Landing Page Optimization Tips For Greater Conversions


Landing Page Optimization Tips For Greater Conversions

Quite a few times we’ll see landing pages with a nice pic of the merchant as well as some mention about his or her areas of expertise. This helps your prospects trust you better and it gives out a positive impression. Anybody that takes up your offer or wants to give it a shot will want to know the person behind it. All you can do is be straight with people, and actually people tend to have a good sense about these things. The longer people stay with you, then they will learn that you’re honest and so no problems. We’re not sure if including links to profiles at Twitter and Facebook will increase conversions – so you can test that one. However, it is best to avoid putting them in places that are potentially distracting from the most important message on your page.

Greet your audience with an audio message whenever video is not possible on your landing page. Doing this is a powerful method for making your visitors feel personally welcomed to your landing page. Make a point of telling visitors about your offer and why they should accept it in your audio message. This is an excellent opportunity to not only tell your audience, in a personal way, what you have to offer but also to let them know why it matters to them. Don’t make this audio too long, but only a minute or two. Take advantage of your audio to spark curiosity and a sense of urgency in your audience. For example, if the goal is to create subscribers for your list, you should ask your audience to sign up your list and let them know how it benefits them to do so.

Last, test the various elements of your landing page frequently to see which ones are working best. The success of your landing page may very well depend upon your ability to effectively test these elements and make changes according to those results. You must test your headline well and test it often for your landing page to be a success. Rotate three or four headlines and see for yourself which one offers better conversions. This is what you must do in order to increase conversions and profits.If you apply all these tips on your landing page your business should enjoy growth that is slow but steady. The more often you apply these principles the better your response will be.

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A Beginner’s Guide On Principality Loft Conversions

Add lofts to your house to increase it’s space. You do have an option of installing or putting up some flip down ladder along with a window to use the space to have your personal free space. While loft conversions are very useful many people tend to forget the principality lost conversions i.e. the reasons behind which prompted you to go for loft conversions.

You must keep in mind the following points when you think of adding loft conversion.

Principality loft conversions:

Loft conversions – What about bathroom!!

Ponder over the necessity to add a bathroom to your loft. Calculate the cost of making such an addition. What dimensions will the bathroom have. If the new bathroom can be supported by the present plumbing system or changes have to be made.

Loft conversions – Will your loft be your bedroom?

Does the loft conversion that you are planning intend to convert the loft in your bedroom? Should the added loft be converted into a bedroom. Will the loft be able to accommodate your bed? will the height of the loft permit you easy movement?

Loft conversions – How to get the plug in?

How to go for a planned electrical fitting in the loft? Have a clear idea of how and where to fit the lights.

Loft conversions – other important considerations

See to it if the loft has a common wall with the neighbor. If addition of a loft will hamper this setup? Does the loft require sound proofing?? Do you even think about sound proofing? Have you even thought of sound proofing? Has sound proofing crossed your mind?

Will the light in the loft be sufficient for use or will it require an additional window?

Be sure that the conversion does not require any permission from the law enforcements. It is better to check the laws for conversion though normally it may not be required.

The above points will help you with the planning of your conversion.So, always keep in mind these principality loft conversions questions whenever you plan to set up a loft.

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Online Paid Surveys – True Facts and Accurate Sources in Searching For Legit Websites

The fast growing trend for part time jobs nowadays are online paid surveys. Anybody can try this new career online. By just spending a few hours on the internet, you too can earn little extra cash for your little expenses. For those people who have already tried doing surveys online can really attest that there is real money on by just giving out your opinion on a certain product or service.

There are a lot of experienced survey takers that confirmed that they have earned decent money from different research companies. If you are one of the beginners who are searching for the great website, you will encounter a lot of fake websites. So be watchful in selecting the website before you register. Some of the websites are free and some will ask you to pay a certain amount for membership or enrollment fee. This fee gives you the assurance of having a regular flow of survey assignments exclusively for their members. Payments also vary. Some legit websites offer low paying surveys. But some big research companies can offer higher than usual.

You may also use different search engines to look for paid survey jobs and definitely you will get hundreds of them. The next thing you need to do is to filter out the fake websites and this will take a lot of your time. You can ask for the help of a consultant if you want. This consultant can give you the list of the best paying websites at a minimum cost.

There are also other options that you can choose. You can also check reputable forums or blogs that provides the genuine experiences of hundreds of survey takers. You can also send your questions about anything. You can ask how much they are receiving per survey or what is the method of payment? You can ask them directly and for sure they are willing to share everything. Just always remember that before you register to a certain website, it is important that you have read every detail on it. Do not give out your personal information if you have not checked the terms and conditions on their website to prevent any fraudulent actions.

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4 Lessons About B2B Inbound Marketing from a Sunday Morning in the Coffee Shop #bigcitymarketinggroup

I was in Starbucks the other day, and in walks an older gentleman. I couldn’t help but notice that people kept focusing on him and chatting him up — in line, while waiting for a drink, etc.

I could overhear the conversations a bit, so I asked someone sitting near me, “Was that guy in the NFL or something?” He responded, “Yeah, that’s Rocky Rochester. He was defensive tackle for the New York Jets in Super Bowl III.”

He happens to sit by me, and we strike up a conversation. He notices I’m wearing a Hofstra shirt, and he says, “Hey, we used to practice there.” Then, when I notice his Super Bowl ring on his finger and mention it, he does something that simply shocks me.

He just hands it to me. So, I’m sitting there, holding a ring from Super Bowl III. The Super Bowl of Super Bowls. Broadway Joe. The Guarantee.

I share this story because inbound marketing was on the top of my mind in that coffee shop on Sunday morning — the team at our sister company, MarketingSherpa, was putting the finishing touches on the Quick Guide to Inbound Marketing for B2B  — and I realized this story was the perfect analogy for effective inbound marketing. Often, we get so focused on data and metrics, technology and automation that we overlook everyday human interactions like this.

However, normal human interactions are what we should be trying to emulate with our marketing, especially inbound marketing.

Lesson #1: B2B inbound marketing gets you recognized

The first lesson speaks to the power of inbound. Whatever you’re selling — marketing automation tools, hospital diagnostic equipment, construction software — your buyers have a list in their head. It’s the consideration list.

I need to buy a B2B product. I can’t consider every possible company. Who’s going to make that short list?

When you create an engaging inbound B2B program and build an audience, you’re like Rocky Rochester. No longer are you just another guy in a Starbucks. You’re someone everyone wants to talk to. And hear from.

And the value of that has a ripple effect through your marketing. When prospects are at a trade show scanning booths, name recognition makes them much more likely to engage. When they get a phone call or email from someone representing your company, they’re more likely to give it a small opening. And, when they’re making that all powerful consideration or RFP list, you’re more likely to be on it.

Lesson #2: Have a good story to tell

Recognition isn’t enough. Prospects must have the desire to actually want to engage with that brand.

Sure, it helps to have the biggest brand in the world in your industry. However, if customers know they will only be sold to when they engage with you, they’re much less likely to seek out your content or subscribe to your newsletter.

The reason everyone was engaging Rochester in that coffee shop is they knew he would have good stories to tell.

On the flip side, if everyone had recognized him as, say, a vacuum cleaner or insurance salesman, they likely would have had that moment of recognition as well. However, they also likely would have gone out of their way to avoid him, not engage him.

Lesson #3: Effective B2B inbound marketing is relevant

When we were talking, Rochester noticed my Hofstra shirt, and he mentioned how the Jets would practice at Hofstra.

It’s a minor detail. And it happens naturally in a human conversation.

But all of your inbound marketing should, as closely as possible, replicate these human interactions and seek to provide relevant, helpful content to your audience.

Do you give your audience different email newsletters to subscribe to based on their interests? Do you de-dupe email sends when you know someone has already taken advantage of the offer — for example, removing people who have already registered for a webinar from the invite?

What can you do to make your B2B inbound program more relevant to customers?

Lesson #4: Surprise and delight your audience

Once they know who you are, are interested in your story, and know it’s relevant…still, these are busy people with a million different concerns. Even if they’re reading your blog post, they’re probably skimming it and only half reading it. And, how likely are they to share it with their social network?

To stick out from the clutter, you really need to delight them.

When I noticed Rochester’s ring, I didn’t expect him to hand it to me. It was so far above and beyond my expectations that I didn’t even think to take a picture of the ring on my finger until the moment was well over, and I had left the Starbucks. D’oh!

How can you surprise and delight your prospects? How can you go above and beyond? Here’s a great example from the Quick Guide to Inbound Marketing for B2B with New Relic, a software analytics company.

The company had a photo booth at an event and turned the photos of visitors — along with their answer to the phrase “Data helps me ___” — into virtual picture billboards it shared on social media. A great inbound strategy — customers hearing from customers.

But, the New Relic team didn’t stop there. They decided to surprise and delight. They turned the virtual billboards into tiny physical billboards that they then mailed to the customers. What do you think happened when they received those billboards in the mail?

They were surprised and delighted, so they shared that story with their peers on social media. Just like I’m sharing my minor brush with Super Bowl history with you.

“It’s really important to connect on that personal level, because no matter how big the companies that you’re selling to may be, they’re still people. And any time you can find a way to engage that’s a little unexpected and fun, that makes a huge difference,” said Baxter Denney, VP of Growth Marketing at New Relic.

You can follow Daniel Burstein, Senior Director of Editorial Content, MarketingSherpa, on Twitter @DanielBurstein.

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Blogging For Profit – Guests

One of the reasons that Google (and the other Search Engines) love blogs so much, is that they are a source of constant, new content.

That’s great news for you as a blogger.

The bad news is… this means you have to be the source of constant new content.

Sometimes that’s tough.

Life has a habit of getting in the way of things and maybe you get behind in your posts… sometimes you just hit a mental block, and can’t think of anything to write.

Well, there is an easy way around this…

And it’s one that your readers will love you for.

Bring in guest bloggers!

You can find people with varied expertise to write content and posts for your blog. And… doing this is a lot easier than you’d think.

Many of your fellow bloggers love the idea that someone would think of them as an authority figure on a certain topic… and, they will love the idea that other bloggers are reading their posts, and that they like them enough that they’re being asked to share.

Asking another blogger to write a guest post is the ultimate show of respect. And… many bloggers are just sitting by their keyboards in the hopes that someone will finally write to them and ask.

I know that might sound odd right now, but it’s true…

You’ll find that when you ask someone to guest blog for you, it won’t take much ‘convincing’ to get them on board.

In fact, you may find that they want to do it again and again.

Remember that you always want to keep your blog fresh – both for the sake of keeping your readers excited about your blog, and so that the search engines keep you listed as an authority in your market.

And of course, this keeps the traffic flowing. 😉

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Always remember, blogging shouldn’t be a chore.

P.S. You can always flip this around too. If you want some more traffic to your blog, and have a few extra articles … go ahead and ask some of your fellow bloggers if they’d like a guest post.

It’s fast, free, and exposes your blog to a whole new audience.

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Paid Surveys – Replacing Telemarketing

As the Internet becomes a common household commodity and more people world wide begin to use the services, companies are finding ways to begin using this technology to their advantage. There are many tasks that were once considered a challenge, almost impossible to complete, are now finding people lining up to help companies complete the tasks at hand. One of the ways this is occurring is through paid surveys, which are replacing telemarketing.

Telemarketing was used to contact people – just about anyone and everyone – in order for research and marketing firms to obtain information in regards to products and services that may be or will be available in a particular area. This method was found to be relatively ineffective after a number of years, as telemarketing began to be used as a way to solicit sales or charitable donations.

After the Internet began to be used by more people across the world, survey providers began to find they could actually compensate their participants in a number of ways, which all proved to be cost effective. Fewer employees are now needed to solicit the surveys, allowing the providers to save on the costs of wages. The Internet also eliminates the necessity of multiple phone lines and long distance calling charges. When compared with telemarketing dollar for dollar, paid surveys are far more cost effective and efficient for research and marketing firms to use in order to fulfill their contractual agreements.

Everyone has received, at some point in their lives, a telemarketing call that came at a very inopportune time. In some instances people become angry that they are being contacted when they have not offered their consent to participate, creating instances where those making the calls are on the receiving end of some very abusive and stressful situations. Paid surveys through the Internet eliminate this, since participants register willingly to participate in these surveys. Legitimate sites rarely recruit pro-actively, lessening the odds of a person’s right to consent being violated or interrupting their personal lives.

With this improvement in technology, telemarketing is becoming a thing of the past. Now, survey providers are able to ensure their panelists are participating willingly, not out of guilt or an obligation to be polite, are the panelists are now able to receive compensation for their efforts – something that was virtually unheard of in telemarketing calls. Considering all the factors that make paid surveys more efficient and cost effective for the provider and the factors that make paid surveys more practical for participants, it will only be a matter of time before telemarketing as a method of research is phased out entirely.

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Unleash The Copywriting Secrets That Are Guaranteed To Amplify Your Conversions

Why should youfind out the copywriting secrets that theleading Saleswomen and gurus use?

No problem. More cash flow. Writing good copy will increase the conversion rate of any of your squeeze pages, sales letters, emails, videos, etc. Copywriting is the foundational skill needed to be successful in any type of marketing. Regardless of your marketing method you need good copyriting skills.. It’s just sales talk in another format.

You have to understand how we humans think. People initially make buying decisions based on emotion and later justify those decisions with logic. Why is this crucial? Of all the copywriting secrets out there this is most important. We have to trigger these emotions so they will buy. If youlearn nothing else from this writing then figure out this principle. Everything you create in copywriting should have this behind it.

How do we unveil these copywriting secrets then?

Without a doubt, you have already asked yourself “does my product or service offer something of value that my prospect wants or needs? Does it provide them a solution to a problem?” If your product doesn’t provide an answer to the prospect’s problem then you may want to find another opportunity.

When you have something that meets your prospects’ needs then there is a neat little system to create great copy that will jack up your conversions. . . . .

1. Identify the challenge. Revisit some past troubles you and your prospect have been through. Really twist the knife here. You want to cite examples that the prospect will relate to and feel pain since it is the same as their own experiences. For example, If you are pitching a weight loss supplement you might talk about the fun times fat people miss due to their obestiy or the family moments they’ll miss from premature death, etc..

2. Give them an answer. Talk about all the benefits of your product not the statistics. People want to know how it will help them solve their problem not how many calories or vitamin C is in the product.

3. Talk about Your Credentials. Give them reasons to buy from you rather than your competition. If you’re not an expert yet, cite a third party who has credibility with the prospect. Third party validation is huge.

4. Give them a guarantee. This shows them they have nothing to lose buy purchasing. It also speaks volumes for YOUR BELIEF in the product.

5. Call to Action. This is the most important of all the copywriting secrets. Many are ignorant of this or are just scared employ it. Never be afraid to ask for the sale! Come on guys! You’re not even talking to someone live in many cases. In order to achieve a sale you must ask for it! Include a call to action at the end of your copy telling them what exactly you want them to do next.

I work in network marketing. On my blog and my squeeze pages I always have a call to action for people to opt-into my free valuable trainings that I offer. I get a constant flow of leads daily coming to my business just by asking!

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Copywriting Success in 4 Easy Steps

Writer’s block.

If you’re a blogger or copywriter like me, this is the most dreaded thing that could happen to you. It’s that particular state where there’s just absolutely nothing that comes to mind!

Imagine holding a pen with a piece of paper in front of you or imagine facing the laptop screen with your hands already on the keyboards and yet all you see is that empty piece of paper or the blinking laptop screen.

It seems that everything just came to a halt and while the clock is ticking, you just don’t see yourself moving. You’re at a standstill. At times you are so tempted to give your brain a whack but well, that would be quite painful, so you just end up a frustrated copywriter.


That’s how I would really put it. When you lack inspiration, you stumble and come to a writer’s block.

What to do?

Break copywriter’s block.

According to Ben Settle as mentioned in his Million Dollar Copywriting Secrets course, here are some things to do:

1. Read anything.

Be a voracious reader! Reading is food for the brain. When I was in college, I had this professor that would literally read anything including the minutest of candy wrappers and plastic bags. All things that passes through his hands, as long as it has fine print in it, he will really take time to read! It really goes without saying that reading opens up different worlds and experience beyond imagination that could really be a great source of inspiration for all of us.

Sometimes you’ll even be surprised to know that you would actually be drawn to particular books at just the right time. It’s that chiasmic experience where the books actually choose you and not you choosing the books. Happened to me several times and I relish that moment.

2. Get used to a particular time to write.

I believe in rhythms. I think our bodies and minds are preconditioned to do some things way better at certain times of the day or night and we should really take note of this and acknowledge it. Once this rhythm is set, try to keep up with the schedule. Before you know it, everything just flows freely and you ultimately break the copywriter’s block.

3. Check the Urban Dictionary. This is really interesting because you get access to new and exciting coined words that you wouldn’t otherwise see in other standard dictionaries. The first word I discovered in the Urban Dictionary is metrosexual followed by narcisurfing. If you still don’t have any idea what these two words mean, you’re probably still in the dark!

4. Drink.

In vino veritas. In wine there is truth. This is a famous toast made by a fraternity house back in college and although gone were the days of wine and song for me (unless the occasion really calls for it), there is really truth to this adage.

In our sobriety, we are often analyzing things so much, editing and revising our work often, which makes us lose sight of the essence of what we really want to say or express in writing. To loosen up our inhibitions a bit, a good dose of some liquor can actually unleash the creative, and may I say, uninhibited genius in all of us. I know Ernest Hemingway will really agree with us on this one!

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Blogging For Profit Contests

One of the things you must do as a blogger, especially if you want
a loyal following, and want to be able to use your blog to promote
affiliate products and get paid…

… you gotta keep your readers excited!

And look, I know it’s not always easy to keep coming up with new
and exciting content to keep them glued to your blog. I’ve had a
touch of writer’s block from time to time, every blogger has …

So, what do you do…

One cool tactic is to run a contest on your blog! You won’t have
to come up with any new content, and readers go nuts when they’ve
got a chance to get some cool, free stuff.

You can even come up with prizes that you offer up as part of your
contest and then tell your readers that if they send a set number
of new visitors to your blog, they can win those prizes.

Or… create a 1st, 2nd, 3rd place prize and then just make it an
all out battle.

The person who refers the most new readers gets 1st, the person who
refers the 2nd most new readers gets 2md, and so on.

This is a great way to build your readership, and to keep all your
current readers enthused…

AND – it replaces content when maybe the old tank is a little dry
and you need to make an update.

What if you can’t track your traffic?

Just run a “best comment” contest. Or, a “best idea on how to do
something” type contest where you pick the winner.

It’s simple, it’s fast, and like I said, everyone loves getting
new, free stuff … even if it’s silly.

I mean, think about how crazy people go at a basketball game if
the t-shirt cannon comes out. It’s as though they loaded up the
gun with gold bars – and everyone wants that shirt.

For more tricks and techniques to being a successful blogger, I
would love for you to check out the Blog Profit Class at our website.

This was built by bloggers for bloggers, to help you create and
maintain blogs that EVERYONE wants to read!

And more importantly, blogs that pay you well too.

Hope to participate in your new contest,
Steve Hubbard

BTW, Do need another contest idea? Let your readers suggest a new
tagline for your blog. Not only will your readers love to feel
like they’re a part of the process, you’re going to end up with
a lot of fresh, new ideas too…

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Wishing you profitable blogging.

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Blogging For Beginners Solutions

You should now focus on solutions to make it faster. At any given day, there are millions of them present on internet and thousands getting added daily. A blog is a splendid tool for earning and staying in touch with friends, business partners and customers. Here are few highly useful tips on blogging for beginners which can benefit them a lot.

Anyone can set up a blog on any possible topic, provided it does not offend any individual or community. The purpose behind setting it can range from business to expression of thoughts and opinion. Several service providers offer free and paid blogs and interested individuals can sign up with them as per their liking.

An interesting and informative blog can earn a significant sum of money for its owner. For this to happen, it should be well directed; it should have an attractive design and must be updated regularly. Its owner should invest significant amount of time and effort to market it successfully.

Planning well about the topic, content and design has an immense importance. A blogger or owner of blog ought to have a well defined purpose for creating it. He or she must decide whether it would be used for selling products, sharing views or for any other purpose.

Blogs should be started only after identification of targeted audience. For instance, a blog which focuses on teen fashion would attract teenagers. In addition, its design should match with its theme. If it is related with fashion, it ought to be colorful and filled with catchy images. If it is related with travel, it must have such photographs and graphics that interest targeted audience.

Being consistent in approach is essential for every blogger. It should stick to the current theme; otherwise its readers may start feeling disillusioned. Though innovation and addition of fresh content is always welcome, there are certain unmarked boundaries that must not be crossed.

Updating it at regular intervals is the key behind popularity of any given blog. Readers want new content every other day and stale content may not be able to impress them for long. Bloggers ought to update their blog at regular intervals, at least once a day.

If possible, they should do it multiple times every day to keep content as fresh as possible. Those who cannot devote enough time to this activity should reconsider their priorities. At the same time, blogging for the sake of it should be avoided as this approach can erosion of reader base.

A blogger should allow its readers to post their comments, questions and suggestions about different posts in its blog. Blog owner must reply whenever necessary and pay heed to suggestions posted by readers. The idea is to make it as interactive as possible. In this way, readers would feel a part of the blog and look forward to visit it regularly.

By following above tips on blogging for beginners, anyone can hope to start a successful blog. Every individual interested in setting up a blog of his or her own should be willing to invest time in this activity.

Information just like this will help you discover some hot websites tips fast that you will love, and also some of the best new and fast in use blogging for beginners secrets.