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Copywriting Skills Advice News And Information

Although many will say that copywriting for the web is a new and totally different animal, remember that the principles of copywriting still apply, and it’s a skill that has been around longer than you may think.

Writing compelling and persuasive copy is a skill that every entrepreneur must learn – whether they conduct business online or offline. And at the beginning of any marketer’s career this more important than ever. Because unless you can pay many thousands of dollars to hire someone to write great salescopy for you, you’ll surely break the bank in no time, if your sales can’t back-up the expenses that it will take for you to have it professionally outsourced.

Copywriting is essentially marketing. It is persuasive and it promotes an overall idea about either a product, a service, or a company.

Copywriting has only one goal, which is to SELL. But with the advent of the internet, copywriting has become more in depth and wordy to assist in search engine rankings.

Copywriting is about knowing how to use words. This includes how to manipulate them and assemble them in a way that achieves your ultimate goal … which is to SELL.

Effective copy will speak directly to your audience. So to be able to do that, you first must understand who your audience is. What keeps your prospects awake at night? What problems and pain do they struggle with? What questions do they have? And what answers can you provide?

Also in speaking directly to your audience, it must be in words that they can understand and relate to. And to draw them into the message you are communicating, write your copy as if it were for ONE PERSON. Sprinkle it with words like YOU and YOUR, rather than “we, me, and our”.

Since our world is made up of all different levels of literacy, choose your words wisely so that they can be understood by customers and prospects with weaker reading skills. In fact, some of your customers and prospects might be multi-lingual, and their vocabulary skills in the language you’re marketing in might be weaker.

For this reason (and others too), keep your paragraphs short, and scannable.

Scannable copy means that a person can glance at the web page, and get the general idea of your message without reading every word of it. As you organize the format, remember to make use of color, bold & italics, font sizes, capitalization, bulleted lists and line length.

Although all these formatting choices will help to make your copy scannable, don’t use them all at the same time, or for entire sentences. Highlight a word or two that needs some PUNCH, and needs to stand out. If there’s a point that needs to be drilled in to the minds of your readers, make it stand out by using one of these formatting options.

Since your goal is for your visitors to BUY, you want them to READ. And for them to READ your copy, it must be EASY to read.

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