlight a word or two that needs some PUNCH, and needs to stand out. If there’s a point that needs to be drilled in to the minds of your readers, make it stand out by using one of these formatting options.

Since your goal is for your visitors to BUY, you want them to READ. And for them to READ your copy, it must be EASY to read.

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Effective Promotion Through Classified Ads

Websites are designed to make money from the Internet marketers and visitors. Classified Ads are one such medium which help in effective promotion of the website and create a clientele to provide profits through effective sales.

There are a few steps which help in creating an impressive ad and place it amongst those sites which generate higher returns for that site. The most important leverage that a website owner can enjoy is the ability to publish the most desired content on the Internet according to the specifications. For example when you want to promote a sale or a specific product then you can create a special message for your product and place it in the desired place which you think is best for attracting relevant visitors and generate higher sales.

A classified ad has to be designed in small crispy hard hitting words so that they take notice of that specific classified. That opportunity to pull the customer’s attraction is more than enough to attract the customers towards the desired counter. Almost half of job is done when the ad gets specified attention.

Free submissions of the classified are possible in some specially designed classified ad-sites which provide some free space to their customers for some specified period of time. The problem is that there are a number of such sites and it is practically difficult to assess which is best for the customer. Hence, the problem of submission to increase your web site traffic as a result of ad posting remains as it is.

Proper knowledge of ad posting sites enables website owners to attract customers and hence generate sales. These sites are better judged by some specific Companies which are working day and night to promote the website in a relevant direction and derive desired result.

There is a mushroom of free classified ads websites on the Net. Posting ads on these websites is like finding a needle in the haystack on visitors’ part. So create your ad in such a way to gain attention of the visiting customers and place them on such domains which help in creating the desired result.

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The Promotion of Carbon Neutral Events

The state of our environment is deteriorating at an incredibly fast rate. The deterioration is caused by a large number of different factors, but one of the principal factors is the increase in carbon produced. This increase in carbon in our environment has adverse effects on us as well as on the natural world that surrounds us. The production of carbon is caused by many different means including the actions that are taken by companies, particularly those involved in manufacturing or production processes.

Recently many individuals, groups, and businesses, have begun to realise that the degradation of our environment will have greater and more immediate consequences than were ever realised before.
This has bred the concept of Carbon Neutral Companies and of Carbon Neutral Events. These carbon neutral companies make sure that the effects of the carbon they produce are counteracted by other actions they can take, such as planting trees.

Carbon neutral events have the same focus – to balance the carbon produced against the positive carbon-beating actions produced. They encourage the people and companies participating in the event to take steps to reduce or eliminate the effects of the carbon emissions that are produced as a result of their participation in the event. This can also take the form of activities like planting an equivalent amount of trees or similar. The amount of work that a company has to do to become carbon neutral will be determined by their carbon footprint.

The carbon footprint will be determined by effect that carbon and greenhouses gases produced have on the environment. A company or individual’s carbon footprint is measured in units of carbon dioxide. This measurement can show people and businesses the extent to which they need to work to create carbon neutral events. The people who are hosting events, such as conferences or shows, can also help to raise a company’s awareness of their carbon footprint. The hosts of the events can help to outline steps that attendees can take to make the event carbon neutral.

These ‘carbon-neutralizing’ actions can begin with simply helping companies and individuals to calculate the carbon units that will be produced as a result of their travel to and from the event. This can be added to the amount of carbon that would commonly be produced by the attendees. Steps can then be taken to neutralize the carbon footprint left.

Companies holding events, shows or conferences, can significantly help to increase the awareness of being carbon neutral through making their event carbon neutral. A wonderful example of this is the 2000 Motor Show, held by Mazda, which was made completely carbon neutral. This demonstration went a long way to proving that carbon neutral events were possible and practicable – even for motor vehicle manufacturers.

Planting trees is not the only way to become carbon neutral, whether at home, at work or as the host of an event. You can also make use of green power sources and reduce the emissions produced by traditional power sources. One of the most visible power sources that can be invested in to help work towards carbon neutrality is wind power. Companies and individuals that invest in wind power help to increase the amount of projects that are in existence and in return they get to show that they are playing their part in making their home, company, and community or event carbon neutral.

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Confidential Conversions – A No-Fluff Review

Confidential Conversions – Is This Course For Real?
For the past several years, CPA advertising/marketing has become extremely hot because there’s serious money to be made, but you do need to know exactly what you’re doing, though. Philip Mansour developed a new course called, Confidential Conversions, and in it he tells all he knows about the subject of CPA advertising. In his course, Philip Mansour details the same approaches and tactics he has used to make excellent money with CPA. But do be forewarned that this isn’t an internet marketing course. So, if you want to learn how to make money with CPA, then this course is targeted to you. You get to learn about PPC networks that can give you insane amounts of traffic at a very low cost. These particular PPC sources are not widely known. Why else is Confidential Conversions different? It’s the ability you’ll have to achieve a level of mastery of PPC advertising on other networks. Optimizing your PPC campaigns for the lowest possible cost per click is crucial for realizing the highest ROI. What you’ll get is over 30 training videos that are part of an overall 3 instruction modules. In this article we will be reviewing the whole course and see what makes it stand out.

Module 1: Network Traffic Reconnaissance – Forget about using Google and Bing, unless you want to, but there are plenty and plenty of PPC networks you can easily use and make money from.

These PPC platforms have been leveraged by super affiliates for years now and they have quietly been making six figures using them. So it’s really great because you’ll get receive plenty of low-down on these out of the way networks. As if that’s not enough, you will also find out ways to lower your ad costs per click.

Module 2: Mobile Match Maker – Mobile marketing is only getting bigger, and you’ll be shown how to get in on this and make money. Not only that, but choosing the best converting offers is critical – and you’ll know after this. You’ll also enjoy low ad spend because this area of marketing is not saturated with ppc marketers.

Module 3: Artificially Organic – If you’ve ever wanted to learn what the highly successful do for traffic, then this module is for you because you’ll learn how you can get tons of search engine traffic without all the headaches. No need to worry about doing search engine optimization, you’ll get the traffic while others have done the hard work, already.

You can learn things from Confidential Conversions that the vast majority of online marketers might never know, and it’s powerful and effective.

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Proven Article Marketing Tips For Increased Conversions

Simple Article Marketing Tips that Work
Unless you’re a total newbie, then you’re very much aware of the power of article marketing and all the many uses for it. Today we’ll discuss three points related to article marketing, and if you use this marketing method then we think you’ll benefit from them.

If you have several articles in a particular niche, why not put them together to create a longer document such as e-book, which you can give away as a promotion? When done correctly, this can generate new leads and traffic for you, and it’s all accomplished by using the resources you already have. If you plan this right, you can use this to promote your website or product for free. For example, if you have 50 articles written on “learning piano”, you can easily create a 50 page report on “how to learn piano in 30 days” and divide it into sections. Giving away free reports has the potential to bring you a great deal of traffic as the report gets circulated virally. Say somewhere in your report that readers have distribution rights so that they are encouraged to send it to people on their own lists. The more the report spreads around, the higher will be your chance of getting free traffic. There is no reason why people would not want to send a good quality free report to others. That’s a lot better than letting your articles remain on your desktop. Try this and you will find that it works better than you might have thought.

Always, always, proof read your articles before they go live. The only thing is that you will not have another chance to do that after it’s live on the web. So when you have the final draft of the article ready, proof read it a few times to make sure there no unknown errors that creep in. You never want to create the impression that you are not professional in your business affairs.

If you want you can even pay someone to proof read them for you. Or if you can convince a friend to do it, then that will work too. This is an important step, so make sure you don’t forget it.

When you’re creating your articles for online marketing, you should remember that the most important element is your article’s title. If written properly your article titles will mean the difference between getting your articles read or not read. So if you don’t take care to write a good title, then you can very easily get a poor response to your articles. A poor title won’t command attention and will not compel people to want to know more – read the article. Last but not the least, when you create your article’s title, make sure you have the main benefit mentioned there. So that’s how you can do little but important things to increase your readership.

Many thousands of marketers have successful used articles to generate targeted traffic, so be sure to learn all the tips you can find.

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