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5 Effective Techniques For Increasing Your Squeeze Page Conversions

If you’re creating a home based business online a squeeze page, an opt-in page or a landing page on your website is an absolute must for any long term success on the web, because as the old Internet marketing adage says “the money is in the list.” In order to build your list of potential customers you need a squeeze page or whatever you prefer to call it to capture your visitors contact information in your auto responder so you can follow up with future offers.

Having people sign-up and leave their email address is the main purpose of your squeeze page however a truly effective opt-in will turn your visitors into customers or at the very least newsletter subscribers and here are 5 tactics you can employ to help increase your existing client base via your landing page:

1. First of all your opt-in must load into your visitor’s browser very quickly because you have a very limited time to attract their attention and get them to leave their vital information. A slow loading page will deter people from your offer because they value their time online and don’t like waiting for their information. A couple of things to avoid are overloading your page with graphics which slows download time and a server which is sluggish and reacts slowly to requests.

2. The popularity of video on the web has home business owners and Internet marketers using it as an advertising technique and adding a video to your page can only increase your conversion rate. By taping a message from you, personally, you will have taken a major step in the relationship building process with your potential customer and if they feel a trusting bond developing they are more likely to subscribe or to become a paying client.

Video also adds a professional touch to your home business and people see you’re willing to go the extra mile to obtain their patronage. When creating your message make it short and to the point. Cover all the information people are looking for in a concise point by point format while adding a little personality to help create that feeling of trust.

3. Colorful and professional looking graphics are a must on your squeeze page. As mentioned, you only have a short time to capture people’s information and they aren’t going to be attracted to a bland and amateurish looking opt-in which gives the impression it was slapped together with no thought or imagination involved. The graphics you choose should also reflect the overall theme of your home business website and help to deliver the information people are seeking.

4. Your text message on the landing page is another important component of your conversion rate. Once again because of the limited time and, in this case, the limited space involved you must keep your message short and to the point while highlighting the benefits to your potential customers.

Telling someone how you’re going to solve a problem for them is a tremendous enticement to buy now rather than later. You must remember however this isn’t your sales page so you have to resist the temptation to overwhelm your visitors with information. Too much too soon can have a negative impact on your guests and deter them from subscribing.

5. The size of your opt-in page also has an impact on your conversion rate. Your visitor’s shouldn’t have to scroll through the page to get the entire message. It should be presented to them head on with instructions telling them what they need to do to continue and how they will benefit by proceeding via leaving their name and email address.

These are five very effective tactics you can use to create the conversion producing squeeze page which yields the revenue generating email list you need to serve as the foundation of your home based online business for many years to come.

Bob Withers is a professional sales and marketing person with over twenty years in the field. He has now set his sights on Affiliate Marketing and creating successful Home Based Businesses online to apply his trade. If you want to get in touch with Bob or learn more about Affiliate Marketing or setting up an Internet based Home Business please visit:
Free Home Business and Affiliate Marketing Advice


Effective Promotion Through Classified Ads

Websites are designed to make money from the Internet marketers and visitors. Classified Ads are one such medium which help in effective promotion of the website and create a clientele to provide profits through effective sales.

There are a few steps which help in creating an impressive ad and place it amongst those sites which generate higher returns for that site. The most important leverage that a website owner can enjoy is the ability to publish the most desired content on the Internet according to the specifications. For example when you want to promote a sale or a specific product then you can create a special message for your product and place it in the desired place which you think is best for attracting relevant visitors and generate higher sales.

A classified ad has to be designed in small crispy hard hitting words so that they take notice of that specific classified. That opportunity to pull the customer’s attraction is more than enough to attract the customers towards the desired counter. Almost half of job is done when the ad gets specified attention.

Free submissions of the classified are possible in some specially designed classified ad-sites which provide some free space to their customers for some specified period of time. The problem is that there are a number of such sites and it is practically difficult to assess which is best for the customer. Hence, the problem of submission to increase your web site traffic as a result of ad posting remains as it is.

Proper knowledge of ad posting sites enables website owners to attract customers and hence generate sales. These sites are better judged by some specific Companies which are working day and night to promote the website in a relevant direction and derive desired result.

There is a mushroom of free classified ads websites on the Net. Posting ads on these websites is like finding a needle in the haystack on visitors’ part. So create your ad in such a way to gain attention of the visiting customers and place them on such domains which help in creating the desired result.

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Cost Effective – Website Traffic Promotion

Every Internet business person wants to succeed. We’ve all heard about how easy it is to make money online. The truth is many people have indeed prospered but even more have failed miserably. Understanding Internet marketing is not much different from any other kind of marketing. Your business must be advertised. People have to read what your business is all about. The more difficult part is getting the facts to potential visitors. There is no way your Internet business can succeed without website traffic. Promotion of your products and services is paramount if you want a business enterprise that works.

Many of us have read about and heard about individuals who have made a huge success of Internet businesses because of the marketing strategy they use. Many of these individuals have not done it alone. They have taken the easy way and used the services of an expert. This is by the far the easiest and most cost effective way to get your Internet business known and thriving. It all comes down to website traffic. Promotion is the only way to get your business noticed.

A very good means is to use a strategy based on article promotion. This makes good sense because prospective customers want information. They want to read who you are and what you offer regarding products and services. If you think about it, the more articles there are about you, the more people you will reach. It is also important to know where to place these articles. All this is part of a strategy that can be implemented by an expert marketer to grow website traffic. Promotion of your business is a priority if you want to reach and attract prospective buyers. An expert will write the articles, place them and let the readers know where to find you. This is a deal that will save you money as well as make you money.

Jason L. Battye LOVES traffic — online, that is. He is an author, personal development trainer, and an expert on traffic generation. Get free tips on website traffic promotion when you check out popular website ImproveYourIncomeOnline.Com today!


Essential Checklist for Effective Copywriting

Whoever your audiences are, there are a number of fators considered when drafting your copywriting. Here is the checklist to ensure the right elements for your effectiveness of your copy.


Does your copy contain?

An attention grabbing headline
Commitment and Consistency
Social Proofing
Maximum benefits and zero risk
3:1 Ratio of ‘YOU’ to ‘I’ and ‘WE’
Answers to objections
Call to action


Attention grabbing headline: This is the most important part of your copy. Its job should be to get attention, select the right audience and convince them to read on. There are many ways to do this, and the topic of headline writing is an article in itself. However, as a starting point, try to create a headline that delivers news, promises benefits and arouses curiosity.


Reciprocation: A feeling of indebtedness is a proven way to persuade people to do something. Other than offering something promotional in the copy – i.e. a free tips book – you can give them some very useful information, or, more common with copywriters, give them some cleverly crafted text that makes them feel like they should certainly read on. A good mindset for approaching any persuasive copy is asking what we can offer the reader, rather than just focusing on what will make the reader do what we ask.


Commitment and consistency: ‘As an ‘X’ sort of person you will be interested in ‘Y”. Your copy should align what you are asking the reader to do with desirable traits that most people, and especially your target audience, want to have. However, be careful not to patronise here or assume too much about the reader in your copy. It’s easy to overstep the mark.


Social Proofing: Covert let the reader know that everyone else is doing it. Let them know that the product or service is credible and has been used by many people. Including testimonials is a great way to show that you are reliable.


Authority: Does a credible body endorse the product or service? Are there stats from independent studies to back up why people should do what the copy asks them to do?


Scarcity: Let them know that your offer will only be around for a limited time, and only available to a limited number of people.


Maximum benefit and Zero risk: Outline all the benefits that your product or service will add to your readers’ lives, and then contrast it with the very little they will have to pay for it. You can even go a step further by reducing the risk to zero by making offers such as a ’90-day money back guarantee’.


3:1 Ratio of the word ‘YOU’ to the words ‘I’ and ‘WE’: Write from their point of view. The best way to do this is to speak directly to the reader. Go through your copy and count how many times you’ve used the words ‘you’ to the words ‘I’ and ‘we’.


Deal with objections: Read through your copy and question what sort of objections might be running through your readers’ head. I.e. Can I trust you? Do I have time for this? Are you honest and reputable? Can I really afford it at the moment? Can this product do all you claim? What happens after I buy it?


Have a compelling call to action: Marketing is about selling the next step. Identify your next step and make it clear to the reader that’s what you want them to do.


Clearly not all of these will be appropriate for your copy. However, by including as many as you can, you will go a long way to making your copywriting effective.


Bio: Marcus Hemsley is one of the founders of Fountain Partnership – a team of copywriters. He has written for many companies, both large and small, throughout the UK helping them to write sales letters, brochures and other promotional materials.

Marcus also specialises in SEO Copywriting. Helping businesses to get seen on Google and other search engines.

To find out more about Marcus and about copywriting for businesses, visit FountainPartnership.co.uk


Effective Copywriting Began With Dominik Bjegovic

Till the time Dominik Bjegovic arrived on the scene, copywriting was this mythical and mystical business that no one knew much about. Everyone just went ahead and wrote what they thought and presumed to be great copy, and even with the consolatory sales increases that they witnessed, they thought their job was done.

The bigger question is, can a 10% sales increase be considered good in comparison to a 1,000% sales increase, all other factors being constant, and the twain being truly comparable? Certainly not. Hands down, I would like to see a 1,000% increase in the sales of my product, even if I have to give 100% more to a copywriter of the stature of Dominik, than the existing fellow working on the job. I want results. Period. Greats ads be damned if they do not produce great results.

Dominik has a certain power in his writing which I just don’t see in anyone else. By now, through the twenty long years of my sales career, I have worked with at least twelve dozen copywriters. Most have simply failed to live up to my expectations from the word go. They simply did not even deserve the copywriter tag that they so pompously attached to the description of their professional careers.

Dominik on the other hand, skilfully started up without any such prior pretensions. He went about his job with complete dexterity and let his work speak for himself. Today, I have a business that has grown from having a turnover of 20,000 dollars to one that is well over 40 million dollars, in a span of just 5 years. My hard work notwithstanding, Dominik’s creative copy has had a major role to play. It is from the time that he started working on the copy for my products that sales started surging immensely. And they have never looked back since, and neither have I!

Vikram A. Malik is an Internet Marketing specialist.


5 Keys To Effective Advertising Copywriting

Your online business has been negatively influenced by the recession slap? You do not need to be an internet genius to get your business back on its feet. Neither do you need to invest too much effort nor too much money to give your business the necessary boost to make some money. A simple modification through advertising copywriting your website content could your miraculous results. However, advertising copywriting like anything else needs to be done the right way in order to get you the desired results. Here we will give you

Five keys for effective advertising copywriting:

Key No. 1 to Effective Advertising Copywriting: Exploit Your Product’s Benefits:
A benefit is the value of your product to a customer. Your advertising copywriting requires that you put in words the reasons your product is the best available one around, light years ahead of the competitors’. Yet in order for your advertising copywriting to be effective you need to present these benefits based on the value they add to your customers. The key to the success of your advertising copywriting is for you to fully understand all the benefits of your product. Only then can you ensure that the audience knows them and can relate to them.

Key No. 2 to Effective Advertising Copywriting: Exploit your competition’s Weaknesses:
Advertising copywriting is not only about appealing to your targeted customers, it extends to taking advantage of your competitors faults and weakness. To write compelling copy content, it is essential that you know what differentiates your product from the competition. Get your advertising copywriting by thoroughly researching your competition, understanding what they offer in terms of products and services. Once you know your competitors’ weakness, you must make sure your audience knows and understands why buying your competitors’ products would be a mistake by highlighting the results you came out with from your research in your advertising copywriting.

Key No. 3 to Effective Advertising Copywriting: Know your Audience:
If you are going to be the one responsible of advertising copywriting your website, then you are your own business’ marketer and it is the marketer’s job to find the best placement to ensure the target audience will see the advertisement. The first thing you need to do when it comes to advertising copywriting is to research your customers thoroughly. In most businesses, 20% of customers are responsible for 80% of sales. Evaluate your customers and put together a demographic profile of your most valuable customer, and make this profile your advertising copywriting guide.

Key No. 4 to Effective Advertising Copywriting: Understand Your Medium:
Your advertising copywriting techniques and messages must change with the variation of where you are placing your content and the audience who will be reading it. You need to use every possible and appropriate advertising copywriting technique to communicate your marketing messages to your customers.

Key No. 5 to Effective Advertising Copywriting: Include a Call to Action:
The goal of advertising copywriting is to elicit some kind of response from the audience who see it. Including a call to action is by far the most important aspect of effective advertising copywriting. It is essentials that you make it easy for your audience to act on your ad or marketing message.

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Selling the Click vs. Selling the Product: Which Strategy is More Effective for a Text-Based PPC Ad? #bigcitymarketinggroup

Imagine for a moment that you need to write a PPC search ad for an event your company is running. It’s an event so you’re on a tight timeline. In fact, you have a week to run the ads. At the end of the week, your early discount of 5% ends.

Long story, short, you need to build a text-based PPC campaign that gets a lot of people to buy tickets, and you don’t really have time to figure out what strategy works through a/b testing or historical data mining.

What do you do?

An organization that [full disclosure] partners with MECLABS (MarketingExperiments’ parent company) to help optimize its event messaging was faced with a similar situation recently.

The strategies, while simple in wording are fairly radical in nature.




For the control ad, the primary message sold the actual value of the event.

“2 Days and 13 World Class Speakers”

For the treatment ad, the primary message sold the page on the other side of the click.

It was a fundamental shift in the process-level value proposition of the ad. One was aimed at the ultimate objective of purchasing event tickets. One was aimed at the shorter term objective of clicking through to the video mentioned in the ad.

The result of that shift was a 102% increase in thank-you page impressions. One important thing to note is that the average thank-you page impression generated more than one ticket sale. So this ad treatment hit the bottom line dramatically.


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Effective content marketing strategy

Even though the importance of content has been emphasized repeatedly, building up customers trust, the most effective strategy in advertising and marketing is content. Due to customers being wary with regards to marketing, they look for means and ways in which to connect and trust your company. What makes a customer choose your product, all things being equal over similar or the same products? Firstly, like equals trust and customers tend to choose companies that offer obvious product or service benefits as well as good pricing and would rather choose a company that provides additional informative content on the product or service advertised.

For example, if a customer had to choose between buying eye drops from company A or B, and while browsing reads a blog post on the website of company A that has provided some great content marketing strategies regarding certain problems the ingredients in certain eye drops can cause, the customer will immediately build a semblance of trust with Company A. The customer was provided with valuable and informative information from which they learned something as well as enjoyed reading the article from company A, whereas company B provided nothing of interest or value. You are proving to potential customers, that you want to provide them and educate them with informative resources, as opposed to just trying to make a quick buck. By having your own blog, this is an effective way to market your product by using informative content which in turn can be added to your overall link and strategy for the best results. Always place your focus on what the customers want. For example, you sell vitamins, your customers would want information on what the difference is between natural and organic vitamins, and if taking more than the required dose would harm them in any way, and what new or additional products you have to offer. By providing your customers with topics and points they are interested in, you not only gain their trust by also increase your sales. You can also briefly mention what you do by including a short bio that will link them directly to your website as opposed to specifically pitching your product.

Another great marketing tool when it comes to content is the e-Book or whitepaper. Create a short e-Book on “The Importance of Vitamins” for instance, that will help and inform the customer. Provide a sound resource and not blatant promotion. Then announce that there is a free e-Book on vitamins on your blog and include a link. Set up posts to Twitter and Facebook, so your new posts will be visible, and people following you will not miss these articles.

Daniel Jack is an expert social media writer. He writes article dedicated to content marketing and share praiseworthy information on social media content australia. His articles are worth reading.


Effective Blogging

One of the challenges of blogging is to get good readers messages of interest and keep them coming back. Sometimes I do not feel well indigenous wisdom. It is presumptuous to think that I can get superior hardware home all the time.

Another challenge is the time to blog. I ran holding U.S. dollars one billion U.S. dollars so when I decided to blog I knew that I needed to figure out how to do it effectively. My blog is mainly the efficiency and time management, these are the themes that study.

Both problems can be solved with a simple concept. Copy.

Ideas for use during the copy are the following:

1 – assignment. Give credit with a link to the original author.

2 – look for something to add. Blogs can be synergistic. Take the concept of a post or a part of it, and sacrifice, and offer advice, opinions and points of view. In many cases, this can start to ideas that have enriched the original by mail.

3 – position can be used more often all or part of it and the people spot.

4 – I usually ask permission, which has never been denied. After copying all using the original author, and collects some readers. And of course, never written copy of copy material without permission (and most blogs are written copy).

5 – The easiest way to find a place to copy the material used for blog surfing while this may mean a lot of material related to filtering.

6 – In many cases, the person you copy from a link pointing to you as it is flattering to them. Charles Caleb Colton said: “Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery” .

In short, copy, save time and improve the quality of the material on your site. It may also lead to traffic because in many cases, you get a link from the original site.

Yasir Samad is a head marketing and SEO consultant for Hilal Technology.
 Hilal Technology provides a wide
range of SEO and website design services.



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