Starting a Career in Blogging


Starting a Career in Blogging

Blogging career recently has gained some popularity and unfortunately; many people don’t know how to avail such a wonderful opportunities.

Choosing Your Blogging Platform

You can choose from a number of different blogging platforms to start your own blogging website. If you are new to this just want to start with free blogging, then Blogger and WordPress are the two best options for you. But with these you will not get the complete control over the look and feel.

If you want a complete control over your blogging platform, then you need to spend about $ 70 per year to own a website with complete control. You need to spend $ 8 a year on registering your domain with Dodaddy and $ 60 to get a web hosting for a year from Hostgator.

It is suggested that use WordPress on your blogging platform server. It is so because this software offers you huge amount of templates, tutorials and plug-ins for free to help you get started with your new blogging platform.

Choosing Your Niche

Choosing a vision or topic for your website is extremely vital. You need to choose niche about which you have extensive beforehand knowledge as the quality of work you put on your blog will directly affect the popularity of your website. Uniqueness and individuality of the subject matter is so crucial.

Choosing niche is not the end; another important factor you need to keep in mind while choosing a niche is the competition level. If you choose a niche which is highly competitive, there are chances that you will get very few people to your website. Always choose a niche with low competitive level. For instance, search for the results on the Google for your chosen niche and see the number of results shown, anything less than 10,000 would be less competitive, something over may not be ideal for you.

Setting Up Your Blog

After purchasing a domain name and web hosting, you need to set up your blog. Hereunder are given few points for your help:

The first thing you need to do after purchasing a domain name and web hosting is to change your DNS settings. You will get your DNS in your provided email or you can change it from your Control Panel.

After changing DNS settings, you have to install WordPress on your server. You can install it manually or through Fantastico, if your host has it.  You can also install it in your Control Panel.

Customizing Your Blog

Once your blog is all set up, next step is to customize its appearance. WordPress offers you thousands of different themes and templates, which you can use to customize the appearance of your blog. Select the right theme and templates according to the subject matter of your website.

After customization, you need to install different plug-ins according to your website requirement. Generally, the plug-ins commonly required include stat counter, spam protection, search engine optimization etc.

If you want your blog to be successful, you have to be consistent with your posts.

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Paid Surveys – From Here You Should Start!

Many people have been paid again and again for taking up the surveys from lot of market research companies. These people have found the online paid surveys as one of the most ultimate part time job opportunity in order to increase their earnings. To be frank, there is no other easy way to make money. However, you have to be very smart in your approach towards the surveys job. The point is that you should know some trips and trick to earn big money from these business opportunities and perform your job in such a manner so as to enable the consistent flow of surveys jobs.

If you desire to make money in the simplest way, then online paid surveys are the best option to venture into. Lots of people are already in the market for taking up the surveys and some of them have even secured the best paying surveys. If you do not want to lag behind, then you should act now. The first thing to adopt is to read about paid surveys from the online resources like article directories, forums, search engines etc. You should remember that good preparation will yield better results. A majority of freelancers sign up randomly at various surveys sites so as to make money.

This practice is of no use as these sites might not reimburse you for taking the job. These sites are just there to collect the profile data so that that can be used in the later stage for sending promotional spam emails etc. As a beginner, you have to be very careful about this whole theory and should not sign up randomly at any good looking site. Your sole target should be to find a genuine site that pay you well for your efforts and time. For this, you need to submit your profile to at least twenty paid surveys sites so that the probability of getting a job increases. Rest of the incoming surveys jobs depend upon your performance and speed. These surveys are real fun as you work from your home and at time suitable to you.

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Ways to Improve Sales Conversions for your Business

The well-designed website and keyword-rich content plays a crucial role in increasing sales conversion rates for the business. Hence, it is necessary to ensure that there are no hurdles for the visitors that will restrict them to reach the conversion goal.

The business owner must consider each web page as a starting point for their website rather than just home page which will direct them step-by-step towards conversion goal. Following are some of the ways which can help your business to make more sales conversions out of your website:

1.  Once a visitor lands on one particular web-page, direct them to take a further step to view other web-pages/services and then help them to take a final step which is the conversion.
2.  A website must have alternative paths to the conversion point so that they do not loose out any potential customer.
3.  Inspect all the conversion paths to identify missing information, broken links, errors on web pages and call to action areas.
4.  Once you have identified the problems, you must not waste time to correct them to lead a visitor directly to conversion.
5.  Use analytics to determine the areas where steps can be added or removed to make the conversion process easier and more efficient.
6.  If your conversion rate is already improving, its time for you to experiment with new paths to generate higher leads and sales conversions.
7.  Create and test new paths to attract higher number of customers towards your website.

There is no looking back once you are at the center of the competition. You can never stop looking for new opportunities to improve your conversion rates. All this is possible only if you have great understanding about your target market which will help you to build paths that will work for your business successfully.

So, follow the above seven steps and make profits by higher sales conversion rates for your business.

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Essential Checklist for Effective Copywriting

Whoever your audiences are, there are a number of fators considered when drafting your copywriting. Here is the checklist to ensure the right elements for your effectiveness of your copy.


Does your copy contain?

An attention grabbing headline
Commitment and Consistency
Social Proofing
Maximum benefits and zero risk
3:1 Ratio of ‘YOU’ to ‘I’ and ‘WE’
Answers to objections
Call to action


Attention grabbing headline: This is the most important part of your copy. Its job should be to get attention, select the right audience and convince them to read on. There are many ways to do this, and the topic of headline writing is an article in itself. However, as a starting point, try to create a headline that delivers news, promises benefits and arouses curiosity.


Reciprocation: A feeling of indebtedness is a proven way to persuade people to do something. Other than offering something promotional in the copy – i.e. a free tips book – you can give them some very useful information, or, more common with copywriters, give them some cleverly crafted text that makes them feel like they should certainly read on. A good mindset for approaching any persuasive copy is asking what we can offer the reader, rather than just focusing on what will make the reader do what we ask.


Commitment and consistency: ‘As an ‘X’ sort of person you will be interested in ‘Y”. Your copy should align what you are asking the reader to do with desirable traits that most people, and especially your target audience, want to have. However, be careful not to patronise here or assume too much about the reader in your copy. It’s easy to overstep the mark.


Social Proofing: Covert let the reader know that everyone else is doing it. Let them know that the product or service is credible and has been used by many people. Including testimonials is a great way to show that you are reliable.


Authority: Does a credible body endorse the product or service? Are there stats from independent studies to back up why people should do what the copy asks them to do?


Scarcity: Let them know that your offer will only be around for a limited time, and only available to a limited number of people.


Maximum benefit and Zero risk: Outline all the benefits that your product or service will add to your readers’ lives, and then contrast it with the very little they will have to pay for it. You can even go a step further by reducing the risk to zero by making offers such as a ’90-day money back guarantee’.


3:1 Ratio of the word ‘YOU’ to the words ‘I’ and ‘WE’: Write from their point of view. The best way to do this is to speak directly to the reader. Go through your copy and count how many times you’ve used the words ‘you’ to the words ‘I’ and ‘we’.


Deal with objections: Read through your copy and question what sort of objections might be running through your readers’ head. I.e. Can I trust you? Do I have time for this? Are you honest and reputable? Can I really afford it at the moment? Can this product do all you claim? What happens after I buy it?


Have a compelling call to action: Marketing is about selling the next step. Identify your next step and make it clear to the reader that’s what you want them to do.


Clearly not all of these will be appropriate for your copy. However, by including as many as you can, you will go a long way to making your copywriting effective.


Bio: Marcus Hemsley is one of the founders of Fountain Partnership – a team of copywriters. He has written for many companies, both large and small, throughout the UK helping them to write sales letters, brochures and other promotional materials.

Marcus also specialises in SEO Copywriting. Helping businesses to get seen on Google and other search engines.

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Copywriting Firm – How to Pick a Good One

What I need is a good copywriter! If I had a nickel for every time I’ve heard that, I wouldn’t need to be working. If you think you may need a copywriting firm or if you’ve been told you need one, you probably do. Professional firms can do so much that you just can’t seem to do, whether it’s due to lack of time or poor writing skills.

How many times have you heard someone say they had a great product that they knew would sell if they could just get the people to their site to see the product and read all about it? Chances are these people are in desperate need of a good copywriting firm and just don’t know it. The question is how do you pick a good one?

Determine Why You Need a Copywriting Firm 

If you’ve come to the conclusion that you are in need of the services of a copywriting firm, you must have had reasons to come to this belief. Is it time you’re lacking? Do you have the good ideas in your head but can’t seem to put them down on paper?  Do you have an excellent product but are totally blank as far as advertising? If you’ve answered yes to all these questions, than you know why you need a good firm and can begin looking for one.

What Does the Copywriting Firm Have to Offer?

A good copywriting firm can offer you almost anything you need to get your product sold. They have a qualified staff that’s trained in every area of copywriting. While one copywriter may specialize in proof reading skills, another may specialize in speed and yet another is great with deadlines and schedules. A good firm will have all these copywriting assets working together to give you the best possible results. This is where a professional firm is better than an individual freelance writer.   Finding a good copywriting firm is much the same as going to a specialist in a large medical facility for certain health problems as opposed to your family doctor. The large medical facility can direct you to the specialists that deal directly with your health issues so they can best meet your needs. You’ll get individual care for each of your problems at a large medical facility the same way you’ll get it with a good firm. Consider your copywriting firm a group of “specialists”.

Start Looking for the Perfect Copywriting Firm

Research, research and more research is the best way to find a good copywriting firm. Keep in mind that what may work right for one individual may not be right for you. The Internet is a great place to do your research for the perfect  firm. Select a dozen copywriting firms that look promising to you and begin checking out their sites, if they have them. A website will say a lot about a business or individual. Is it neat and organized? Is it visually appealing? It really is all about appearance, you know. Once you’ve gone through a few of the sites and ads, you should be able to narrow it down to a few that you really like and want to learn more about. Contact them and begin talking.

Steve Lazuka is a well-known expert in the field of natural SEO content development. Mr Lazuka founded Interact Media, an SEO content service that leverages the power of high quality content to improve search engine visibility for its clients. To learn more about this and other SEO topics, visit Steve’s site at


Video Sales Letter Formula – Triple Your Conversions Using Video?

Ryan Deiss has just released a new program called the Video Sales Letter Formula, that’s basically going to spit in the face of every self-righteous, old school marketing guru in the industry. But Ryan doesn’t care. You need to hear this.

“Old-fashioned” long-form salesletters are DEAD. Okay, maybe they’re not “DEAD”, but they are on life-support. They are also the single biggest reason new marketers, just like you, FAIL online. Why? 1) They are nearly impossible for most marketers to write well. Have you ever tried it? It’s not easy to convey passion and enthusiasm in print, if you have not had years of training doing it before. And even then it’s hard. 2) Customers HATE reading them. 3) They simply don’t work anymore… not even HALF as well as what Ryan will teach you in his Video Sales Letter Formula program.

Here’s a sign just how outdated the long-form salesletter really is if I’ve ever seen one… “King-Kong” Google won’t even let you BUY traffic to long form sales letters anymore! So creating them in today’s market is a complete waste of time. That’s why smart marketers have found a better way, using the secrets that are revealed in the Video Sales Letter Formula program. If you keep on clinging to old ways of doing things, to what used to work in the past but doesn’t work anymore, you’re as dead as a doornail.

The only thing that’s really working well these days to sell products online is VIDEO. But not the kind super fancy and advanced videos you might be thinking about. The kinds of videos that SELL are easy-to-create videos that literally take only minutes to make… where you don’t have to show your face if you don’t want too… You don’t need a camera or great editing skills. In fact, the more ugly and simple you make the videos the better! Ryan has done some serious research before releasing his Video Sales Letter Formula and for the majority of the products he tested, the more ugly and simple the video the better it converted. There were a few exceptions however, and he tells you exactly what they were and when to use them inside the program.

Ryan Deiss has dived head first into this new way of selling products online using video. And he says, he will probably never write a long-form salesletter again, and neither should you. In the Video Sales Letter Formula, you will get full instant access to Ryan’s unique “12 Step Psychological Persuasion” Template with which you can easily create your own ultra-high converting video sales letters. According to Ryan’s own research switching from long-form to video sales letters have TRIPLED his sales and increased conversions of his products with 321%. Wouldn’t y


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Oracle Eloqua Announces New LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms App for LinkedIn Campaign Manager #bigcitymarketinggroup

Ever wish your marketing database was populated with the most recent information from your prospects' LinkedIn profile? That wish is now a reality. Oracle Eloqua is excited to announce the launch of their new app for LinkedIn Campaign Manager, Lead Gen Forms. Using LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms, marketers can instantly convert members into qualified leads with a just a couple of clicks on their ads — without ever asking members to manually type in their info.

Oracle is the first marketing cloud vendor to launch an app for LinkedIn Lead Gen forms connecting the powerful data of the world’s most professional network to the best of breed marketing automation platform, Oracle Eloqua. The collaboration between LinkedIn and Oracle Eloqua in a native app provides marketers with high quality data that can be fed directly into lead generation and nurturing campaigns within your Oracle Eloqua Campaign Canvas.

Enrich Buyer Profiles

With the Oracle Eloqua LinkedIn app, marketers can leverage the power of 467 million LinkedIn users to their lead generation advantage.  LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms automatically pre-fills information with which marketers are able to enrich buyer profiles with clean, accurate data that can be used for segmentation, personalization and lead scoring within Oracle Eloqua. 

Convert Unknown Prospects to Known Buyers

Having clean, accurate data from LinkedIn enables better matching and data cleansing of unknown and known prospects within your database.  Additionally, this new native app enables marketers to easily capture and funnel high quality new leads from LinkedIn directly into Oracle Eloqua, providing a seamless user experience that empowers marketing campaigns. 

Automate Lead Nurturing Efforts

Once converted, marketers are able to immediately follow up with relevant content to drive buyer conversations based upon their interests. This new application not only further enhances the B2B marketing and lead generation efforts for marketers but is also an effective tool for expanding ABM strategies where one to one personalization and interaction is key to success.   

The LinkedIn Campaign Manager App is provided free of charge for all Oracle Eloqua customers and is in controlled availability. For more information or a demo please reach out to your Oracle Marketing Cloud Account Manager. Pricing and licensing requirements for LinkedIn Campaign Manager can be acquired by reaching out to LinkedIn Sales.  

Oracle’s partnership with LinkedIn continues to expand and grow creating better workflows and data for marketers.  Stay tuned for new exciting announcements about the LinkedIn Marketing Solutions and Oracle Eloqua capabilities at our upcoming Modern Customer Experience in Las Vegas April 25-27 at the Mandalay Bay Resort.  

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How To Make Money Through Blogging

Many people are earning a lot of money by blogging. Blogging is used to connect friends, business partners to know how they are doing online. The first step in making money blogging is to set your own blog. There are free hosted blogs that can help you by giving you the tools and resources to make it simple to start your own blog. You need to identify a niche or a subject that could be potentially profitable, choose a domain name based on the research you have done, buy it, host it and set up the blog. If you are setting up a blog with the intention of making money, you need to find a profitable niche.


The name of the topic of your niche will determine the key words to use. If for example, let us say that you have done some research and you have settled at beauty products as a potentially profitable niche and decided to make money from your blog by selling beauty products. A possible search term that one might use to search for beauty products will be beauty products so an appropriate domain name would be  The other thing to take into consideration is the amount of people searching for a particular term, the amount of money advertisers are paying to advertise using that phrase and how competitive that term is.


You can now start promoting your blog by using web services that will get you some attention such as blog directories and social book marking. Using these services can help you get indexed in search engines and drive traffic to your blog. Commenting on other blogs can also build links into your blog and help more people to find you. Once you have some materials to read and you are indexed in search engines, you can begin really to monetize your blog and start earning money.  Sign up with Google AdSense as it offers the ability for people to display targeted advertisements on their blogs. Google will give you a percentage of that revenue when people click on the advertisements, view the advertisements and buy something from the sponsor. Apply to other webs that pay you to advertise on your blogs. There are many blog sites that will pay you a fee for writing a specific advertisements and links to your blog. Apply for blogging jobs. Many online classified networks advertise the ability to post in your blog or a blog belonging to a company. Many freelancer bloggers earn a regular income by blogging this way.


You have to maintain your blog by updating it regularly. By keeping your blog updated, you will attract readers who will be coming back and who might click your advertisements or purchase advertised services. Add reader services to your blog such as Really Simple Syndication (RSS) feeds to allow syndication and to attract more readers. Continually finding ways to grow and improve your blog will increase your money earning potential.

Rob Benwell is a blogging expert that specializes in traffic generation for blogs and monetization like how to make money blogging. He currently has helped over 50,000 people get started with making money with blogging with his Blogging to the Bank website.

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Make Money With Internet Marketing

Because of the current economic slowdown, millions of people have lost their jobs, or have suffered severe pay cuts or are not able to find good employment opportunities. The way things are at the moment, there is no indication of any improvement in the global financial situation for another year or so. In the fitness of things, it is better that people start looking for alternative avenues of making money instead of waiting for an opportunity to present itself or looking to work in a secure 9 to 5 job. With the advent of internet technology, findings ways to make money is no problem at all.

There are many online companies that are looking for ways to promote their products and will always welcome such people who are ready to work hard in that direction. One way of making good money is through internet marketing. All those people who did not know how to tap internet marketing potential in order to make money are discovering newer ways of making money. Many individuals who had thought that they were only suited for a 9 to 5 job at an office, have evinced interest in internet marketing as they have now been able to unearth their own hidden talents which they were not aware of all these years!

There are two ways of looking at internet marketing. Firstly, you may start your own small business or a counseling business with the help of your own website or work for some other online company. If it is to promote your site, you may post ads in other sites or write such articles or blogs which may attract people to your site and once you increase traffic to your site, you are assured of some business which will generate income. Other option of internet marketing would be to work for some company online and try and try to hire more and more people under you in order to promote the products of the company, which is called multi level marketing or MLM in short.

You get paid for new recruitment you make and the money goes on multiplying as the persons you recruited continue to perform. In this kind of internet marketing too, you may post blog, ads, create leads, write articles or even take up affiliate marketing to promote another site’s products. All those people, who have looked to generate alternative sources of income, have reaped huge benefits through internet marketing. What is crucial here is you must be ready to work hard, be persistent and not lose patience or hope at any time. Remember, when the going gets tough, the tough get going!

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Effective Copywriting Began With Dominik Bjegovic

Till the time Dominik Bjegovic arrived on the scene, copywriting was this mythical and mystical business that no one knew much about. Everyone just went ahead and wrote what they thought and presumed to be great copy, and even with the consolatory sales increases that they witnessed, they thought their job was done.

The bigger question is, can a 10% sales increase be considered good in comparison to a 1,000% sales increase, all other factors being constant, and the twain being truly comparable? Certainly not. Hands down, I would like to see a 1,000% increase in the sales of my product, even if I have to give 100% more to a copywriter of the stature of Dominik, than the existing fellow working on the job. I want results. Period. Greats ads be damned if they do not produce great results.

Dominik has a certain power in his writing which I just don’t see in anyone else. By now, through the twenty long years of my sales career, I have worked with at least twelve dozen copywriters. Most have simply failed to live up to my expectations from the word go. They simply did not even deserve the copywriter tag that they so pompously attached to the description of their professional careers.

Dominik on the other hand, skilfully started up without any such prior pretensions. He went about his job with complete dexterity and let his work speak for himself. Today, I have a business that has grown from having a turnover of 20,000 dollars to one that is well over 40 million dollars, in a span of just 5 years. My hard work notwithstanding, Dominik’s creative copy has had a major role to play. It is from the time that he started working on the copy for my products that sales started surging immensely. And they have never looked back since, and neither have I!

Vikram A. Malik is an Internet Marketing specialist.