Business process outsourcing

Businesses are generating more paper than ever before. Even as companies in financial, healthcare, manufacturing and other industries transition to electronic payments, investing millions in enterprise computer systems, the paper keeps coming – to the weight of over 4.5 trillion pages of hard-copy information yearly.

Don’t get crushed to a pulp.

Rather than rely on employees to process documents ad hoc while sending more piles off to storage facilities, it’s time to digitize data as part of an efficient, automated document processing system. And while companies have traditionally managed automated solutions in-house—hiring employees and purchasing high-volume scanners—that approach isn’t necessarily the most profitable. Investing in the wrong equipment, or in hardware that could become obsolete, can be a serious financial risk.

That’s why Fortune 50 corporations, mid-size companies and smaller businesses are choosing business process outsourcing (BPO) with Big City Marketing Group Inc In return, they’re getting lower operating costs, improved information access and a reduced business risk, as well as enhanced service for their customers. Our outsourcing clients recognize that trusting back-office processes to Big City Marketing Group Inc. means they can devote more time, staff and resources to competitive differentiation.

Simply stated, understands processes. We’ve been a global leader in payment, document and content processing and IT services for decades—currently serving more than 2,000 customers in 50 countries. So when we enter a client relationship, our first step is a thorough review of their processes. We help analyze existing operations, identifying document streams and paper flows across departmental silos, plus other factors that impact your strategy. Taking the time to understand our clients’ business is why our solutions thrive, and why many of the world’s largest companies trust us to outsource their most complex processes. In fact, Big City Marketing Group Inc. now operates more than a dozen outsourcing service centers globally.

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