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CD Release: How to Use Radio Promotion to Boost Airplay and Build New Audiences

I often get calls from artists who want to know more about using a radio promotion company to help boost airplay and build new audiences. Most artists believe they ought to launch into a full-blown campaign as soon as they have their hot-off-the-press CD. Some artists should do just that, others should not, depending on your career goals, of course.
Use radio promotions to identify hot markets for touring. Be prepared to tour in the markets where airplay is greatest. The best use of a radio campaign is to track the cities and radio stations that have added the recording. Plan support tour dates in those cities no later than four to six weeks after the campaign has been completed. Once you have the radio stations that have become familiar with your music, those stations become key points of contact to help promote a tour date. When you notify the station of the upcoming tour, they are likely to extend airplay, promote the date, do phone or live interviews and possibly even work with the promoter or venue as a co-sponsor. The radio station may even be able to recommend specific venues and promoters in the area at the start of your booking process.

Use the radio promotion’s campaign to leverage better dates. As you contact the various venues in the markets of greatest airplay, mention the radio campaign, the station playing the recording and what degree of airplay the recording is receiving. Knowing that radio is supporting the act can often be the persuasive factor necessary to land a date.
There are two methods of radio promotions to consider–hiring a radio promotion company or doing radio promotion on your own. Here is a set of criteria to help you decide which works best for you.

Method One: Hiring a Radio Promotions Company

Acts with intentions to expand their touring beyond their own region or to tour nationally would benefit from working with a professional radio promotions company.
Costs range from $ 400-$ 600 per week for an eight to twelve week campaign. Be prepared to spend at least $ 2400 for an eight-week campaign and if all is going well, you might want to add an additional two to four-weeks. These costs are just for the company. Some companies charge additionally for expenses like shipping and phone. You need to have enough promo copies of the CD available as well. Each promotions company will tell you how many stations they service.
Select a company that is well established in promoting to your genre of music and radio format. Some of the main formats are: A3, Americana, NAC/Smooth Jazz, Rock, Adult Contemporary, Country, Adult Alternative, Gospel, R&B, New Age, World Music, Latin, Rap, Urban, College depending on which radio chart is used.
Know which format your recording fits. If you intend to use radio promotions as a tool to push the act to the next level, you should research formats and listen to the stations playing those formats prior to making the recording. When interviewing companies to work with, they will review the recording before taking on the project. They are just as anxious to have a successful campaign as you are. They have a reputation to maintain with the various radio stations. Their credibility is at stake with every project they pitch.
Ensure that the recording will be available in the markets where the campaign is concentrating. This can include signing with a distributor who will stock the local stores, or it can mean the recording is available through any of the online retailers. If the recording begins to receive airplay, radio stations want to make purchase information available to callers.

Method Two: Self-Managed Radio Promotion

Consider the range of your touring. If you tour within a specific region or remain close to your home base, it may prove more cost-effective for you to manage your own radio promotion. Although some regions of the country do have radio promotions companies that concentrate solely on a single region, most conduct national promotions campaigns. If you have no intention of touring outside your region, or plan to move more slowly, region by region, the expense for a national campaign may be prohibitive and unnecessary at this time. The money spent on the regions you do not intend to tour will be wasted. When touring is restricted to one area, it is easier to select tour cities and research the appropriate radio stations on your own, city by city, as you need them. Your costs are then spread out over an extended period, as are the necessary promo CDs. You are able to concentrate on each city you intend to tour. The main concern for you is scheduling time to send the promo CDs, make initial calls to the station to check on the CD arrival and then at least once a week, make a follow-up call to check on the airplay the CD is receiving. This is no small task and it is time-consuming.
Hire a friend or fan part-time or assign someone from the band. The solution to the time-consuming nature of this project might be to hire someone for a few weeks at an hourly rate, the total being much lower than the professional company. If they are organized and have a pleasant phone manner, they can accomplish much the same result as a professional company. The difference will be that the professional company has an established reputation and music directors at the various stations will take their calls. Your employee will have to spend some time establishing a relationship first. Then again, your campaign doesn’t necessarily have to be completed within a specific time frame. You are able to target the cities of greatest importance as you decide to set tour dates in those markets.
When making the recording budget, include money for promoting the recording. Set aside dollars for shipping costs, phone calls, promotional CDs and packaging materials. Research the number of stations you are likely to target and make sure you have included that number in your initial count for manufacturing. Most artists’ recording budgets omit any additional money for promotion. Make booking gigs and building an audience easier for yourself by designating money to market the new CD. This in turn will help leverage your bookings at targeted venues in desired markets.

The goal of any radio promotion campaign, large or small, is to create audience awareness of your group and the new recording. National promotions companies use charts to mark progress. If you choose to do your own regional campaign, your benchmark will be the number of stations that begin playing the CD. If those stations report to a specific chart, it is not unheard of for an independently, self-promoted artist’s CD to achieve chart notoriety. I’ve worked with a number of artists who conducted their own campaigns with great success and charted. They spent many hours of each day calling and then recalling. Their efforts were rewarded. Yours can be as well.

Ultimately, your goal is to use the radio airplay to boost bookings and build your fan base. Radio recognition helps both causes. Include some aspects of radio campaigning in your marketing program.

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Jeri Goldstein is the author of, How To Be Your Own Booking Agent The Musician’s & Performing Artist’s Guide To Successful Touring 3rd Edition.

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Boost Conversions with a New York Virtual Office Address

A virtual office in New York could enhance the credibility of your Internet based business and boost your conversion rate.

The Internet has presented some fabulous business opportunities but it’s also been a breeding ground for scams and rip-offs, leaving online consumers a little uneasy about online shopping. One of the first things many people check when shopping online is whether the business they’re dealing with has a physical office address – or not. A business without a physical office address can look like a risky proposition, even though they’re often legitimate and honest operations.

Many Internet based businesses are operated by just one person working from home – and few people are prepared to share their home address with the world. A virtual office with a physical address can be the perfect answer.

That’s not all a virtual office can do for your business. If your Internet business is based outside the US and you don’t have a US address you could be missing out on sales. A virtual office address in New York could help to generate US sales and may even help you specifically target the American market with your pay per click campaigns.

Not sure a New York virtual office would work for your business? The good news is that at less than $ 30 a month and with no contracts to enter, you can almost certainly afford to give it a try!

A New York virtual office can offer the following services:

A prestigious physical New York office address for your new office;
Mail can be received at your New York office and forwarded to you;
A local New York telephone number can be arranged for you and the calls diverted to your location;
Physical office space at your New York office is available for you if you visit New York;

When the cost of a New York City office is so low, it’s hard to think of a reason not to give it a try. Arrange your virtual office today and you could be announcing your New York office from VH International Business Solutions tomorrow!

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7 Top Tips to Increase Sales and Boost Conversions

Increasing your website sales takes several efforts including your perfect online marketing strategies.

You can increase the sales on your website if you can prove your salesmanship by influencing the visitors.

However, if your website is getting lots of hits but low or no conversion, you can observe significant change in the sales and boost conversions if you follow certain techniques.

This is a short and far from a complete list of the techniques to use on your site to increase sales and boost conversions.

1. Pre-sell your products by publishing reviews on each of the product. It may take time and efforts to write reviews, but looking at the profit that you gain by increasing conversions, you will feel that the efforts are worth it. The reviews help the visitors know about your products and services.

2. Provide detail information about your product and describe your visitors how your products are able to solve their problems. You can also mention about how your products differ from your competitors’ and give your visitors the reasons why they should choose you. The more compelling your content is, the more the visitors will get attracted towards making a purchase.

3. What makes the visitors take decision on your website is your ‘call to action’. Experts say, you content may be persuasive for the visitors, but if you are not writing a compelling ‘call-to-action’, the visitors may not feel to take action on your website. Hence, any type of content you develop, it is very important that the readers are encouraged to take relevant action depending on your business.

4. Offering discount is a surefire way of influencing the online shoppers. You can persuade the visitors to buy your products with special offers associated with making purchase. Gifts are another attractive form of creating interest in your prospective customers. However, you need to mention clearly about the conditions, if any, so that the buyer will not feel deceived afterwards.

5. When your prospective customers are on your sales page, offer them information about other related products that are available with you and useful for them. It increases the chances of the buyers making more than one purchase on your website.

6. Follow-up your customers after they make an inquiry or make purchase. Inform them through emails about the new offers that you have or the launch of new products or any other news that is crucial for them to know.

7. Increase your online credibility by providing sufficient information about you to your visitors. It is very important that your visitors can contact you whenever they want and get information about your services.

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Boost Your Business Promotion with New Business Promotion Products

If you are planning to select appropriate promotional products according to your target customers then you can see the wide range of promotional products available for you. The choice of promotional products depends on your business and your budget. Here is a description of some promotional products and the reasons of why you should choose them.

Promotional Golf Gear is good for you if your company has anything related to golf or provides services related to golf. It can be installation of artificial turf in golf courses, manufacturing of golf sticks, balls or even golf gears. Promotional Golf Gear is an expensive product and you can select it if you are promoting some sporting event or any health related event. Promotional Golf Gear can bear the name of your brand and then can be given to the participants or the organizers of the event. It is not necessary that you use Promotional Golf Gear only for above mentioned occasion. These can be gifted to the people who play golf and are in business relationships with you.

Promotional diary can be gifted to almost anyone and at any event or occasion. You can gift Promotional Diaries on New Year or simply as planner to the people you think can benefit your business.  Unlike Promotional Golf Gear these Promotional Diaries are more general and can be used by anyone and everyone. When you order Promotional Golf Gear then you have to be very sure of their quantity because it is very difficult to use them generally. They are ordered for special events whereas when you order Promotional diary then you can use then for any event throughout the year. Promotional Diaries can be electronic as well but then the cost of such Promotional Diaries goes high.

Similarly when you see Promotional Caps then you find them a cheaper option when compared to Promotional diary or Promotional Golf Gear. Use of Promotional diary or Promotional Golf Gear is usually limited and these types of products are used to target specific groups or people at specific positions in organizations. Promotional Caps on the other hand are usually intended to be used when an event is targeting masses. Promotional Caps are perfect for distribution in marathons, special run organized for special cause, any awareness camp or for distribution amongst the volunteers of any event. Promotional Caps can be made attractive and can be customized by writing special message or name of your brand.

It is a fact that if you have to distribute Promotional diary to each participant at an event that has hundreds of people then it may really go out of the estimates you might have set for spending. Promotional Caps are not only cheap but serve the purpose and look good for outdoor events. You may choose Promotional diary, Promotional Caps or any other gift that you want but the occasion and intended purpose are very important factors that you must consider before ordering these products. There are enough choices in the market and you need not restrict your choices to Promotional Diaries, Promotional Caps or Promotional Golf Gear.


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