5 Cool Caliber Conversions from Bond Arms


5 Cool Caliber Conversions from Bond Arms

5 Cool Caliber Conversions from Bond Arms
Although Bond Arms has never been shy about advertising the caliber conversions available for this platform, folks may not realize just how many interchangeable barrel options the company has to offer. With prices starting at $ 130, the barrels are …
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Academy conversions plans labelled a disaster for schools in Sussex
GEORGE Osborne's announcement that all schools will become academies by 2020 has been labelled a disaster for schools in Sussex. In Brighton and Hove, staff, parents and pupils have successfully fought two academy conversions – Hove Park and …
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Bill banning mikva use in non-Orthodox conversions passes first round of voting
A bill to bar the Reform and Conservative movements from using public mikvaot for conversion ceremonies was approved in its first reading in the Knesset plenum on Wednesday by a vote of 42-38. Following an argument within the coalition about the …
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The State Of Cross-Channel Paid Search, Part 2: SEM & TV

The State Of Cross-Channel Paid Search, Part 2: SEM & TV
Just imagine if your paid search accounts were even loosely coordinated with every other channel in the marketing plan. Budgets, bids, creative — all elements working just a little more in sync to push just another one percent of efficiency when …
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How New & Existing Customers Interact With Your Paid Search Ads Differently
Analyzing paid search orders based on whether they were placed by new-to-file or return customers can be a valuable exercise in determining how different areas of an account help drive new buyers to your site or aid in customer retention. Beyond that …
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Google PaidSearch Ads Cost Per Click Rising
Google's decision to eliminate paid-search text advertising down the right hand rail of search engine query results has indeed pushed up the cost per click (CPC) on keyword for paid-search advertising, confirms one agency. Performics U.S. President …
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Our 8 Best Ad Copywriting Tips EVER!

Our 8 Best Ad Copywriting Tips EVER!
Nobody clicks on an ad because they think, “Wow, what a cool ad.” They click ads because they want to accomplish something and solve a problem. To this end, one of the most effective copywriting strategies at your disposal is to mirror the user's goal …
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The 7 Steps of Drool-Worthy Copywriting
You're the protagonist Knight. Your product or service is your castle. Its gates are your expression of the castle's splendor and worth. The process of walking into the gate is the 'experience'; an experience you want to communicate effectively to all …
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Copywriter pay survey
The Professional Copywriters' Network has put together responses from 600 of its members throughout the UK to reveal a comprehensive picture not just of pay rates but also regional variations in earnings, specialisations, approaches to freelancing …
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Blogging For Final Fantasy XV Sounds Really Tough

Blogging For Final Fantasy XV Sounds Really Tough
Said Tabata: “The purpose of your blog is not to find scoops, but to build an ongoing relationship with the users. But so far, the blog isn't very interesting, because we can't tell what it is we're supposed to enjoy. Throwing in new information isn't …
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Dallas Cowboys Are Building Their Team The Right Way
Blogging The Boys, a Dallas Cowboys fan community. Home · Fanposts · Fanshots · Sections · Dallas Cowboys 2016 Draft · Dallas Cowboys 2016 Free Agency · Dallas Cowboys News · Dallas Cowboys 2016 OTA · Dallas Cowboys 2016 Pre-Season Games …
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Cowboys Mailbag: Jack Opinion, Running Backs, Options At 34
Writing for such an amazing site like Blogging The Boys, I'm given the opportunity to have my voice and opinions heard across the world to Dallas Cowboys fans. To me, that's the most rewarding thing. After each article is published on this site, I try …
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Ten Good Reasons To Pass Up A Promotion

Ten Good Reasons To Pass Up A Promotion
Forty or fifty years ago when you walked into a new corporation or institution, you would look around you in order to understand how the system worked and orient yourself to it. If there was a career ladder to be climbed in your new organization as …
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Brazil: Protests Get Violent as Former President Avoids Trial with Promotion
Thousands of Brazilians returned to the streets Wednesday night after an intense weekend of protests to call for President Dilma Rousseff's impeachment, following the appointment of former President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva as her Chief of Staff.
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Digicel Customers Rejoice For Win Cash Promotion
The cash-filled promotion is open to both prepaid and postpaid Digicel customers with the final selection of winners scheduled for Friday, April 1st, 2016. Digicel SKN's Facebook page has great information and pictures regarding its Win Cash Promotion.
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7 Tools to Help Your Internet Marketing Efforts

7 Tools to Help Your Internet Marketing Efforts
The difference between a beginner Internet marketer and a proficient one is, on the one hand, in experience, and on the other hand, in the tools they use. And while experience can only be obtained through continuous work and study of the market, tools …
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Adeel Chowdhry's insights into the state of internet marketing in 2016
Since the internet became readily available, marketers and entrepreneurs have taken to it to promote themselves and their businesses, and to grow their income. Internet marketing has become increasingly popular over the years, and people all over the …
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Marketing Experts Descend on Squamish for the Second Annual Canadian Internet
For a second year in a row, Squamish is set to be the host to some of the biggest names in digital marketing. Internationally renowned companies like Google,Twittter, eBay, Disney Parks Canada and Etsy are bringing in some of their top talent to …
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How Do You Measure Content Marketing Effectiveness?

How Do You Measure Content Marketing Effectiveness?
Measuring online content marketing isn't about keeping score of phone calls. It's not about measuring coupon redemptions. Nor is it as simple as counting the return rate of tip-in cards or fax-backs (and you may be too young to even know what these …
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Essentials For Effective Content Marketing
Good content tells a story. I don't mean starting out with “once upon a time” and ending with “they lived happily ever after.” But the goal of the piece – no matter what type of content it is – is to educate, inform, or persuade. To do this effectively …
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Content Marketing: The Hard Working Listicle
An article in list form or a simple list extensively annotated, the listicle is at once popular, traffic-driving, and an easy-to-comprehend form of journalism and content marketing. It is the blue-collar approach to engaging customers and generating …
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Promotion Interested in Having Cris 'Cyborg' Compete at UFC 198 in Brazil

Promotion Interested in Having Cris 'Cyborg' Compete at UFC 198 in Brazil
It appears that Cristiane Justino may get her wish to compete at UFC 198 in Curitiba, Brazil. According to a report from UFC Tonight, the Las Vegas-based promotion is exploring the possibility of having “Cyborg” fight at the May 14 event. If everything …
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GuyExpo 2016 to focus on business coaching, overseas product promotion
Earlier this week, Stabroek Business met and spoke with Sukdeo-Singh who said that this year's showpiece product promotion event will assume a more business-oriented character,…to continue reading this article, please subscribe. Already a subscriber ?
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We the People questions TPD promotion buyouts
Candidate Vic Regalado allegedly said he paid a supervisor to retire so he could get promoted to sergeant. At a press conference Thursday, We the People Oklahoma criticized the practice. They argue Tulsa deserves transparent organizations. They also …
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IPS Board approves two charter-like conversions

IPS Board approves two charter-like conversions
The Indianapolis Public School Board gave final approval Thursday for two schools to undergo charter-like conversions for next school year. The conversion to innovation network status is essentially a restart of the chronically low-performing schools …
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Wrong documentation or clandestine conversions to Islam?
About a month ago, a NGO called Hindu Conversion Action Team (Hicoat) came out with a controversial announcement that more than 7,000 Hindus have been clandestinely converted to Islam. Such a statement came in the wake of the raging controversy …
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Dairy conversions dropping rapidly as milk price falls again
Dairy farm conversions and infrastructure work is going on hold as the milk price drop hits farmers again. Fonterra recently cut its forecast milk price for the current season to $ 3.90 per kilogram of milk solids. That is compared to $ 8.40 a couple of …
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Copywriting: 3 tips for optimizing your next direct mail campaign #bigcitymarketinggroup

It might come as a surprise, but according to research conducted by our sister site MarketingSherpa, 54% of U.S. consumers would prefer to receive regular updates and promotions in the mail. That’s the highest percentage of any other method.

While we know stated preferences and actual behavior can differ, it’s still extremely interesting that physical mail ranked higher than email.

This means consumers are open to receiving your direct mail pieces. It’s just now up to you to send them engaging and effective content.

To help you in this effort, we’ve compiled three ways you can optimize your next direct mail campaign.


Tip #1. Direct customers toward the logical next step, not necessarily a purchase

If you’re a regular reader of MarketingExperiments, you have likely heard something along the lines of, “The goal of an email is to get a click, not a sale. The goal of the landing page is to get the sale.”

The same could be said of a direct mail piece.

Think about your buyer journey. What steps do they take up the funnel? There are multiple micro-yes(s) that lead up to the macro-yes or conversion.

For some buyer journeys, a jump from postcard to purchase might be asking for too much too soon — especially for longer sales cycles.

Try using the direct mail piece as a chance to message your value proposition and encourage customers to learn more through a next action.

That leads us into the next tip.


Tip #2. Clearly message the call-to-action and make it easy to complete

Like many of you I’m sure, I receive at least five pieces of direct mail each week (not including the credit card applications that just won’t end).

However, I’m always shocked by how many have no call-to-action. They list services, contact information and sometimes a map — but they never directly ask me to use any of it. If you don’t know why I should visit/call/email you, then I certainly don’t either.

This is one of the common mistakes in the copywriting of online banner ads as well. You must clearly “ask” for consumers to take some sort of action. It must also be easy.

You don’t want to leave your customers unsupervised in their thinking. If they have to determine what their next step should be, they might give up and throw away your mailer, or they might take a different action that won’t effectively guide them to an eventual conversion.

You also want to ensure they can easily complete the action.

If you’re sending them to a specific landing page, don’t make them type in a long, complex URL. Instead, use a short but still descriptive vanity URL.

Not this: www.[companyname].com/products/[category]/[productname]/FreeTrial

But this: www.[companyname].com/FreeTrial

If you’d like them to visit a store, provide a map of the closest location to them, or a list of nearby options. This will potentially require multiple versions of your piece, but the ease the personalization will provide could very well be worth it.


Tip #3. Be more than a postcard

If you can create some function to your piece, it has a much higher chance of avoiding the trash can. Whether it’s in postcard form or an enveloped packet, you have the opportunity to really work your creative gears.

For me, one company’s direct mail always stands out when it arrives in my mailbox: home improvement store, Lowe’s.

Typically, its sends have consisted of an envelope or folded piece that included a coupon card to be used when you spend a certain amount and a useful content piece. The $ 10 off is nice, but that’s not what makes me keep the rest of the mailer.

With the coupon, Lowe’s has included some checklist or small idea flipbook.

The one that really stands out in my mind despite receiving it almost three years ago (and I wish I could find an image of it) was a three-part checklist. The first list was of normal yearly upkeep chores that the average homeowner should do. Next came a list of minor upgrade projects you could do, and the last included bigger updates around your home.

The checklist idea does two things.

First, it provides me some value, especially the list of yearly maintenance projects I would probably have forgotten about. Second, by providing a list of projects, even without naming the tools or products I’d need to do them, Lowe’s has effectively made a connection between what I need or need to do, the items I need to do those things and its store and products.

If it had just provided the coupon, I would have probably pinned it to the fridge and waited until I came up with a reason on my own while the coupon expired.

It doesn’t have to be a checklist, though. You could incorporate some other physical keepsake. Items could related directly to your campaign (e.g., packet of seeds for Earth Day), something to remind them of an event they participated (e.g., a tiny billboard created from a photo booth) or something like just a simple fun game.


You can follow Selena Blue, Manager of Editorial Content, MECLABS Institute on Twitter at @SelenaLBlue.


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