The Benefits and Drawbacks of Internet Promotion


The Benefits and Drawbacks of Internet Promotion

Since business is now accessible worldwide and has become global, Internet promotion of business has become important. It is also the fastest, easiest and affordable way of promoting your business. The immense use of Internet enhances the chances of the advertisements viewed by more people as compared to the number of viewing by the conventional method of advertising. However there are both benefits and drawbacks of this way of advertising or promotion of your business as is the case with any system. Whether the business is small or on large scale, Internet promotion is helpful and fruitful in the long run. The Internet is in fact considered as the most powerful tool in business marketing today. People prefer to shop and search for products on Internet because they get competitive price and they can access everything sitting inside their house. Also for the businessmen promotion of their business through Internet is extremely cost effective as you can save on the storage costs as well as can start and run a business with small budget too. Internet helps small businesses to penetrate easily and quickly into the market because of its immense use these days. Here you don’t have to provide costly infrastructure and the target is wide range of viewers that visit your website. This helps new and small businesses get popularity very fast. As email is the fastest communication, you can reach many people in one go and that too instantly. Especially if the customer or the affiliate is across the globe, email is the fastest and cheapest means of communication.

The conventional means of advertising provides content for a day or two to the people but through Internet you have access to the content countless times. Through Internet promotion you only have to change the date and price otherwise everything remains the same more or less. The next remarkable thing is that you can measure your success here as you can trace the number of visitors to your site as also the viewers that come repeatedly there. Internet promotion of business helps save time a lot because everything is clear on the home page and there is no need to explain each and every point. The only drawback or disadvantage of this system is that it is hard to reach the real visitors. There are lots of factors that have to be considered so that you get success through Internet promotion. But once you have achieved it, profit is unlimited and ongoing.

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Top Internet Video Marketing Websites

Online video Marketing websites

Video marketing has taken the world of internet by storm. The beauty of video sites as well as the video in question caters to the much needed traffic hits for a website or blog.

There are hundreds of Video websites on the internet.But only some of them are popular, useful, easy to use and capable of driving traffic to your site. Mostly, these online video websites offer free opening of account and hosting of your videos.

The video sites are gaining much popularity and one can get a clue of their visitors by taking into account the number of viewers a video is getting right on the home page. It is and more importantly fast becoming a platform for promotion of not only your website or blog but also branding yourself as an expert in the published video themes.

The regular publishing of your videos on the internet allows you to get huge traffic for your website/blog. Video marketing is not only effective but also helps in influencing people to buy your product or service.
This technique is one of the best ways to engage the audience and convert them into sales with a negligible investment.

By using videos, a demonstration can be given to users. Videos make a customer more faithful towards the company or product. The user sees the video as a legitimate face for the company and thus it helps to build confidence and trust.

If you are offering some kind of coupons or special discounts, you can also make this as a video available online and this can help in increasing number of users watching the community development and participation schemes run by the company resulting in to buy your product or service.

The video sites now have the option of giving demographics data or insight into the videos. This helps to determine where the video is being watched, what type of visitors they are, how much time they spent and the number and quality of visitors.

These are the most popular video sharing sites.

1. YouTube – The greatest of all the video community.
2. Google Video
3. Hulu
4. MySpace Video
5. Metacafe
6. Yahoo Video
7. Photbucket
8. Veoh
9. MegaVideo
10. IMDB
11. VodPod
12. Break
13. LiveLeak
15. Crackle
15. Dailymotion
17. MSN Video
18. Revver
19. Tangle
20. Viddler
21. VideoSift
22. MotionBox
23. Imeem
24. 5min
25. Graspr

Creating and marketing a video is least expensive. You can start to create a video with the help of free windows movie maker software and a mic to record your voice. You can also choose a background music for the video. Even video sites help you to choose a background music or song with the video.

So, get start in promoting your company now on these popular websites.

Check out the Video – Top 25 Video marketing popular websites online on YouTube:
Top video websites


The behind-the-scenes story of how we optimized outdoor advertising that was featured in a USA Today article #bigcitymarketinggroup

You might have read about The BairFind Foundation in USA Today Sports Weekly magazine recently: Minor league ballpark signs raise awareness on missing kids. We helped optimize the signs discussed and pictured in that article, and I wanted to share our thinking behind those changes so you can get ideas for applying the Conversion Sequence Heuristic to your own outdoor advertising and other non-digital optimization.

Photo credit: Edwine Pierre Louis  

More eyes looking equals more children found

BairFind is a Jacksonville-based nonprofit founded by former minor league pitcher Dennis Bair, who has been hard at work helping to find missing children for almost two decades. “It is sports marketing — we are leveraging the power of sports,” is how Dennis described BairFind in the article. “Minor league baseball has been our proving ground. We’re doing something the families cannot do for themselves, which is to get pictures of their missing children out there to millions.”

For the past year or so, MECLABS has taken on BairFind as a Research Partner, although a Research Partner with a unique pro bono relationship due to the foundation’s small size and nonprofit nature.


Here is an image of the original BairFind sign. Before you scroll down and see our analysis, you might want to look at the sign yourself and, using your own conversion optimization skills, consider how you might optimize the sign.

In fairness to the all-volunteer team at The BairFind Foundation, the signs were working pretty well — 183 children were located in the 2016 baseball season.

However, as with any conversion optimization scenario, the opportunity always exists to improve the messaging to increase conversion. With any sufficient amount of traffic, your messaging should convert at some level. And in BairFind’s case, that traffic is substantial — 40 million baseball fans.

But this is where it helps to sometimes get an external opinion. Because you live, eat and breathe your product every day, every week, every month, it can be difficult to see your messaging with fresh eyes.

When Dennis first discussed the sign with us in our boardroom, there were a lot of things that were unclear to us, and we had a lot of questions simply because we were outsiders to the world of finding missing children.

In addition, Adam Lapp, Senior Director, Services Operations, MECLABS Institute, led an analysis of the sign using our methodology and MECLABS Conversion Sequence Heuristic. Here are a few key optimization opportunities he identified:

  • No clarity around the images of children — What are they? Are they missing? What should I do with them?
  • “Join The Search” headline may cause confusion-related friction — What search? How do I join?
  • org is small and difficult to see
  • Viewers may lack motivation because they feel like they can’t make a big difference
  • No clear call-to-action to go anywhere (if you don’t see the small
  • Official minor league baseball charity message might be too small to understand


Here is a look at the sign after we optimized it.

A headline was added above the images — “Have you seen these missing kids?” — to provide needed clarity around what the pictures are. The headline solves the previous difficulty/confusion-related friction, and a bright, yellow color was used to attract attention.

“We increased the size of the children’s images because they are truly the most important part of the posters. We squeezed every extra pixel we could out of the available space to increase their prominence and visibility,” said James White, Senior Brand Designer, MECLABS Institute.

The headline was changed to “Help Bring Kids Home” to add clarity to what search the sign is asking them to join. A subhead was added — “by looking, you just helped” — to reinforce their activity.

Messaging was added to the bottom of the sign to solve the issue of no clear call-to-action — “Text FIND to 91999 to donate” Also, a bright color brings attention to it.

“The new copy at the top and bottom were very important new pieces which immediately conveyed the purpose of the signs and let the viewer know how they can help. We selected a vibrant ochre yellow taken directly from the central image to contrast well against the black background and draw the eye quickly to these important additions,” James said.


“This year, we had big time improvements to the visual aspects of our signs, thanks to MECLABS.  MECLABS took our sign, which was very basic, and optimized the photos and really made the sign attractive to look at and made the children’s photos pop. They also helped us to clarify our message.  And the feedback from all of the GMs [general managers] of the Minor League Baseball teams, the fans and the league presidents has been 100%: ‘Wow!  Holy moly, these signs are sharp!’ Thanks to MECLABS, they are even more impressed with us and even prouder to feature our signs in their ballparks,” Dennis told me.

During the 2016 baseball season, 183 children who were featured on the signs were found.

During the 2017 baseball season so far, 334 children featured on the signs have been found — and there’s still a month left in the season.

Now, unlike a landing page A/B split tested in a controlled environment to ensure there are no validity threats, we can’t be sure that the optimization changes helped find more children. There were other changes as well. For example, BairFind’s network of minor league stadiums featuring the signs grew from 139 to 151.

And more children were featured on the signs. Instead of featuring the same four on each side of the sign, four children were featured on one side of the sign, and a different four children were featured on the other side of the sign. (However, if anyone has ever tried to increase clickthrough in an email or conversions on a website by simply featuring more links or CTAs, you know you might get some increase, but it is incremental and certainly not equal to the amount of new links added).

Applying conversion optimization methodology beyond digital marketing

Overall, the point of this article is not to show an example of a valid experiment, like we normally do. But rather give you some ideas for using core conversion optimization methodologies beyond the landing page.

If you’ve spent any time following MarketingExperiments and the MECLABS Institute, I’m sure you’ve seen how the Conversion Sequence Heuristic can be used to optimize landing pages, emails and PPC ads.

However, the Conversion Sequence isn’t really optimizing any of those digital marketing channels. It’s really being used to optimize a brand’s interaction with a customer’s thought sequence. And those digital channels are merely the avenue to facilitate (and test) that communication.

For example, I’ve used this heuristic when making recruiting trips to universities to show students how the Conversion Sequence can help them pick the best job when entering the workforce. I’ve used it to discuss how PR professionals can optimize their own work. And as shown in this article, we’ve used it to optimize physical, outdoor advertising signs. I’ve even heard talk around the labs of people using the Conversion Heuristic to help optimize their relationship with their kids or spouse. What have you used the Conversion Sequence to optimize? Message me on Twitter @DanielBurstein and let me know.

You can follow Daniel Burstein, Senior Director Content, MarketingExperiments and MECLABS Institute, on Twitter @DanielBurstein.

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These Copywriting Skill Help you To Sell More Product

Tips for a Profit Pulling Copy There is more to creating effective copy than simply writing well. You also have to be familiar with your audience and make them believe you have something they need. The following tips on copywriting will help you do just that. The first tip you need to learn is that your copy needs to be legible. If your copy is confusing, nobody is going to stay around to read it. Your copy should be effective and make strong points but at the same time you need to highlight these by using a lot of bullet points and sub headings. When you write your copy using bullets, you will be able to give the required information to your reader in the most digestible manner possible. It would then be possible to lightly read over the copy so that the most important aspects are gleaned. Copywriters who use subheadings are able to create copy that is more flowing. Imagine it as a main copy divided into many small copies. When you give a lot of white space in your copy, it tends to send positive signals to anyone who is reading it and makes it easy for them to understand. You should always set the goal of offering copy that doesn’t confuse and instead educates your reader about the product. You should also talk about the advantages of your product, not simply list its features. The features your product has, no matter how impressive, will not be of interest to your customers until you explain how these features will benefit them. Your customers are more interested in hearing about what your product will do to help them than in how you created it. You can handle this by making sure that for every feature you list you also mention a benefit. Besides that, when your prospect talks about your product to his friends and family (word of mouth) he/she won’t talk about the features but will only talk about how beneficial the product is. Even though your features make your product original, what people really care about are the advantages. The benefits will stand out in your copy if you list them with bullet points. Another copywriting principle is that you should be as specific as possible. This is true for your entire page, including the headline and sub headlines as well as the body. Your readers are looking for helpful information about a product, not general remarks that could mean anything. If you are offering people a solution, you have to provide them with a detailed explanation that they can understand. If you want people to trust you and believe your copy, this is the way to do it. There are exceptions, but in most cases your best approach is to be generous with targeted facts and details. To be a good copywriter you have to learn several different skills. You have to be willing to invest some time into learning all of this. So work on your copywriting as much as you can, and as you improve you’ll make some sales along the way.

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The Benefits of Search Optimization Compared With Search Marketing

While search engine optimization and search engine marketing may sound like identical practices, there is actually a number of significant differences between these two different business building activities. Each business has its own parameters and characteristics, such as a budget or different types of business models, and depending on the specific traits of your own business you can determine whether search optimization or search marketing (or a combination of both) is the right choice for you.

Here is the main difference between optimization and marketing in the search engines: Marketing is paid advertising that can deliver large amounts of traffic immediately (at a high cost), while optimization tends to be free or very inexpensive and is a long-term traffic strategy. This is an important distinction to notice, because if you have a small budget and cannot afford to risk spending money on an advertising campaign that may not deliver profits, it may be in your interest to choose the path of search engine optimization which is cheaper.

There is one principal aspect of efficient search engine optimization which is totally free, and that is your on-page elements such as including the right keywords on each page and adding META elements that will determine how your web page is displayed on a search engine results page. Focusing on your own internal website architecture may consume time, but it does not cost any money. Other important on-site aspects to consider are interlinking your own pages or posts properly, making sure that you do not use “keyword spam” in the design of your website, and making sure that there is a sitemap file that includes direct links to all of the pages or posts on your website or blog.

The other (more difficult) aspect of search engine optimization has to do with the links that point to you from other websites and locations on the internet. While the links that other people choose to include to your website may be further out of your control, focusing your attention on this business task is still a whole lot cheaper than paid advertising models. Link building may be able to deliver you some immediate visitors to your website, but this approach should generally be considered a long-term business building strategy that will deliver results over many weeks or months.

For a website owner who is running a solo operation who does not have a team of people nor prior experience with paid advertising models, simple search engine optimization techniques like the ones mentioned above can be the key that you need to start building your visitor base without the large and sometimes risky expense of paid search marketing.

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How to Increase the Conversions Using Search Engine Optimization Specialists?

The best anomaly to this topic is the Pareto analysis. It is believed that 80% of the e business results from 20% of the online activities that are being carried out.

In order for any business to thrive successfully, the content should be readily available in an easily approachable manner. Conversion marketing is the ultimate goal of all business. All businesses fall into this category at point of time.

Conversion rate is one that brings in quality to the business. The stakes are high when the information is ready to avail by all. It’s one thing to have maximum traffic to the website. PPC optimization is one way of getting maximum traffic to the website. The real value for money comes in only if the website has high ROI in terms of quality conversions.

There is no use if people simply skim through the website only because some external link has landed them in the particular business page. In order to retain the interest of customers, the landing page should have the content that was promised. Customer satisfaction is one way by which the website gains maximum conversions.

The following are some tips available to increase the conversion rate. Often the way to complete the difficult tasks is through simplicity.

* Simplicity is the key. Keep it simple so that the customers are forced by their mere interest to increase the conversion rate of the business.

* PPC optimization specialists are available that increase the scope of the business.

* Easy navigation through the pages should be made available to all customers. The user should not be thrust upon a zillion links so that he is unsure of where to go next. There should not be any confusion for the user regarding the navigation.

* No one would want to dive into a pool without knowing the depth of it. So in order to make it a hassle free experience for both the reader and the promoter, the credibility or the authenticity of the website should be increased.

* The more secure the business, the larger is the pool of people that the website attracts. Some ways to attract more customers by increasing the credibility are:

o To present them with an authenticated address and contact number.

o To present various case studies and real life testimonials.

o To display the picture of the organization or the potential client list. An intriguing client list could always attract new business.

o If any products are on the offer, then detailed notes about the make, the cost, availability etc should be on the website readily accessible by all.

o If transactional landing page methodology is uses, then there should be special mention about the ways by which the personal information of the clients is kept secure.

There is an age old saying, “No smoke without fire.” The potential customer would not have landed in the website unless otherwise he was interested by the piece of information that was presented in the external link. So make sure, every client gets what they have bargained for. Present the maximum information to the clients in an easy manner.

Quick Recap: How to increase the conversions using Search Engine Optimization Specialists? • Conversion rate is one that brings in quality to the business • Customer satisfaction is one way by which the website gains maximum conversions with search engine optimization and seo services • Made navigation easy


Search Engine Marketing Methods

Search Engine Marketing also known as SEM is a type of Internet marketing that SEM seeks to further websites by increasing their visibility in the “Search Engine ranking position.”

There are a number of way to do Internet Marketing this way. Paid placement, paid inclusion, PPC (or Pay Per Click) Also a form of SEM.

Search Engine Marketing has been defined as “the practice of buying paid search listings.”

If you have a budget to work with, Search Engine Marketing is one of the best ways to get traffic and leads almost instantly.

Using Keyword Optimization is key in any SEM method.

Some good SEM methods are; tracking and analytics, press releases, blogging, articles, and of course genuinely good non replicated content.

SEO techniques are essential to marketing.

Some basic SEO is:

Title tags, these should be your document title or title elements. Also use of – tags.
Keyword Density, this is how many times a keyword is mentioned on your page.
Site Structure
Back Links, these are links to your page that do not belong to your domain.
Links and Page Rank, you can check your page rank with Google’s Search Engine Optimization tool.
Page Reputation, are the words used to link to the page, and the words used to link to the pages that link to them. This shows how popular your page is. You can also check your page reputation by visiting a site like
Anchor Text, hyperlinks your selected words and lets the Search Engine know what it is about. You won’t get a high ranking with “click here” but would with something like “Google secrets”.
ALT Tags, these are the small text box visible when a mouse is hovered over an image in a web browser, describing what the image contains.

This marketing strategy is essential to any successful online business and should be used as much as possible, due to “Organic” traffic.

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How To Sell More Product With Copywriting

Writing a Profit Pulling Copy Copywriting is a unique skill that can be very useful when working as an Internet marketer. It helps increase you sales greatly. There are multiple factors that go into good copy that truly converts well. Let us discuss a few tips which you can use to improve your copywriting technique. Your copywrite will serve as a statement to convince possible customers about a specific product. At the same time you want to express that your product really does what you claim. Sharing testimonials from past customers is a good way to provide proof to your readers. Testimonials can be an excellent way to persuade a doubtful customer to buy. When hearing something from a third person our minds naturally believe. They will also get a first hand view about how your product fairs and works out for everyone else. It is very common for people to want sufficient proof before investing in a product due to the number of scams out there, especially on the internet. For your testimonials to have a stronger effect it is recommended that you also provide the website or details of the person giving the testimonial. You could also add video testimonials for a more realistic approach. Having your testimonials sprinkled throughout your write will also be more effective rather than having it in one place. Show them in every other paragraph. Check that your testimonials point out different benefits and advantages that your product can help address. When you’re writing a sales copy, you don’t write like an English professor. You are simply trying to tell your prospects that your products are something they need. It’s not the time to impress them with your language but rather talk to them through words. Just communicate like you would with someone you knew. The more easy-going and comfortable you look to your prospect, the more confident you’ll come out. The prospect will then be much more comfortable with you. The more clear you can make the product seem, the better people will respond to your copy. If you create effective copy, it will be just like a person who goes out and vends for you. If you make it too dry, and write like you’re writing an essay, it would become too daunting for anyone to read it, let alone act on it. Having a long or short copy has always been a debatable subject. The decision for either a long or short copy is up to you but studies have shown that a long copy gets better results. This is mainly because people want a lot of information before they buy a product. But you can give away a short version of your copy for all those people who won’t want to go through the whole thing. While copywriting may look difficult, you will soon find it a necessary component of everything done online.

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Internet Marketing With Social Media

Internet Marketing Social media is a strategic tool that increases quality traffic to a company’s website. Most internet marketing campaigns are successful when they include social media as one of their strategic tool. Human behavioral studies show that people have much value for a friend’s opinion rather than other sources. A conversation between a customer and his friends has a huge impact in spreading a word about business. It is cost effective way of incrementing brand-awareness. A consumer’s recommendation to their friends will influence their behaviors much as a hundred TV commercials. Studies have found that total behavior is towards discarding snail mail and even email, and they are long becoming the neglected ways of communication. But on the other hand corporate behavior is in favor of increasingly popular social media websites.

It is found that youngsters always converge towards social media websites, and their conversations happen mostly there. The young consumers are not only active in social networking, but they will not hesitate to spend a large part of the income on the products that are favored there. This is the marketer’s word for popularity increase. So the popularity increase through social media can bring a huge amount of profit boost overnight. Companies can get a good feedback in the same social networking websites on their products and it will be a good platform for research and make any modifications according to the consumer’s desire.

Corporations can boost the consumer’s interest in their product and increase traffic to their websites, by reacting favorably and reasonably to such input given by the users. It is a good idea for the companies to provide free entertainment and games so it will captivate the consumer’s interest. This will naturally bring in more traffic to the product websites. Solid research is always essential to start an internet marketing campaign. You have to make a deep research on knowing your target communities within the social networking circles. You have to understand the needs and wants of the consumers and the ways you can offer them those services. It is better to gather information from your competitor’s websites.

You can try to find out how they overcome the task of including social media in their website. It has been denoted that proper research will allow the new products or product updates to reach their potential customers within minutes of their launch. In Internet business there is no single strategy that will work all the time. There is no bullet proof recipe that will work without failure. You have to adapt to new ways of communication in the social networking world, thus forming your company’s strategy against the changing trends of marketing. This will show the results very quickly. So you can come to know if the effects are favorable or adverse, and adopt the proper strategy that is needed.

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How To Improve Your Copywriting Skill

Writing Copy That Brings in Real Profits Copywriting is something that has been in existence for some time. You see it in sales letters, newspaper ads and even websites designed by direct marketers. But how can you tell when you’re good at copywriting? How would one go about making copy that sells? It all depends on how familiar you are with what you’re selling and how well you can convince people they need that product. You are about to learn some ways to create killer copy that sells. The headline is probably the most important element. Yes, once your headline is not up to mark the rest of the copy would not matter. Users are going through hundreds of pages on the internet. Your sales letter should have a catchy heading to stop the user. Soo how can you identify a good headline from a bad one? You should test effectiveness by using more than one headline and rotating between them to see which gets the better response. When you’re creating your headlines, there aren’t any definitive rules. All that matters is your ability to pull their attention long enough to get them reading the rest of your copy. If you turn the pages and look into history, you’ll see that top copywriters used some of the most absurd headlines and got great results. How you write your headline matters more than what you write. To most past your competition thinking outside the box will help. Many other reasons contribute in whether or not your headline is strong or weak. And yes, a long headline is definitely weak. There are numerous ways when writing a sales copy to increase the products value. By users seeing that the product comes with a free bonus this is one way to increase its value. Let’s admit that we love getting a free bonus. People like things which are cheap but effective. So when you throw in a couple of free bonuses along with your main product, it automatically enhances the value of your product and makes your price look smaller. The bonus material alone has also been incentive for people to buy the product. Yes, it can be that powerful. But again, it depends on how you position yourself and what kind of bonuses you offer. To see positive results the bonuses must compliment the product. It is not wise to have a bonus just for fun. The name of the game is to keep it simplified. That’s one of the basic rules of copywriting. Your copy should be basic and never too difficult. Keep the technical speak out of it and use simple words. Just make it easy to understand and comprehend. Some believe that copywriting isn’t easy to do because it utilizes a structure that’s complicated. The truth is, however, good copy is easy to write. It also doesn’t cause prospects to run. Before you can get someone to take any action, you have to make them feel secure in doing so. In other words, you have to remove their defenses against buying something by making them feel comfortable. Then you are in a position to sell them something.

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