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Boost Conversions with a New York Virtual Office Address

A virtual office in New York could enhance the credibility of your Internet based business and boost your conversion rate.

The Internet has presented some fabulous business opportunities but it’s also been a breeding ground for scams and rip-offs, leaving online consumers a little uneasy about online shopping. One of the first things many people check when shopping online is whether the business they’re dealing with has a physical office address – or not. A business without a physical office address can look like a risky proposition, even though they’re often legitimate and honest operations.

Many Internet based businesses are operated by just one person working from home – and few people are prepared to share their home address with the world. A virtual office with a physical address can be the perfect answer.

That’s not all a virtual office can do for your business. If your Internet business is based outside the US and you don’t have a US address you could be missing out on sales. A virtual office address in New York could help to generate US sales and may even help you specifically target the American market with your pay per click campaigns.

Not sure a New York virtual office would work for your business? The good news is that at less than $ 30 a month and with no contracts to enter, you can almost certainly afford to give it a try!

A New York virtual office can offer the following services:

A prestigious physical New York office address for your new office;
Mail can be received at your New York office and forwarded to you;
A local New York telephone number can be arranged for you and the calls diverted to your location;
Physical office space at your New York office is available for you if you visit New York;

When the cost of a New York City office is so low, it’s hard to think of a reason not to give it a try. Arrange your virtual office today and you could be announcing your New York office from VH International Business Solutions tomorrow!

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Ways to Improve Sales Conversions for your Business

The well-designed website and keyword-rich content plays a crucial role in increasing sales conversion rates for the business. Hence, it is necessary to ensure that there are no hurdles for the visitors that will restrict them to reach the conversion goal.

The business owner must consider each web page as a starting point for their website rather than just home page which will direct them step-by-step towards conversion goal. Following are some of the ways which can help your business to make more sales conversions out of your website:

1.  Once a visitor lands on one particular web-page, direct them to take a further step to view other web-pages/services and then help them to take a final step which is the conversion.
2.  A website must have alternative paths to the conversion point so that they do not loose out any potential customer.
3.  Inspect all the conversion paths to identify missing information, broken links, errors on web pages and call to action areas.
4.  Once you have identified the problems, you must not waste time to correct them to lead a visitor directly to conversion.
5.  Use analytics to determine the areas where steps can be added or removed to make the conversion process easier and more efficient.
6.  If your conversion rate is already improving, its time for you to experiment with new paths to generate higher leads and sales conversions.
7.  Create and test new paths to attract higher number of customers towards your website.

There is no looking back once you are at the center of the competition. You can never stop looking for new opportunities to improve your conversion rates. All this is possible only if you have great understanding about your target market which will help you to build paths that will work for your business successfully.

So, follow the above seven steps and make profits by higher sales conversion rates for your business.

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Video Sales Letter Formula – Triple Your Conversions Using Video?

Ryan Deiss has just released a new program called the Video Sales Letter Formula, that’s basically going to spit in the face of every self-righteous, old school marketing guru in the industry. But Ryan doesn’t care. You need to hear this.

“Old-fashioned” long-form salesletters are DEAD. Okay, maybe they’re not “DEAD”, but they are on life-support. They are also the single biggest reason new marketers, just like you, FAIL online. Why? 1) They are nearly impossible for most marketers to write well. Have you ever tried it? It’s not easy to convey passion and enthusiasm in print, if you have not had years of training doing it before. And even then it’s hard. 2) Customers HATE reading them. 3) They simply don’t work anymore… not even HALF as well as what Ryan will teach you in his Video Sales Letter Formula program.

Here’s a sign just how outdated the long-form salesletter really is if I’ve ever seen one… “King-Kong” Google won’t even let you BUY traffic to long form sales letters anymore! So creating them in today’s market is a complete waste of time. That’s why smart marketers have found a better way, using the secrets that are revealed in the Video Sales Letter Formula program. If you keep on clinging to old ways of doing things, to what used to work in the past but doesn’t work anymore, you’re as dead as a doornail.

The only thing that’s really working well these days to sell products online is VIDEO. But not the kind super fancy and advanced videos you might be thinking about. The kinds of videos that SELL are easy-to-create videos that literally take only minutes to make… where you don’t have to show your face if you don’t want too… You don’t need a camera or great editing skills. In fact, the more ugly and simple you make the videos the better! Ryan has done some serious research before releasing his Video Sales Letter Formula and for the majority of the products he tested, the more ugly and simple the video the better it converted. There were a few exceptions however, and he tells you exactly what they were and when to use them inside the program.

Ryan Deiss has dived head first into this new way of selling products online using video. And he says, he will probably never write a long-form salesletter again, and neither should you. In the Video Sales Letter Formula, you will get full instant access to Ryan’s unique “12 Step Psychological Persuasion” Template with which you can easily create your own ultra-high converting video sales letters. According to Ryan’s own research switching from long-form to video sales letters have TRIPLED his sales and increased conversions of his products with 321%. Wouldn’t y


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Home Conversions – How to choose a good builder

Many people choose to work from home these days.  The benefits are obvious; you can work the hours you want, great for those juggling parenthood, you can work in your comfy clothes, you don’t have the boss looking over your shoulder and you save money by not paying the huge prices for fuel.   

The trouble some of us have is that space is needed.  A few years ago we would have just moved house without much trouble.  But with all the mess the banks got us into recently it’s not so easy these days.  Many people are choosing to convert their house by adding extensions or doing garage conversions.  This makes perfect sense.  

When it comes to finding the right builder to do some work on your home, it can be a worry as to who to choose and where to look first.  There is the simple option of going through the yellow pages and ringing a few local builders, you could also go online and use a search engine online, but how do you find out if they are charlatans’?

We are all aware of dodgy builders as there are many reality shows of TV which catch them at it.  A lot of people say they hate reality shows and this big brother camera watching us society but it has plenty of positives.  I think its good we know what’s going on in the world be it dodgy companies or pathetic greedy footballers, too many people go undetected and ruin people’s lives.

There are easy ways to tell if they are the real deal or not.  Most businesses will have a website these days and looking at someone’s website is a great insight.  If a business is legitimate and has nothing to hide it will show their postal address.  There will be a landline number.  Look for a testimonials page as it should show some of their work.  A decent company won’t be afraid to show its work and give plenty of options to constant them.

If you have used local numbers from the newspaper and they don’t have a website, this doesn’t mean they are inadequate.  They could be a small business just starting out.  You could then ask for previous clients numbers.  Also I think if a company is proud in what they do and are serous at doing a good job they will care about customer service which means when you get a written quote.  There is nothing worse than a builder just phoning you with a price and a load of waffle.  You want it written down clear, costs for material, labour etc.  A scrappy bit of page with a few prices on is not a good sign.  If they aren’t keeping a check of their materials it means they are avoiding paying tax which means they are just after your money and couldn’t care less about you.

Also why not educate yourself a little in the job you want doing.  Then when a builder comes round you can have a couple of killer questions to ask him.  A confident nothing to hide type of builder will answer quickly without getting shifty or start waffling to get out of answering.  If you have gone to town and asked a specialist architectural question then if a builder with nothing to hide won’t have any problem admitting they don’t know.  Note what they all say and with all of the above you should get an instinctive feeling who is legitimate.

This worked for me; I recently started working from home and needed a proper place to work.  I used my dining room for some time but I had an area in my home which was not used.  A conservatory at the side of the house which was a kind of utility room.  I wanted this converting into an office.  I used a combination of internet, local papers and recommendations.  Generally recommendations are the best way to get a decent builder but I thought I would give them all a chance.   

What I found is that the two builders were very nosey about me and what work I did.  Now this could of been just friendly but when I told them my job title I am sure I could see their brain ticking away thinking I had lots of money and how he could over charge me. This turned out to be the case because his quote was far higher than the other companies.  I chose a small company, that wasn’t the cheapest quote but I had a good feeling about them.  They had a nice website, address and many numbers, they didn’t ask about what I did, the guy was very knowledgeable, and the quote was clear and professional. Also he gave me lots of references which I followed up with.  All in all it was great.  My office is great.  I am not a builder expert but you can tell a neat job from a shabby one.  

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Increasing Conversions With an Auto-Responder

An auto-responder is an email program that automates the sending of email messages in response to certain actions a site visitor has taken. If someone has purchased from your website, typical messages would be an order confirmation, a thank-you letter, assembly instructions, or any other post-sale communication. This article will discuss how to increase conversions with an auto-responder.

Your web host may have an auto-responder available as part of your package. If not, there are fee and free services to choose from. Some free services may place their ads on your responder page. If you don’t want that, look into paid services. At minimum you will want a responder with the following features:

– Allows you to personalize your message to your recipients with their names and email addresses.

– Allows you to schedule multiple messages at certain intervals. Your prospects need to hear from you multiple times before they are ready to take action. Just like print advertising needs to appear an average of 7 times in front of a prospect, who is in the market, before she actually buys. Each message should build on the previous one and lead the reader to a logical conclusion.

– Allows you to send a message of any size. Although you should aim for brevity, sometimes it just takes more words to tell the story.

– Allows you to send HTML messages – they get much better response than plain text emails.

– Allows you to track your results.

Equally important is how you structure your messages. The subject line should be catchy but NOT “salesy.” These messages are about building a relationship and staying focused on the needs, wants and desires of your recipient. Keep in mind that they do not care about you or your products. All they want to know is what’s in it for them. Keep your message on benefits that deal with pain points.

Make sure your message can be easily scanned by keeping lines and paragraphs short. Use bullet points if appropriate. Use upper and lower case, correct spelling and grammar – just like a professional business letter. It will speak volumes about how you do business. END EACH MESSAGE WITH A CALL TO ACTION!

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7 Top Tips to Increase Sales and Boost Conversions

Increasing your website sales takes several efforts including your perfect online marketing strategies.

You can increase the sales on your website if you can prove your salesmanship by influencing the visitors.

However, if your website is getting lots of hits but low or no conversion, you can observe significant change in the sales and boost conversions if you follow certain techniques.

This is a short and far from a complete list of the techniques to use on your site to increase sales and boost conversions.

1. Pre-sell your products by publishing reviews on each of the product. It may take time and efforts to write reviews, but looking at the profit that you gain by increasing conversions, you will feel that the efforts are worth it. The reviews help the visitors know about your products and services.

2. Provide detail information about your product and describe your visitors how your products are able to solve their problems. You can also mention about how your products differ from your competitors’ and give your visitors the reasons why they should choose you. The more compelling your content is, the more the visitors will get attracted towards making a purchase.

3. What makes the visitors take decision on your website is your ‘call to action’. Experts say, you content may be persuasive for the visitors, but if you are not writing a compelling ‘call-to-action’, the visitors may not feel to take action on your website. Hence, any type of content you develop, it is very important that the readers are encouraged to take relevant action depending on your business.

4. Offering discount is a surefire way of influencing the online shoppers. You can persuade the visitors to buy your products with special offers associated with making purchase. Gifts are another attractive form of creating interest in your prospective customers. However, you need to mention clearly about the conditions, if any, so that the buyer will not feel deceived afterwards.

5. When your prospective customers are on your sales page, offer them information about other related products that are available with you and useful for them. It increases the chances of the buyers making more than one purchase on your website.

6. Follow-up your customers after they make an inquiry or make purchase. Inform them through emails about the new offers that you have or the launch of new products or any other news that is crucial for them to know.

7. Increase your online credibility by providing sufficient information about you to your visitors. It is very important that your visitors can contact you whenever they want and get information about your services.

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Creating Sales Letters That Produce Great Conversions

Top copywriters are paid a lot of money for the skill they possess, because they are able to create sales copy that’s able to convince people to buy the product or service that’s being offered. The people who don’t possess this skill pay thousands and thousands of dollars to have great sales letters produced for them in their online Internet business, Just because someone is willing to spend thousands of dollars on a sales letter doesn’t necessarily mean the sales letter will convert or that the offer or service it’s trying to sell any good.

If you want to realize higher conversions you must make sure the value you’re offering is great and the reader will gain maximum benefit from the purchase of your product. So when you decide to employ the services of a copywriter make sure you keep these core principles in mind when it comes to the product or service you’re offering.

What you’re selling must offer great value:

It is important whatever you’re offering has great value to the reader so you will get higher conversions. If someone is going to spend their money with you they have to be sure whatever problem your product is offering to solve will indeed be solved, so that their left feeling satisfied and happy with your product. A lot of Internet marketers ignore the simple fact because they’re just concerned about getting the sale, but this is a great mistake because if you make sure your customers are happy then they’ll spread the word to other people, which will help you realize even greater conversions without you having to do any work to achieve those conversions.

It cannot be overpriced:

Depending on the market you are trying to market to you must be aware of the kind of money this market has available to spend, or just how much money they’re willing to let go of to solve their problem. Not knowing this information when deciding to have your sales letter created can mean a loss of business for you, or a very low conversion rate at best. This is why you want to make sure you do proper market research before you price you product. So when you’re creating a sales letter make sure your product isn’t overpriced, as it may turn a lot of your market away from you, especially if you’re not offering enough value.

Do not exaggerate claims:

If you want to create a great sales letter make sure you don’t go overboard in the claims that it makes. We all know that you must push the emotional triggers of your readers in order to get them to buy, but you don’t have to outright lie to them or mislead them to get them to buy your product. Always be honest and tell them exactly what to expect from the purchase of your product if you don’t want to have a lot of angry, dissatisfied customers on your hands who will all be demanding refunds. As long as you remember these core principles your sales letter will produce great conversions for you.

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Steps to Reduce PPC Costs and Increase Conversions

PPC advertising is a huge market, both for the advertisers and the companies. Google, the search engine giant earns maximum share of its revenue by providing PPC services. There are many more biggies in this field such as Yahoo!, Microsoft, Chitika, Clickbank etc but they all are far behind Google.

PPC advertising is best suited for the websites who haven’t yet established themselves in the organic listing of search engines. But it has a downside too. PPC advertising can cost the advertiser dearly if the campaign is not carefully developed. In fact, PPC advertising is much more than just selecting the keywords and designing the ads. Moreover, in the time of recession, it becomes more important for an advertiser to cautiously carry out the PPC campaign or else the campaign would start bleeding.

Specified below are some tips which can help you to increase the conversion at low investment i.e. increase your ROI.

1. Analyze competitors – The best way to start off a PPC campaign is to first have a look into the competitors’ strategies. Every now and then you come across the ads which give you an idea about how to find the place where your competitors are advertising. If not, you can purchase the tools which give you a fair amount of idea about the advertising campaign of your competitors. The main things to note are the keywords, ad body, places where the ads are being placed and types of call to action to entice the visitors.

2. Explore keyword variations – It is quite necessary for successful PPC campaigns to incorporate proper keywords and suitable variations. If these parameters are not worked upon carefully then it will ruin all your efforts. The advertiser needs to understand the difference between broad match, exact match, phrase match and negative match.

3. Avoid hyper competitive keywords and use low cost keywords optimally – If you start your campaign by bidding on hyper competitive keywords you will accrue high cost and will soon exhaust your budget. But there are many low cost keywords relevant to your business which when used in combination with proper matching options will yield good results i.e. good ROI.

4. Use enticing call to action terms – Call to action terms form an important part of your PPC campaigns. Terms such as click here, buy now are of no use because they do not inform the user about your offer. On the other hand, people get easily attracted towards the terms such as discount, sale, free, buy 1 get 1. These terms are consumer centric and can generate good ROI if your offerings deliver what is being promised in the advertisement.

5. Be honest with your ads – Quite often advertisers make this mistake i.e. they don’t deliver what they promise in the ad. Avoid this kind of approach as this is the biggest turn-off for your visitor. Moreover, it also leaves an ever lasting negative impression of your website. By adopting such tactic you are only going to accrue the cost and no returns.

6. Design your landing page wisely – Landing pages play an important role not only in converting your visitors to your clients but also in getting your ads high quality score which in turn results in decreasing the cost your bear to run the campaign. Some advertisers make the mistake of linking their ads to the home page irrespective of the context of the ad. Actually this is not a mistake but a blunder. Make sure to link the ads to the relevant page. E.g. if your ad is about Ruby on Rails development then the ad should be linked to the page dedicated to Ruby on Rails and not any other page. Further, these landing pages should have call to action which encourages the user to perform such actions which benefits your business.

7. Review your ads performance overtime – Make sure to review the performance of your ads at regular intervals. This will enable you to round upon the areas which are proving to be a setback to your campaign and further optimize the areas which are proving good. Although this step is obvious, many people don’t devote much time into this step. Always carry out comprehensive analysis to decide upon the performance of your campaign.

Conversions are support system for any PPC campaign. If conversions are taking place then it is well and good, if not, analyze your campaign on the above stated points to optimize it. If that still doesn’t work, then it’s time when you should take the help of professionals who can review you campaign and get rid of the flaws.

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How Using Videos in Email Can Increase Conversions

Many online marketers nowadays advocate and encourage the use of video on their websites, including on sales pages. But how about including video in emails? Is it possible? And is it effective?

Including videos in emails can be tricky. While it’s fairly simple to include an image which, when clicked on, can take someone to a page displaying the associated video, it’s quite another thing to actually embed a video in the email itself.

In fact, embedding video in email is challenging on a number of fronts. To work properly, the coding must be compatible with the various web and client (personal computer) based email readers used by email recipients. What’s more, given the ongoing trend towards email readers blocking images by default, there’s no guarantee that many people will actually see the embedded video when they open the given email.

For all these reasons, embedding videos in email has, for many marketers, been more trouble than it’s worth. Yet, research shows that email recipients have responded positively to embedded videos in email and that, on average, emails containing such videos get higher click-through rates.

In the case of a travel company studied by MarketingSherpa, embedding video in an Easter email campaign resulted in, not just a higher click-through rate, but a 50 percent higher conversion rate.

This travel company put a lot of effort into optimizing its embedded video email campaign. The company worked out what the optimal length of the video (and associated file size) would be to maximize deliverability. The company also tested the emails in the most popular email readers (web and client or PC based) so that, when it came to beginning the campaign, most email recipients would be able to receive and view the video without any trouble.

In this particular company’s case, a 20 second video was found to deliver optimal deliverability, click-through and conversion rates. That doesn’t necessarily mean that 20 seconds is best for all email marketers. The ideal time will likely vary from email marketer to email marketer, based on such factors as the average Internet connection speed and the typical email reader used by the marketer’s email subscribers.

Whether or not we will see more emails containing embedded videos remains questionable. The effort involved in ensuring such emails can be read by the typical email recipient can’t be underestimated. Nor can the very real trend towards automatic blocking of rich media by today’s web and client-based email readers. But, if you’re game, and willing to put the effort in, you may just achieve the same results as the travel company mentioned above. A 50 percent increase in conversions is certainly nothing to sneeze at!

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Unraveling the EPA Code – CNG Conversions Explained

From EPA website: In general, it is clear that EPA’s primary objective in enforcing the statutory prohibition on “tampering” must be to assure unimpaired emission control of motor vehicles throughout their useful life. It is EPA’s policy to attempt to achieve this objective without imposing unnecessary restraints on commerce in the automotive aftermarket.

For the longest time I have been wondering why there was so much talk about and emphasis on EPA Certified Conversions. They would say that EPA Certification was the only “legal” way to convert to CNG. This refrain always seemed to come from those who actually sold or installed EPA conversions themselves. Everyone told me it was a money thing. They said “follow the money”. Let’s attempt to do that.

In the beginning the EPA wanted Cleaner Air (The Clean Air Act)1. Then they found some cities that did not meet their “standards”2. They mandated that “Covered Fleets”3 should “convert” a certain percentage4 of their vehicles to AFV (Alternative Fuel Vehicles). Having created a problem by this EPA mandate they were now in a position to offer a solution. They offered to “Certify” CNG conversions5. This would be good for the Fleets, if their conversions were EPA approved this would make them eligible for Federal and State rebates6 and Incentives. What is an “EPA” certification? The EPA tests the CNG vehicle and uses DF’s (Deterioration Factors)7 along with other tests to Guarantee that the vehicle will continue to run clean throughout its useful life.8 This “useful life” varies from 50,000 to 120,000 and up to 10 years9 whichever comes first. The EPA only Certifies conversions for new vehicles. They do not certify older vehicles10. That explains why “EPA” conversions are all newer vehicles.

As the Fleet owners collected the Federal and State rebates the Vehicle Dealerships collected their New Car fees. At the same time, the installers were able to collect inflated install fees since the Fleet owners were collecting the Federal and State rebates.

(As I researched this I had an “aha” moment. What happens to the Federal and State rebates if a customer is not told about them or if the Fleet being converted is for a Non Profit Corporation? I found out that the converter can sell the rebates to someone else.)

Now can you see the money trail? First the mandate: “Clean the Air, convert the Fleets”. Then the EPA offers a solution: We will “certify” (for a fee) CNG conversions which satisfy the requirement in the Federal and State rebates that require “EPA certified conversions”. The Fleets begin to convert with EPA Certified conversions. The new car dealers (who get to be exclusive suppliers) and EPA approved conversion shops (who will receive inflated conversion fees) are part of the money trail also. This will give the ultimate consumer of the EPA Certified Vehicle the opportunity to be “Green” and help the environment (and collect the Federal and State rebates).

You would think that this is a Win-Win for everyone involved, but is it? What about the consumer? If he wants to be “Green” he will have to come up with a lot of “Green” to pay for that privilege. He will need to have a new vehicle (remember the EPA “Certification” is only for the useful life of the vehicle) this vehicle would have to be a Ford or GM since these are the only EPA Certified conversions available. He would also have to pay the inflated conversion price (since he will then receive Federal and State rebates).

Oh and by the way there are more downsides for the consumer, their vehicle depreciates rapidly. The EPA certified conversions are mostly gas guzzling trucks and the expensive EPA conversion is only “certified” for the “useful life” of the vehicle. Also, there is no “in use” testing so who knows how long the vehicle will continue to run clean?

Now let’s try another scenario. The EPA gets out of the way. People convert not because of rebates and mandates but because it is good for the environment and it is affordable. In order for there to be widespread CNG conversions, people should be able to convert whatever they are driving. Of course, the conversions need to safe and clean running. Many states have their own Emission programs that could do the testing to verify that they remain clean running. Those who sell the conversion kits are already having classes to certify CNG installation and tank safety.

In the US the conversion of vehicles to Natural Gas has basically come to a stand still. A lot of the older CNG vehicles are being taken out of service and new conversions are not keeping up. The drum beat of EPA only has scared many would be CNG customers away. If the true intent of the EPA was to “assure unimpaired emission control of motor vehicles …without imposing unnecessary restraints on commerce in the automotive aftermarket” they need to take a different approach, one that will show the people that the government can be a help and not an obstacle. There are so many positives to CNG conversion that producers and consumers alike are ready and willing to take advantage of them if they are free to do so.

(references not included due to editing please e mail me if you want them, JY)

This article may be reproduced only in its entirety, including authorship. For more information visit http://www.younkincng.com Or Contact: younkin@gmail.com 801-427-2284