Continued Importance Of Blogging


Continued Importance Of Blogging

Although social media sites like Twitter and Facebook have given users an alternate to blogging, experts predict that blogs will continue to increase in use, readership and importance over the coming years.

Twitter and Facebook offer a less intensive way to communicate thoughts, feelings, ideas and information to the world, and based on this many people have expected to see the popularity and number of bloggers decrease. In fact, the opposite is occurring, as the number of people reading blogs is increasing.

eMarketer estimates, in their article The Continued Rise of Blogging that more than half of web users will read blogs at least monthly this year. eMarketer predicts that by 2014 blog readership will rise to more than 150 million Americans (which includes at least 60% of the internet population in the United States).

These trends show us that social media has not negatively affected the world of blogging. The reasons for this include that blogs:
Continue to gain influence in mainstream media, which validates them as a legitimate source of information for internet readers
Are becoming easier to write and use as a number of personal platforms have been created to make the experience more time efficient and user friendly
Are becoming more comfortable for people to write and read as they become more accepted as a form of media

However, although readership is expected to increase it seems certain that authorship is still a niche activity. Currently, less than 12% of the online population will update a blog at least monthly this year, which means although the readership is up the number of writers has not dramatically increased, nor is it expected to. eMarketer suggests that by 2014 bloggers will increase to 13.3% of the total online population.

What do these trends mean? Certainly it shows us that blogging is still important in the face of social media. If 60% of the internet population will be reading blogs written by only 13.3%, those writers will hold a great deal of influence. For businesses and marketers, its important to publish a blog frequently. The readership is there, as long as the content is relevant and informative people will be directed to your site and are likely to read the information you post. Thus, the SEO (search engine optimization) impact is highly relevant. As a business you want to get the most out of your website, which plays a big role in your overall marketing strategy.

Ultimately, those who predicted that social sites like Facebook and Twitter would trigger a decline in bloggers and readership are certainly mistaken. Actually, bloggers are currently read by more than half of the users on the internet and you certainly want to try to direct some of that audience to your own website. The more frequently you write, update and add to your blog the bigger the increase you will see in your search engine optimization. Daily blogging is certainly an excellent way to increase traffic to your website and improve your SEO.

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