Make Internet Marketing Work For You


Make Internet Marketing Work For You

Anyone who has built a website with the intent to promote a business will spend countless hours maintaining and growing the site, implementing marketing strategies, learning new innovations and reaching new customers. Done well, it takes time, patience and money. Internet marketing is worthwhile when it all comes together and the desired outcome has been reached. On the other hand, Internet marketing may not be advantageous if thousands of dollars are spent on an advertising campaign where no one sees your ads, you don’t reach your target audience and no sales are generated. So, how can you maximize your efforts to make Internet Marketing work for your business? First, target your audience and do everything you can to get that audience to your website, i.e. website traffic.

1) Target Audience

The internet is so widely used that members of your target audience could be almost anywhere online, which is why finding your target audience, can be difficult. Therefore, the best place to start is a specialized target marketing directory or publication. Your task is to research the habits of the people you are targeting to determine where they spend their time online. Today, social networks have become commonplace for millions of people to gather. Getting some demographics from the top social networking sites would be a great place to start. Aside from free research on this topic, subscribe to an online marketing research company who specializes in monitoring and compiling data. From their reports, you can make decisions regarding how and where to conduct your marketing campaigns

2) Traffic

Website traffic is something that every Internet marketer needs and the quest to get more will never end. Everyone knows that without traffic to your website, your business will not generate sales. For this reason, businesses spend many thousands of dollars and countless hours on traffic generating activities. The question is what works?

First, PPC can get traffic to your website quickly and is most effective for the right keywords and dollars you can spend. However, many Internet marketers, especially newcomers to the industry, do not use PPC due to its cost…one of the alternative methods is to post ads online. Internet advertising is a huge industry. According to media specialists, $ 60B is expected to be spent advertising online by 2010.

Driving traffic to your website also consists of writing and posting content, email marketing, using video, and being involved in social networks. When positing ads online, make sure that your chosen website commands a significant amount of traffic, so that your ad will get maximum exposure. You also want to attract the right audience for your product by selecting the proper category.

Further, pay attention to Spam guidelines. Sometimes, trying to broaden your potential customer reach can inadvertently lead to Spam. It’s been said that Internet users who see your ad in several key locations can be enticed to visit your website. However, if your ad is seen all over the Internet, it may be seen as spamming.

3) Monitoring Your Ad Campaign

Finally, to ascertain the effectiveness of how your advertising dollars are being spent, you should monitor how well or how poorly your ads are doing. You can do this by placing a special coding in each one of your advertisements to determine which one of your campaigns is generating the most sales and where your traffic is coming from. The information you gather, may prompt you to make changes or maintain your current campaign.

D. Barrow is a small home based business owner and online affiliate marketer. Has professional backgrounds in education, business analysis and corporate financial analysis. Enjoys working online and discovering new technologies.


Do Copywriting Tools Help You Get Ahead?

Will the knowledge that you get paid to write better than excellent copy be enough to help you write copy that exceeds expectations? Lets be practical, even the best writers get stuck for words at some point. Learn all about the copywriting tools available that will help you exceed your clients expectations.

Long before computers began taking over our lives, copywriter tools consisted of good old fashioned paper, a typewriter, a dictionary and perhaps a thesaurus. Today, almost all print media has shifted to the web and writing copy has undergone a dramatic change. Now we have complex SEO techniques and various tools for copywriting. Writing good copy has to include keywords and phrases that the search engines will find frequently to enhance the sites visibility. While a good part of the experience comes from knowledge gained by trial and error of what works and what doesnt, making use of writing tools will be a great help.

When copywriters make use of tools for copywriting, existing skills are improved and enhanced. With a few simple clicks the writer is able to find best results for keywords and sentences that work. Guess work is done away with and much time saved in finding the right thing to say to improve conversion rates. Tools for grammar checking, homonym and homophone software can help ensure your copy is free of errors and flows properly.

Finding and employing writers tools helps you to edit phrases and sentences in a web browser to find out how you can obtain a higher page rank. Headlines and subheadings are very important and with the help of the right tools it is possible to compose the words that will have the biggest impact.

Some of the best tools for copywriting are free and with them you get easier, faster copywriting with a better style and great vocabulary. The visual thesaurus is a great tool for finding words; it is an interactive dictionary and thesaurus that encourages learning the English language in a very powerful way.

Editing and proofing your own copy can be a tiresome task. However, with the right copywriting tools, learning how to approach the task of editing becomes relatively easy. Theres a really good writers tool titled Get Your Writing Fighting Fit that is available online. It is one of the best self editing references for copywriters.

Error free copywriting that is all substance is not an easy task without the appropriate writing tools. Regardless of how careful a writer maybe, mistakes do happen. However, there are certain areas where they are simply not tolerated and copywriting is one of those areas. Content with errors will lose customers and lost customers means lost business.
For copywriters, the most important writing tools aside from their computer is a grammar checker to ensure the words they generate are grammatically correct. Not everyone has a huge vocabulary, but most everyone can acquire a large vocabulary by making use of the right copywriter tools. Some of these tools include an online dictionary, thesaurus, quotation books, reference books, grammar and homonym checkers and more that are all useful.

Copywriters with a powerful arsenal of words, who know how to use them correctly, are in an excellent position to attract customers and close sales. Making use of effective tools for copywriting helps to improve your copywriting business. Clients appreciate excellent copy that turns leads into sales by increasing conversion rates. Making use of article writing software, grammar tools and submission software is often a wise investment.

Melissa Parken is a senior editor and expert SEO copywriter at Precise Authoring. She often relies on copywriting tools such as grammar checkers and homonym, homophone and online thesaurus and sentence structure tools to ensure her submitted copy is flawless.


The Pros And Cons Of Copywriting From Home

The idea of working from home is somewhat of a fantasy for many in Americas workforce. Many look forward to any potential work-from-home opportunity, hoping that they will be able to say goodbye to their usual cubicle and office.

While there are plenty of obvious benefits that can be had by those who work from home, there are some negatives that should be considered. Those who are thinking about working from home should take a serious look at the pros and cons of the situation. They will be able to better understand how the choice can both positively and negatively affect their career.


The first major positive aspect of working from home is the fact that your everyday life will become easier. You will not have to get up extra early in the morning to make it to work on time. You will not be forced to shower, change, and do your hair before you go to work. Your home is your office, meaning that you can wake up right before you plan on starting your workday, can skip the shower, and can wear sweats.

Working from home can also be a great way for an individual or family to save money. Those who work from home will eat out less (as they will not have to deal with going out for lunch), and will have fewer expenses (gas, parking, etc). Those who transition to working from home may find that they save hundreds of dollars per year.


One of the major negatives found by those who work from home comes in the form of focus. It can be difficult for some people to focus on their job when they work from home. This is especially difficult for those in the world of freelancing, as they set their own deadlines and goals.

Those who are still a part of a company will find that working form home causes some issues as far as communication and work is concerned. There is something to be said about being able to walk across the office to have a quick chat with another worker. Any potential last-minute meetings must be conference-called into, which is not as engaging as actual attendance at a meeting at work.

If you are thinking about moving your office to a home, or are thinking about taking a job as a copywriters, give serious thought to these pros and cons. While working from home allows you to work in the comfort of your home, it may be difficult for you to focus or be productive.

The best way for you to understand what you are capable of, in terms of working from home, is to take a test run. Plan a few days of working from home. You will be able to witness the pros and cons first hand, and will be able to decide whether or not working from home is the right decision for your career.

American Writers and Artists Inc. (AWAI),, has had direct-response copywriters and graphic design home-study programs since 1997.


Boost Conversions with a New York Virtual Office Address

A virtual office in New York could enhance the credibility of your Internet based business and boost your conversion rate.

The Internet has presented some fabulous business opportunities but it’s also been a breeding ground for scams and rip-offs, leaving online consumers a little uneasy about online shopping. One of the first things many people check when shopping online is whether the business they’re dealing with has a physical office address – or not. A business without a physical office address can look like a risky proposition, even though they’re often legitimate and honest operations.

Many Internet based businesses are operated by just one person working from home – and few people are prepared to share their home address with the world. A virtual office with a physical address can be the perfect answer.

That’s not all a virtual office can do for your business. If your Internet business is based outside the US and you don’t have a US address you could be missing out on sales. A virtual office address in New York could help to generate US sales and may even help you specifically target the American market with your pay per click campaigns.

Not sure a New York virtual office would work for your business? The good news is that at less than $ 30 a month and with no contracts to enter, you can almost certainly afford to give it a try!

A New York virtual office can offer the following services:

A prestigious physical New York office address for your new office;
Mail can be received at your New York office and forwarded to you;
A local New York telephone number can be arranged for you and the calls diverted to your location;
Physical office space at your New York office is available for you if you visit New York;

When the cost of a New York City office is so low, it’s hard to think of a reason not to give it a try. Arrange your virtual office today and you could be announcing your New York office from VH International Business Solutions tomorrow!

VH International Business Solutions, Inc. Since 1990. Offering unbeatable service to individuals, small and mid sized local companies; as well as larger domestic and international firms seeking to establish a presence in the U.S., and particularly in the New York market. As the pioneer of offering Virtual Office services online in New York City, we are the leader and have the most expertise of working with local and global businesses when entering the New York marketplace. While others emphasize services, we emphasize service. Manhattan Virtual Office How can VH International Business Solutions help you? Tel: 1.212.627.8900 Fax: 1.646.861.6610 Since 1990.


Continued Importance Of Blogging

Although social media sites like Twitter and Facebook have given users an alternate to blogging, experts predict that blogs will continue to increase in use, readership and importance over the coming years.

Twitter and Facebook offer a less intensive way to communicate thoughts, feelings, ideas and information to the world, and based on this many people have expected to see the popularity and number of bloggers decrease. In fact, the opposite is occurring, as the number of people reading blogs is increasing.

eMarketer estimates, in their article The Continued Rise of Blogging that more than half of web users will read blogs at least monthly this year. eMarketer predicts that by 2014 blog readership will rise to more than 150 million Americans (which includes at least 60% of the internet population in the United States).

These trends show us that social media has not negatively affected the world of blogging. The reasons for this include that blogs:
Continue to gain influence in mainstream media, which validates them as a legitimate source of information for internet readers
Are becoming easier to write and use as a number of personal platforms have been created to make the experience more time efficient and user friendly
Are becoming more comfortable for people to write and read as they become more accepted as a form of media

However, although readership is expected to increase it seems certain that authorship is still a niche activity. Currently, less than 12% of the online population will update a blog at least monthly this year, which means although the readership is up the number of writers has not dramatically increased, nor is it expected to. eMarketer suggests that by 2014 bloggers will increase to 13.3% of the total online population.

What do these trends mean? Certainly it shows us that blogging is still important in the face of social media. If 60% of the internet population will be reading blogs written by only 13.3%, those writers will hold a great deal of influence. For businesses and marketers, its important to publish a blog frequently. The readership is there, as long as the content is relevant and informative people will be directed to your site and are likely to read the information you post. Thus, the SEO (search engine optimization) impact is highly relevant. As a business you want to get the most out of your website, which plays a big role in your overall marketing strategy.

Ultimately, those who predicted that social sites like Facebook and Twitter would trigger a decline in bloggers and readership are certainly mistaken. Actually, bloggers are currently read by more than half of the users on the internet and you certainly want to try to direct some of that audience to your own website. The more frequently you write, update and add to your blog the bigger the increase you will see in your search engine optimization. Daily blogging is certainly an excellent way to increase traffic to your website and improve your SEO.

Are you Familiar With The Facebook Like This Button ? Thats Facebook Own Version of Measuring Relevance. Let WSI Milton, A Reputable Company with Extensive Experience on Search Engine Optimization Services Help You Succeed in Your Business.


Copywriting Tips – The Power of Simplicity

The area of online marketing is so huge, and there are so many tactics and strategies available to sell just about anything. But even lots of visitors to your website won’t do any good if your sales copy doesn’t convert. Part of the solution to producing effective sales copy is knowing your market very well because if you don’t, then how are suppose to give them what they’re looking for. You would be mistaken, and setting yourself up for difficulties, if you consider copywriting in the same vein as other forms of writing. The copywriter knows how to use words that reach out to the emotions and lead to certain conclusions. What we’ll do next is discuss just a few copywriting tips and strategies that we hope you’ll use right away.

Always strive to involve your readers in your copy, and there are many ways to do it. The more they get involved into reading your copy, the better they understand your product’s benefits. One easy way to encourage involvement is to ask simple, quick questions at strategic places in your copy. This will not only get your readers involved but will also make your copy interesting.

Phrase your questions in such a way that is produces a natural, yes, as an answer. It is just a way of conditioning the reader to be more positive and hopefully to buy your product. You are the grand host, and in that capacity you need to make people feel totally comfortable, and one way to do that is by eliminating any risk to doing business with you. The most common method to do that is with an iron clad guarantee that removes the risk. So many newer marketers are scared of being taken by a customer and are intimidated to offer the guarantee. But it’s quite the opposite; you’ll be able to get more business when you have a strong guarantee to support your product. You will have very few people who will take advantage of the guarantee and misuse it, but this can be easily ignored. Try to keep it all simple and uncomplicated. Here’s a cool one to use, make your guarantee period long… like a year, no kidding, and the effect it has is to almost eliminate refunds.

Be sure to include benefit bullet points throughout your copy. Just as the name implies, benefit bullets are meant to say a quick word about the product benefits which are not the same as the product features. Bullets can be extremely effective only if they are well thought and written. Besides that, keeping your copy organized will give it a neat, professional look and make it easy for the prospect to reach to a buying decision.

The only goal in copywriting is to sell something whether that is a product, service, optin, freebie, etc. All buying decisions are emotion-based decisions, and the buyer later uses logic to justify that buying decision. You get to learn how to use powerful emotions to sell products and get the results you want. All great marketers and businessmen have called copywriting the most important skill you could ever learn.

Manny is a professional writer and Internet and network marketing specialist. Visit his blog for some good MLM Sponsoring and Recruiting tips.


The Top 5 Free Blog Promotion Tips

I think the question most bloggers want answered is: “How do I get more people to read my blog?”. So here they are for your reading pleasure:

The Top 5 free tips how you can promote your blog.

Tip 1: Write Interesting Content
It might seem as if this had nothing to do with promotion. But the content of your blog is the central part of your blog marketing. You need to write the most compelling posts you can think of in order to get people interested in what you have to say. You can really stand out if you have something unique to offer on your blog.

Tip 2: Use the Right Tags
Many people who read blogs find postings they’re interested in via tags. So make sure you include five to ten tags relevant to your post every time.

Tip 3: Swap Links with Other Bloggers
Do you already know other writers from the blogosphere? Great – why not ask them for a link exchange? But be sure to never send spam when doing this – bloggers hate spam as much or even more as non-bloggers.

Tip 4: Write Articles
Do you have a topic you are passionate about? Why not write an article about it and submit it to various article sites? As you might know you can add your link into the “About the Author” box at the end of your article which brings you extra visibility and traffic. You can even repost your article on your blog for extra content – and traffic. Or vice versa: Take one or more blog posts you wrote and make them into an article.

Tip 5: Try Video Marketing
This might not be for everybody but if you’ve already made a video on YouTube in the past you might try this approach: Make a video in which you sit in front of a camera and talk about a post you made on your blog. Add your link to the info box that appears to the right of your video and mention your blog’s URL at the end of the video to reach more viewers – and hopefully prospective readers.

The author helps bloggers by offering a free blog marketing service. This article may be republished, provided it is done so in its entirety including this author’s resource box.


Three Free Copywriting Tips For You

Do you write sales copy for online blogs, websites, or traditional print media such as newspapers or magazines? If so, then you know that it doesn’t really matter whether you have a lot of experience or very little experience in writing sales copy – there’s always room to improve your writing. This article provides three (3) free tips that will help you increase the effectiveness of your sales copywriting, regardless of your level of experience.

1. Always Use a Headline

The headline is a quick sentence that highlights one of the best benefits of your product. It is used to grab the attention of the reader and make them want to read the rest of your sales copy. Use a lot of action words like “now,” “get,” or “do” when you write out your headline. In addition, make sure that you speak directly to your potential customers in the headline. Use the word “you” instead of speaking about someone else.

2. Format Your Sales Copy

One of the best free copywriting tips that you’ll ever hear is that you need to format all of the sales copy that you write so it looks professional. Potential customers will be affected by the way that your content looks, and be more likely to respond to your offer. They want to read something that is easy on the eyes. If your sales copy is in one big clump, it will not look professional at all. Try to write in relatively short paragraphs of about three to five sentences. Make sure that you put an empty line in between each paragraph so readers can follow along very easily.

3. Speak To Them The Whole Time

Remember back in high school English class when you spent a week talking about “point of view?” Most of us remember that the first person point of view uses “I” and third person uses “he” and “she.” However, the second person point of view is often overlooked. This is when you speak directly to the reader using words like “you.” This is exactly how you want to write out your sales copy. You want it to seem as if the sales copy was written specifically for your reader. As you can see, this article is written in the second person point of view.

If you use these free copywriting tips, you will increase the effectiveness of your sales pages, improve click through rates, and see a rise in sales of the products and services you are promoting.

The author writes articles on a number of other topics including All Natural Dog Food and Solid Gold Dog Food .


Arrest Records Florida – free or paid version?

Productivity and the scene in Florida is no different from other countries. criminal review of the suitability of an individual investment is often used. Police in Florida (FDLE), Department of Justice Information Services (CJIS) is to preserve and present criminal record to the public.

According to the law on the arrest records Florida public. If you cancel or close the court and requested documents without stopping the relevant authorities. Management fees may be required, but the files will not be charged. Law stops are recorded regardless of the outcome. Therefore, the prosecutors dropped charges and any other job or process will be included in the file at least once arrested.

Regional organizations such as police, highway patrol, Sheriff’s Office and other forces in the entire state of Florida record of all arrests. They also presented a monthly state archive built and maintained at the state level. At the same time all the details arrest records Florida reported the growth in federal agencies and the FBI and the Justice Department.

Records of arrests are often used to identify new research findings, employees and neighbors, friends, relatives or anyone else. free arrest records can be obtained from various law enforcement agencies, region or state institution. Please note that there are no restrictions for official use and care. People should regularly over their records to avoid errors and inaccuracies.

Determine the legality of the use of arrest data, particularly in the formal application, such as pre-work is not easy. Lawyers and experts are usually required. Another possibility is simply a convenient source of information for the arrest of an editor and leave them with questions of legality. These people are experts in their own right. Then you can do what we do best.

Find the book without Arrest Records Florida? We can help you, but we recommend selection of documents for the payment of the company in Arrest Records Florida.

Andy Wong – Copyright © 2011
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Business Blogging Success through Facebook

Expanding the reach of a blog has become increasingly easy thanks to growing social media platforms. Not only do social media sites allow you to share content that isn’t necessarily appropriate for a blog, but they also enable you to reach various markets that your blog might not reach.

In particular, Facebook is one of the most powerful ways to extend the reach of your blog.

Just look at the stats: According to Facebook’s Facebook page (yes, you read that correctly), there are more than 500 million active users on Facebook, and 50% of these users “log on to Facebook in any given day,” and, “people spend over 700 billion minutes per month on Facebook.”

Also, over 150 million people log onto Facebook using a mobile device, and these users are on Facebook double the amount of time than users who don’t access Facebook via a mobile device.

It’s obvious from these stats that Facebook has reached unbelievable heights in its popularity. Now it’s time to discover how to harness Facebook’s popularity as a blog marketing tool—and it begins with creating a Facebook page for your blog.

In order to use your blog’s Facebook page as a powerful blog marketing tool, you must understand the power of a Facebook page and how to channel this power into a driving force for your blog.

If you want to become influential and maximize your blog reach, use Facebook pages as a(n) . . .

Exploration Hub: When you use Facebook as a branch of your blog, it’s so easy to explore different ways to interact and share. There are endless opportunities for creativity when you use Facebook as an extension of your blog. Experiment with posting quotes, questions, articles written by others, and more. You can also play with the navigation tabs on your Facebook page using Facebook’s FBML application.

Quick-Thought Platform: How many times do you have a quick thought you want to share with your blog readers but don’t think it deserves its very own blog post? Sharing these quick thoughts on your Facebook page is the perfect way to express your ideas without writing an entire post around it.

Blog-Idea Generator: Depending on the responses you receive from your Facebook page posts, you can determine whether that topic of conversation is popular. For example, if you posted a question or a quick thought onto your Facebook page that happened to generate a lot of responses and interest, you might consider writing a full post on the topic for your blog.

Instant-Sharing Spot: Whether you happened to stumble across an interesting article or saw a video on YouTube that you wanted to share with your followers, you can easily and instantly share that social object with your entire Facebook page fan base. Sharing a variety of interesting social objects makes for an engaging and influential page that generates comments and discussions around specific topics. Your followers can connect to you and each other through such interactions and, therefore, be more likely to visit your page on a daily basis.

Blog-Promotion Tool: Promote your blog by setting up an automatic feed for your blog posts using Networked Blogs. This way, whenever you post a blog, you don’t have to sign into your Facebook page and post the link—it will automatically be added to your page. When people see a topic that interests them, they’ll click on the link and be directed to the post on your blog.

Discovery Zone: One of the most beneficial tools that Facebook pages offer is an insight tool. Through this tool, you can see who is following your page with detailed demographics such as gender, age, language, location, interests, marital status, and more. You can also easily observe who is interacting, how many interactions are being had, and what the most popular topics of interest are.


Discover simple marketing strategies to attract and convert prospects. My bimonthly ezine, Sumer’s Secrets is packed with tips on how to improve your web copy, promote your website, and market your brand.  Sign up and receive a FREE report on creating web copy that will increase sales and site traffic.

Michelle Salater is an award-winning writer and president of Sumèr, LLC, a company which specializes in web copy writing, SEO copywriting, and the promotion and marketing of websites after they launch. As an avid business blogger, Michelle has grown her marketing blog, Copy Doodle, to be a powerful lead generation and client education tool, and frequently guest blogs and lectures on blogging. In 2009, Michelle won the Charleston Business Journal’s Forty under 40 award for her business and community leadership.