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Our team is built specifically to help our clients rapidly ramp up their revenues and qualified leads.

Each client works with a Digital Strategist and a specially assembled team of designers, developers, and inbound marketing specialists

We have 39 full time team members, about half of whom work in website design, development and user experience and the other half of whom work in search engine optimization, pay-per-click, email marketing, and social media marketing.

We have built powerful online marketing engines time and time again for clients like Spinning, Harvard University, Zumba, and

helped many entrepreneurs build their startups into highly successful businesses. We custom tailor a strategy for each client depending on their individual business needs, drawing upon our deep well of experience in online marketing.

Contact one of our Digital Strategists today to begin the process of discovering how we can help you.

Website Design and Development

Website Design and Development

Recognized as one of the best  website design agencies, we pride ourselves on our ability to develop sites that not only please the eye, but more importantly drive more customers and revenue. For most businesses, your website is far and away your top generator of new leads and is also your top salesperson. Your website is your 24/7/365 presentation of your business and it is essential for your site to present your business in the best possible light. Our team will build you a clean, simple, beautiful website that achieves your business goals

Our website design and development philosophy is simple: we create websites that will drive more online conversions through carefully designed user experiences. To create the best solutions, we ask all the right questions about your business to make sure that your website will provide the ideal presentation for your unique business. We will get to know your business operations, inspirations; your strengths, and your challenges. The website we create for you will the ideal stage for you to connect with your customers and enhance their experience with you.

Google AdWords & PPC Management

Google AdWords & PPC Management

Big City Marketing Group  is a long time Google AdWords Certified Partner Company and our team has built an accomplished practice of PPC management. We have achieved many dazzling technical feats of AdWords and PPC engineering to help clients achieve superb returns. For Spinning, the indoor cycling phenomenon, we cut their pay-per-click spend in half while increasing revenues 18% in the first years, putting a quarter of a million dollars in extra profit back in Spinning’s pocket. We have attained similar colossal results for many other clients.

70% of online searchers select organic search results, while a full 30% of people click on paid search ads. Our team has a brilliant team of creatives, copywriters, and ppc technicians who create ads that get high Quality Scores, lowering your cost per click, and thus ramping up your ROI to nearly impossibly high levels.

Reputation Management

Reputation Management

Reputation management is becoming increasingly important in the digital age. Disgruntled former employees, unhappy customers and even jilted lovers are using the Internet to defame people, and if you have been the victim of this kind of defamation, or if your past regrets are coming back to haunt you in the search results, it’s time for some online reputation management.

When someone enters your personal or business name into Google, what do they find? Is the information irrelevant or even negative? Having a strong search identity is absolutely critical when customers, partners and journalists research your business. If they find a list of Rip-Off Reports, your business will suffer material harm. Big City Marketing Group Technologies can help clean up these negative listings and also strengthen your current search identity.

SEO agency

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search engine optimization is the work necessary to build up your organic traffic and revenues. 92% of Americans browser homepage is a search engine; whenever anyone is looking to purchase a product or hire a service provider their research begins on search engines.

When potential customers are searching for one of your products or services online, does your site appear near the top of search results? If not, you’re missing out on tremendous profit potential.

Our agency was founded as an SEO consultancy and is led by world-renowned SEO expert Dr. Boyer Cross MBA,DD,Phd. He has provided SEO training to the in house SEO teams at major companies ranging from Nike to Wal-Mart, as well as cutting edge tech companies like BigCommerce. Our results have helped us to build one of the most successful search engine optimization practices in the country.