Blogging With Passion


Blogging With Passion

Have you got a blog online? Or do you want to start up a blog but not sure where to go and how to start your blog? There are many different free blog platforms where you can easily join to start up a blog, but if you are not sure what you are doing then you will more than likely be swallowed up in google and no-one is likely to connect with you. Blogging With Passion is essential, because your readers will know if you are writing from the heart or if you are writing just for the sake of creating a sale.

Blogging With Ease

Once you have choosen where you would like to place your blog post….I highly recommend WordPress because that is the most easiest free blog platform to work with, its a matter of finding out what you want to blog about. So if you are like me and have too many interest how do you blog about one topic? Here is five quick ideas to get your creative juices flowing….

Do you love talking about your family? Then there are many different topics within a “family” that you could blog about….how about “How To Raise Happy Children”
What crafts are you good at? Do you like to paint, draw, knit, sew, scrap book? A great idea is “101 Craft Tips To Share”
Are you a mad keen sportsman? How about one particular sports? There are many ways to share your sports blog…”Cricket Tips Live Today” Or “Football Highs and Lows” or even “Basketball Heros”
What about fishing? Now fishing is a huge Internet Marketing industry making millions of dollars online year after year. You could even set up a youtube channel sharing the top fishing spots that you love to fish from….”Fishing Tipe Brought By Joe” could be a great example of a blogging with passion.
How about a blog site set up to direct the viewers to the websites that will solve their problems? Like for example….someone building a house but not sure where to get the cheapest materials…”Home Building Made Easy”
Finding Your Passion

There could easily be many other topics to get you started with blogging…its a matter of finding out what your passion is and looking at the keywords that online people are searching for. If you have a blog set up, you know your topic, you are blogging with passion, you have the keywords people are searching for then you have a blog that is successful. There is no point blogging and having no one looking for your site. To read more go to Learn How To Blog Site. There you will learn how Blogging With Passion will lead to Blogging With Passion For Money!

Lisa Wood is the writer at Learn How To Blog Site. For the last three years Lisa has learnt all there is to blogging and has put into steps SEO techniques that have been proven to work. With Learn How To Blog and the free services offered with the Blog Package you too could be blogging with passion.


Make Money Blogging

Money can be made through blogging by forming an own blog or your own website. Once you have your own blog in operation then you can move ahead and monetize the blog for it to start giving you money. There are different methods of blog monetization processes which can be applied successfully.

One of the very simple ways of monetizing a blog is through the writing of blog posts and articles. When writing blog posts it’s always good to be extra careful to write only relevant information and avoid any information not related to the topic in your blog. Before you can choose your topic you should first do some research on those topics that can bring some money to your blog. Make sure you choose a topic that deals with a product that people use on their daily lives.

Those things that people require on daily basis will help you have more traffic in your blog than those items that people use once in a while. For example if your blog is dealing with the issue of housing you will more or less be assured of visitors in your blog many of the times. This is because housing is a basic need and day in day out people are in search of houses for their business or for residential purposes. On the other hand a blog dealing with items such as Christmas gifts will not be of much monetary gain to you mainly because this is a one time event and only when it comes will you find people visiting your blog. This will reduce your blog into a one time event blog and this may not auger well for a money making blog. A serious blogger should have a blog that receives visitors on daily basis if for sure the intention of establishing the blog is to make money online.

Once you have the topic with you, its now time to start the process of writing posts and posting in your blog. The posts that you write should contain all the necessary information that may be required by your clients. This may involve an update of prices and new brands in the market or any other information that you may deem necessary for your clients. Blogs that contain all the necessary information concerning a particular product will always rank ahead of others that only have partial information on the products they are dealing with. Make sure that you have exhaustively dealt with even the minor details that you find unnecessary to your products because these may be the same details that people may be looking about. Because you need the services of all your visitors you should not ignore even the small details about the products you are selling in your blog.

The blog posts should not contain complicated language that will take time to understand. People visiting various sites in the internet do not have ample time to use on information that they hardly understand. They will therefore look at places where they can get the same information but in a simplified manner. This saves them time and money hence the need to have simple but well explained details on your products.

Rob Benwell is a blogging expert that specializes in traffic generation for blogs and monetization like how to make money blogging. He currently has helped over 50,000 people get started with making money with blogging with his Blogging to the Bank website.

how to make money blogging

make money blogging



PPC Management ? Paid Search Pays Off

If you want to be known on the internet, you have to do something about it. Unless you are a mega company, you can’t bet on organically climbing the charts. For example, Nike is going to be searched for whether we like it or not. People know the name and search for the brand even without keywords. For all those companies that need a little or a lot of help getting their name out there, maybe it is time to consider Pay Per Click advertising.

In order for a business to succeed, it needs some sort of investment. You can invest your time and certainly your talents, but you can’t avoid investing financially. You can avoid making investments that are not going to give back. For example, PPC (pay per click) advertising in one way to guarantee you are putting money where your mouth is. This is a form of advertisement that only charges the business owner when their ad is clicked on. Wouldn’t that be nice if you were only charged for the flyers printed if the people took them home? That’s the thing about pay per click. You don’t have to pay for something that doesn’t give back.

Investing in PPC management services promises that an expert will be handling your ad. Without an expert on the job, it could literally take hours and wasted money to develop a effective campaign. An expert is aware of what it takes to be successful. They realize that a successful campaign includes hundreds, maybe thousands of keywords. They will know which ads to pair with your keywords and in turn will reach many new niche markets.

PPC management is extremely useful in the manner that it brings your name to the people that are looking for your product or services. That means if you are, for example, a collision repair shop your ad will only show up for the people looking for your line of work or services. It is extra beneficial to those who are local because they have a nice chance of finding their niche market.

Pay per click management is a smart way to not only get your name to the people that are looking for you, but it is not going to strip your wallet without giving something back. You are only charged when someone clicks on your ad, and by hiring a company to manage your PPC campaign you are optimizing your chances of having your paid searches, pay off.

PPC Management Company

Search Engine Optimization

Gives input and advice on PPC advertising.


Compare Paid and Organic Search Clicks

Everyone is aware that look engine optimization and search motor advertising are two distinct animals. Some organizations even have individual groups in command of Search engine marketing and SEM. But if you do, as well as your two groups do not talk, you could be leaving money on the table.

Matt Lawson explains this level effectively in an write-up for Research Motor Land. It’s not as well strange that some key phrases which complete effectively for natural search are not tapped into for look adverts ¡§C and likewise, some keywords that get wonderful click-through rates with AdWords advertisements are nowhere for being noticed in stats for organic and natural research clicks. What is heading on right here?

It could be that 1 crew is contemplating inside a slightly various route. It really is probable that some outside occasion unknown to possibly group affected searches. Anybody of the variety of variables could clarify the main difference in keyword performance. But the stage is, this kind of disparity can point out a missed option. So how can you inform if that is happening along with your look motor campaigns?

You may need to do some heavy knowledge crunching. In case your business is basically big enough for two separate teams, you’re most likely focusing on hundreds of thousands of keywords. It could get forever to undergo every single 1 and compare figures. So Lawson recommends focusing on “the high-volume and best changing search queries in every single channel.” The moment you’ve got limited your universe of information towards the top rated executing lookup queries for that Search engine optimisation staff along with the SEM crew, you’ll need to look at their functionality in opposition to each other.

To consider the efficiency of these key phrases for Search engine optimization and SEM, Lawson suggests a metric he calls “Paid Click Percentage.” To get this amount for every of the keywords and phrases, “match raw query research terms across paid and natural and organic look results, sum the total clicks, and determine the compensated clicks as a percentage of that complete,” Lawson explains.

For example, let’s get the look phrase “suede jacket.” Say you are running an AdWords campaign that utilizes that key phrase, so you get 1,000 click-throughs inside a month on your own adverts that employ that keyword. You also get about 200 click-throughs in the very same timeframe from searchers who use that phrase and visit your site from your organic outcomes instead than an ad. Include the 2 collectively, and you get one,200 clicks ¡§C which is just a little more than 83 percent.

Making use of the compensated click on proportion, you will have the opportunity to tell at a look which keywords are performing effectively in AdWords, but not attracting organic clicks ¡§C and vice versa. Ideally, if you have the information inside a sort that may be manipulated, you must start by filtering to get a compensated click on percentage larger than a certain number. Lawson’s example makes use of seventy five percent since the cutoff.

Now here’s an exciting level worth taking into consideration: most searchers even now lean somewhat much more toward natural results than ads. What does this suggest? In the event you discover that a particular key phrase exhibits up with a high paid click on proportion, meaning it’s most likely nowhere while in the natural lookup results. At the really minimum, it probably is not on the very first page; that is a near-certainty, in fact, if you are obtaining no organic and natural clicks to the phrase. This tells your natural lookup group that there are terms for which they may take into account including content or or else optimizing, so that your website will get a stronger presence for the people keywords within the organic and natural results.

This could also operate one other way, nonetheless. Lawson gave an case in point through which the phrase “acme marathon jacket” obtained hundreds of clicks from organic lookup, but none from compensated search adverts. What was going on right here? Your very first believed may be the SEM crew hadn’t considered focusing on that key phrase with adverts, but it is likely far more sophisticated than that. As Lawson notes, “the compensated search campaign could be lacking the key phrase ‘acme marathon jacket,’ the key phrase bid may very well be below the minimal very first page bid, or even the key phrase could have a reduced high quality score.” Whatever the scenario, the SEM staff will must figure out what is going on and correct the scenario.

Now that you see how crunching the data and finding a meeting of minds amongst your Search engine marketing and SEM groups may help you spot holes in both campaign, it’s time for your subsequent steps. These involve action options around the areas of the two teams to plug individuals holes, and setting up the next meeting between the two teams. You can’t hold this meeting as being a one-time point, any more than you can do Search engine optimization just when and ignore it. You’ll need to get these two teams communicating and doing work jointly to have probably the most from each your Seo and SEM campaigns. Good luck! is from china, offers a range of laptop batteries for major brands. Welcome to at any time.


Content Marketing for the new age

Marketing is always going to be a tough job no matter where you do it. Marketing on the internet is no different; in fact it also has a few nuances that are unique to the environment that you never encounter them anywhere else in the marketing field. You have to be aware of all these nuances or you can market yourself until you are blue in the face and you will never get anywhere. The trick to marketing well on the internet is to use content for everything that you do on the web. Content for your products, content for your business, content for your adverts and of course content for your website itself.

You need to be able to create fresh and unique stuff that will keep your readers coming back as well as keep the attention of the search engines. Content marketing online means that you have to create content that is always new and never been used any before. The only way to do that is to create it from scratch. Using the same old material from the net is a waste of time unless you can recycle it so much that it doesn’t even resemble the same text. That kind of rewriting takes a fair amount of skill and solid understanding of the language that it is written, in order reword everything in a sensible and cohesive manner. When it comes to text you have a number of useful options that you can use to maximise your reach with it. You can post articles in article databases, you can create a blog that is dedicated to your topic and you have fresh new stuff written for the blog every day. If you include the blog on your website, then you can increase the crawl rate of the search engines to help improve your ranking. You also have the option of using social media platforms to help improve the contact you have with your customers. It creates an interface for them to give you direct feedback. As long as you can respond quickly and show people that you are there to help with their reputation then you will create loyalty with all your customers.

You can also create video and audio content where your clients can listen to what you have to say and hear about new offers that you have. You can create videos about your product, demonstrating how effective it is for example. The possibilities for your content are endless and you just need to find the right people to handle it for you if you haven’t got the time to do it yourself.

Daniel Jack is an expert social media writer. He writes article dedicated to content marketing and share praiseworthy information on social media content australia. His articles are worth reading.


Loft Conversions Bristol

Are you looking to add value to your property? Has your family outgrown your home and you need a little extra living space? If so then SKD Loft Conversions is here to help.
As a leading loft conversions Bristol specialist SKD are experts in the design and construction of spacious and functional loft conversions Bristol. We offer a professional and personal service for every single one of our customers. SKD places the highest priority on customer satisfaction, and hence we are confident of, not only meeting but, exceeding your expectations.
Our continuing commitment to ensuring the satisfaction of our customers means that we will provide you with bespoke competitive quotations for each of the loft conversions Bristol that we undertake. Once you contact us we arrange for one of our experienced estimators to assess the suitability of your property for one of our loft conversions Bristol, and advise you on all the necessary procedures to achieve the results that you desire.
No matter the character of your property our loft conversions Bristol will design and construct loft conversions Bristol that will perfectly fit the character of your home. Indeed, we go to great lengths to professionally design and build a complete living space that’s sure to add value to your home and provide you with a playroom for the kids, an extra bedroom, or indeed a place of solace that’s so important for the parents to retreat to for some much needed alone time.
The services that SKD can offer you are designed to provide the optimum in customer-focus. These services include a free site survey, fixed price quotation for any amount of work that we will carry out, and our complete attention from initial design through to completion of work, as well as a building control certificate of approval and a ten year guarantee.
If you’d like to find out any more information on the range of loft conversions Bristol services that we can offer, or to find out if your loft space is compatible for one of our loft conversions Bristol then you need simply come and visit us online at:

Loft conversions Bristo have to be carried out by skilled and qualified professionals who know exactly what they are doing. has the most sought after loft conversions Wiltshire


Effective content marketing strategy

Even though the importance of content has been emphasized repeatedly, building up customers trust, the most effective strategy in advertising and marketing is content. Due to customers being wary with regards to marketing, they look for means and ways in which to connect and trust your company. What makes a customer choose your product, all things being equal over similar or the same products? Firstly, like equals trust and customers tend to choose companies that offer obvious product or service benefits as well as good pricing and would rather choose a company that provides additional informative content on the product or service advertised.

For example, if a customer had to choose between buying eye drops from company A or B, and while browsing reads a blog post on the website of company A that has provided some great content marketing strategies regarding certain problems the ingredients in certain eye drops can cause, the customer will immediately build a semblance of trust with Company A. The customer was provided with valuable and informative information from which they learned something as well as enjoyed reading the article from company A, whereas company B provided nothing of interest or value. You are proving to potential customers, that you want to provide them and educate them with informative resources, as opposed to just trying to make a quick buck. By having your own blog, this is an effective way to market your product by using informative content which in turn can be added to your overall link and strategy for the best results. Always place your focus on what the customers want. For example, you sell vitamins, your customers would want information on what the difference is between natural and organic vitamins, and if taking more than the required dose would harm them in any way, and what new or additional products you have to offer. By providing your customers with topics and points they are interested in, you not only gain their trust by also increase your sales. You can also briefly mention what you do by including a short bio that will link them directly to your website as opposed to specifically pitching your product.

Another great marketing tool when it comes to content is the e-Book or whitepaper. Create a short e-Book on “The Importance of Vitamins” for instance, that will help and inform the customer. Provide a sound resource and not blatant promotion. Then announce that there is a free e-Book on vitamins on your blog and include a link. Set up posts to Twitter and Facebook, so your new posts will be visible, and people following you will not miss these articles.

Daniel Jack is an expert social media writer. He writes article dedicated to content marketing and share praiseworthy information on social media content australia. His articles are worth reading.


Marketing Automation Technology and What Marketers Need to Look For #bigcitymarketinggroup

Since marketers love a good stat, let's start this post off with one: 2567%. That percentage represents the increase in the number of martech vendors from 2011 to today. It comes courtesy of Scott Brinker, the guru of the infamous martech landscape chart and speaks to the warp speed growth the martech vendor space has seen over a very short period of time. 

Among the many differing types of technologies vendors offer is of course, marketing automation – a tool that has very much come into vogue in recent years and for good reason as witnessed by a few more stats:

  • 67% of best-in-class companies are more likely to use a marketing automation platform. – Aberdeen Group
  • 58% 58% of top-performing companies; where marketing contributes more than half of the sales pipeline, have adopted marketing automation. – Forrester

Rest assured there are many more such stats that support the need for marketing automation. 

But with so many vendor options out there, what does a marketer need to consider when it comes to making a choice? 

When marketers are looking at marketing automation tools, they need to consider both the simple campaigns and the more sophisticated ones. Marketing technology needs to support marketers in their jobs, and not make them feel like they need to go back to school for a computer science degree. Where they rely more on DIY than IT.

Here are 3 key features marketers need to look for in any marketing automation tool. 

1. Campaign Management

Marketers look to marketing automation programs to run their campaigns. Welcome campaigns, nurture campaigns, event reminders. Everything you do is organized around these campaigns. Sometimes they are simple and follow a very linear course of action. But marketers are creative, and have been known to overthink things from time to time. 

One of the biggest misconceptions about marketing automation is that you can set a campaign and forget it. That is not what you want to hear about a tool. Have you ever had a marketing plan change? Sometimes it happens right after you send that email. Now it’s time to scramble and reconfigure your campaign with another email and landing page. Make sure your solutions can support these real world scenarios. 

2. Targeting and Segmentation 

Another key component of any marketing automation program is the ease with which you can target and segment your prospects and customers. You need to be able to capture activities and actions from your owned, earned, and paid channels to target the right people with the right message. Don’t waste your time and resources on people who—based on their actions—will never be customers.

Just like a marketing team that needs to act a team to get things done, your tools need to connect with other tools, so that you can take advantage of your data to present dynamic content within emails, landing pages, and forms.

3. Lead Management and Scoring 

According to a study by Ascend2, 70% of B2B marketers cite improving the quality of leads as the most important objective of a lead generation strategy. And the best way to determine that quality is through lead scoring. That’s why you bought—or are considering buying—marketing automation. So you can turn more MQLs into SALs. Every system has lead scoring, but how flexible are they? Most lead scoring models are based on elements of a prospect’s profile and their online activity—or their Digital Body Language—and responses to your campaigns. Some programs tie their lead scoring model to a single campaign.

A more flexible and sophisticated system can aggregate activity from multiple campaigns when considering a lead score. Think through your lead scoring model before getting caught in system that doesn’t support what’s important to qualifying your leads. 

Download The Guide to Building Your Marketing Technology Stack to learn more PLUS get the questions marketers need to ask of any potential marketing technology solution provider.

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