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Top Internet Video Marketing Websites

Online video Marketing websites

Video marketing has taken the world of internet by storm. The beauty of video sites as well as the video in question caters to the much needed traffic hits for a website or blog.

There are hundreds of Video websites on the internet.But only some of them are popular, useful, easy to use and capable of driving traffic to your site. Mostly, these online video websites offer free opening of account and hosting of your videos.

The video sites are gaining much popularity and one can get a clue of their visitors by taking into account the number of viewers a video is getting right on the home page. It is and more importantly fast becoming a platform for promotion of not only your website or blog but also branding yourself as an expert in the published video themes.

The regular publishing of your videos on the internet allows you to get huge traffic for your website/blog. Video marketing is not only effective but also helps in influencing people to buy your product or service.
This technique is one of the best ways to engage the audience and convert them into sales with a negligible investment.

By using videos, a demonstration can be given to users. Videos make a customer more faithful towards the company or product. The user sees the video as a legitimate face for the company and thus it helps to build confidence and trust.

If you are offering some kind of coupons or special discounts, you can also make this as a video available online and this can help in increasing number of users watching the community development and participation schemes run by the company resulting in to buy your product or service.

The video sites now have the option of giving demographics data or insight into the videos. This helps to determine where the video is being watched, what type of visitors they are, how much time they spent and the number and quality of visitors.

These are the most popular video sharing sites.

1. YouTube – The greatest of all the video community.
2. Google Video
3. Hulu
4. MySpace Video
5. Metacafe
6. Yahoo Video
7. Photbucket
8. Veoh
9. MegaVideo
10. IMDB
11. VodPod
12. Break
13. LiveLeak
14. Blip.tv
15. Crackle
15. Dailymotion
17. MSN Video
18. Revver
19. Tangle
20. Viddler
21. VideoSift
22. MotionBox
23. Imeem
24. 5min
25. Graspr

Creating and marketing a video is least expensive. You can start to create a video with the help of free windows movie maker software and a mic to record your voice. You can also choose a background music for the video. Even video sites help you to choose a background music or song with the video.

So, get start in promoting your company now on these popular websites.

Check out the Video – Top 25 Video marketing popular websites online on YouTube:
Top video websites


The Benefits of Search Optimization Compared With Search Marketing

While search engine optimization and search engine marketing may sound like identical practices, there is actually a number of significant differences between these two different business building activities. Each business has its own parameters and characteristics, such as a budget or different types of business models, and depending on the specific traits of your own business you can determine whether search optimization or search marketing (or a combination of both) is the right choice for you.

Here is the main difference between optimization and marketing in the search engines: Marketing is paid advertising that can deliver large amounts of traffic immediately (at a high cost), while optimization tends to be free or very inexpensive and is a long-term traffic strategy. This is an important distinction to notice, because if you have a small budget and cannot afford to risk spending money on an advertising campaign that may not deliver profits, it may be in your interest to choose the path of search engine optimization which is cheaper.

There is one principal aspect of efficient search engine optimization which is totally free, and that is your on-page elements such as including the right keywords on each page and adding META elements that will determine how your web page is displayed on a search engine results page. Focusing on your own internal website architecture may consume time, but it does not cost any money. Other important on-site aspects to consider are interlinking your own pages or posts properly, making sure that you do not use “keyword spam” in the design of your website, and making sure that there is a sitemap file that includes direct links to all of the pages or posts on your website or blog.

The other (more difficult) aspect of search engine optimization has to do with the links that point to you from other websites and locations on the internet. While the links that other people choose to include to your website may be further out of your control, focusing your attention on this business task is still a whole lot cheaper than paid advertising models. Link building may be able to deliver you some immediate visitors to your website, but this approach should generally be considered a long-term business building strategy that will deliver results over many weeks or months.

For a website owner who is running a solo operation who does not have a team of people nor prior experience with paid advertising models, simple search engine optimization techniques like the ones mentioned above can be the key that you need to start building your visitor base without the large and sometimes risky expense of paid search marketing.

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Search Engine Marketing Methods

Search Engine Marketing also known as SEM is a type of Internet marketing that SEM seeks to further websites by increasing their visibility in the “Search Engine ranking position.”

There are a number of way to do Internet Marketing this way. Paid placement, paid inclusion, PPC (or Pay Per Click) Also a form of SEM.

Search Engine Marketing has been defined as “the practice of buying paid search listings.”

If you have a budget to work with, Search Engine Marketing is one of the best ways to get traffic and leads almost instantly.

Using Keyword Optimization is key in any SEM method.

Some good SEM methods are; tracking and analytics, press releases, blogging, articles, and of course genuinely good non replicated content.

SEO techniques are essential to marketing.

Some basic SEO is:

Title tags, these should be your document title or title elements. Also use of – tags.
Keyword Density, this is how many times a keyword is mentioned on your page.
Site Structure
Back Links, these are links to your page that do not belong to your domain.
Links and Page Rank, you can check your page rank with Google’s Search Engine Optimization tool.
Page Reputation, are the words used to link to the page, and the words used to link to the pages that link to them. This shows how popular your page is. You can also check your page reputation by visiting a site like Alexa.com
Anchor Text, hyperlinks your selected words and lets the Search Engine know what it is about. You won’t get a high ranking with “click here” but would with something like “Google secrets”.
ALT Tags, these are the small text box visible when a mouse is hovered over an image in a web browser, describing what the image contains.

This marketing strategy is essential to any successful online business and should be used as much as possible, due to “Organic” traffic.

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Internet Marketing With Social Media

Internet Marketing Social media is a strategic tool that increases quality traffic to a company’s website. Most internet marketing campaigns are successful when they include social media as one of their strategic tool. Human behavioral studies show that people have much value for a friend’s opinion rather than other sources. A conversation between a customer and his friends has a huge impact in spreading a word about business. It is cost effective way of incrementing brand-awareness. A consumer’s recommendation to their friends will influence their behaviors much as a hundred TV commercials. Studies have found that total behavior is towards discarding snail mail and even email, and they are long becoming the neglected ways of communication. But on the other hand corporate behavior is in favor of increasingly popular social media websites.

It is found that youngsters always converge towards social media websites, and their conversations happen mostly there. The young consumers are not only active in social networking, but they will not hesitate to spend a large part of the income on the products that are favored there. This is the marketer’s word for popularity increase. So the popularity increase through social media can bring a huge amount of profit boost overnight. Companies can get a good feedback in the same social networking websites on their products and it will be a good platform for research and make any modifications according to the consumer’s desire.

Corporations can boost the consumer’s interest in their product and increase traffic to their websites, by reacting favorably and reasonably to such input given by the users. It is a good idea for the companies to provide free entertainment and games so it will captivate the consumer’s interest. This will naturally bring in more traffic to the product websites. Solid research is always essential to start an internet marketing campaign. You have to make a deep research on knowing your target communities within the social networking circles. You have to understand the needs and wants of the consumers and the ways you can offer them those services. It is better to gather information from your competitor’s websites.

You can try to find out how they overcome the task of including social media in their website. It has been denoted that proper research will allow the new products or product updates to reach their potential customers within minutes of their launch. In Internet business there is no single strategy that will work all the time. There is no bullet proof recipe that will work without failure. You have to adapt to new ways of communication in the social networking world, thus forming your company’s strategy against the changing trends of marketing. This will show the results very quickly. So you can come to know if the effects are favorable or adverse, and adopt the proper strategy that is needed.

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3 Ways to Integrate Account-Based Marketing Into Your Sales Practices #bigcitymarketinggroup

Now that you have discovered the benefits of using an account-based marketing (ABM) strategy to maximize your available marketing and sales resources by developing personalized campaigns for targeted accounts, it's time to focus on how you can further integrate ABM into your sales practices. Through the integration process with sales, you'll be able to develop a deeper understanding of each account in order to enhance how you personalize all marketing communications with those accounts going forward.

The result can be increased revenues and referrals from those accounts as their satisfaction with their experience rises.

Here are three ways that you can integrate ABM into your sales practices:

1. Technology

Available tools and platforms facilitate the integration process between ABM and your sales processes. This includes platforms that automate and update lead and contact information so everyone has the same current data on the accounts. Technology can also streamline marketing campaigns and provide a way to collaborate on the production of these campaigns. For example, this can include getting immediate feedback from sales on the visuals and content that marketing has developed, which is then shared across both teams.

Another area that technology can assist with in terms of integration would be the ability to deliver action-oriented insights from the data collected during the marketing and sales processes. The analytics can be divided and segmented into different metrics to understand the impact that certain ABM strategies had in assisting sales with lead generation as well as conversion.

This capability also includes customized reports on each account, drilling farther down to illustrate how the personalization efforts have impacted the results with that account. Having this information can serve as the map that both marketing and sales need to see how they can work together to improve the efforts that both make to winning new customers and keeping existing ones.

2. Training

Shortening the learning curve for your marketing and sales teams through training can speed up the integration process between ABM and your sales system. The introduction of the aforementioned new technology also precipitates the need for training. our teams need to understand how ABM works and what it can achieve for sales.

First, your teams need to understand how ABM works and what it can achieve for sales. This gives them the rationale they need to be willing to change habits and processes that they might have been using prior to this move to the ABM approach. Second, providing hands-on training of any new technology gives them the framework for what type of integration is possible that will save them time and reduce any redundancies across functions. It will also show them how the integration can produce more insights that will help them achieve better results.

The faster you can ramp up their understanding of what and how to integrate ABM and sales, the faster those results will come for the organization. Through their training, they may even realize other aspects of what they do that can be integrated to speed the personalization of marketing and sales for each account.

3. Communication and Collaboration

While technology and training can provide the pathway to integration between ABM and sales processes, it is up to the people within those functions to truly make it happen. To be successful requires communication and collaboration between those on both teams. This starts with regularly sharing what each team is doing in conjunction with each account to determine how they might combine efforts to improve the experience for that account.

This will also help to ensure that both marketing and sales are speaking the same language so the accounts don't become confused by interaction with both.

Scheduling meetings as well as checking in on a one-on-one basis helps everyone understand the latest information on that account and showcases the results of the integration efforts. Ideas and feedback can then be implemented based on the previous efforts to determine how to further integrate. Doing this in a stepwise fashion can ensure the integration process works and helps everyone on both teams get acclimated to the changes that result.

The sales staff can provide their insights to marketing about why and when an account wanted to buy, which enables marketing to more effectively plan their campaigns for specific times of the year based on that information. Making that information available through a collaborative platform furthers the integration of the processes that both teams enact, helping to get more results within less time and using fewer resources.

Continual Process

Integration doesn't happen overnight between sales and marketing, and it doesn't end at some point. Instead, consider integration as an ongoing evolution for your organization that will occur over time. Each step you take toward integrating ABM into your sales processes will incrementally change what your teams are doing and result in measurable performance improvements.

Be patient, thoughtful, and open to the integration process that requires technology, training, communication, and collaboration to optimize the benefits you'll get from doing so.

When asked, a third of marketing organizations say their biggest challenge is maintaining personalized and consistent interactions with their customers. Download the Argyle ABM Survey  for more insights. 

Argyle ABM Survey

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The Brutal Secret About Internet Marketing

If you were like me, you probably read a few books or bought a few packages that tried to teach you how to do Internet Marketing. Yet, no matter your efforts, you failed.

Marketing in general is a skill that is all its own. That is why college students spend 4 years trying to get a degree in it. Marketing a product online can be a daunting task, where do you even start? We see so many advertisement’s in different forms on the internet: pop-up ads, flash videos, reviews, banners, text ads, there is just so much to take in.

So many different ways that we can reach a large, diverse and dynamic audience. You need something more than that. You should have something to get you started. Something to lay the fundamental building blocks of your internet marketing campaign so that you can build upon them.

Here are some points to keep in mind

Write about your products and publish your articles in multiple directories and blogs.
Use advertising like Google and Yahoo to get your product seen.
Start your own blog and focus on driving to it.
Word of mouth, email your friends and family. You will surprised how just the simple word can do a lot of the advertising for you.

If you look at the major of people that market their own products, most fail or are scammed when it comes to internet marketing. Why? Because they don’t research. They buy a product that is lousy, insufficient or perhaps just doesn’t even exist. Consequently many will give up as a result of this, leaving the world of internet marketing as a failure. It is said only a few people out of the thousands of new recruits to affiliate marketing will succeed, 90% will fail. This is because they end up being scammed solely because they do not know any better.

Internet marketing offers you a great chance to make your presence felt on the World Wide Web, whether you own a business or are an individual, you can really increase your exposure to the internet market by doing some homework. In the beginning you are going to have to use trial and error to see what works best, but once you find that one thing that works time and time again, do not change it. Use it over and over again until you are forced by the market to change your strategy.

Art Saborio is an avid reader and comes from many years of marketing internet experience. He has more free information on internet marketing at ===> http://www.article-keywords.com/


Proven Article Marketing Tips For Increased Conversions

Simple Article Marketing Tips that Work
Unless you’re a total newbie, then you’re very much aware of the power of article marketing and all the many uses for it. Today we’ll discuss three points related to article marketing, and if you use this marketing method then we think you’ll benefit from them.

If you have several articles in a particular niche, why not put them together to create a longer document such as e-book, which you can give away as a promotion? When done correctly, this can generate new leads and traffic for you, and it’s all accomplished by using the resources you already have. If you plan this right, you can use this to promote your website or product for free. For example, if you have 50 articles written on “learning piano”, you can easily create a 50 page report on “how to learn piano in 30 days” and divide it into sections. Giving away free reports has the potential to bring you a great deal of traffic as the report gets circulated virally. Say somewhere in your report that readers have distribution rights so that they are encouraged to send it to people on their own lists. The more the report spreads around, the higher will be your chance of getting free traffic. There is no reason why people would not want to send a good quality free report to others. That’s a lot better than letting your articles remain on your desktop. Try this and you will find that it works better than you might have thought.

Always, always, proof read your articles before they go live. The only thing is that you will not have another chance to do that after it’s live on the web. So when you have the final draft of the article ready, proof read it a few times to make sure there no unknown errors that creep in. You never want to create the impression that you are not professional in your business affairs.

If you want you can even pay someone to proof read them for you. Or if you can convince a friend to do it, then that will work too. This is an important step, so make sure you don’t forget it.

When you’re creating your articles for online marketing, you should remember that the most important element is your article’s title. If written properly your article titles will mean the difference between getting your articles read or not read. So if you don’t take care to write a good title, then you can very easily get a poor response to your articles. A poor title won’t command attention and will not compel people to want to know more – read the article. Last but not the least, when you create your article’s title, make sure you have the main benefit mentioned there. So that’s how you can do little but important things to increase your readership.

Many thousands of marketers have successful used articles to generate targeted traffic, so be sure to learn all the tips you can find.

Freedom Blogging Profit reveals how to get needed exposure for your blog

Push Button Money cuts down the cost to obtain targeted traffic to your business


4 Lessons About B2B Inbound Marketing from a Sunday Morning in the Coffee Shop #bigcitymarketinggroup

I was in Starbucks the other day, and in walks an older gentleman. I couldn’t help but notice that people kept focusing on him and chatting him up — in line, while waiting for a drink, etc.

I could overhear the conversations a bit, so I asked someone sitting near me, “Was that guy in the NFL or something?” He responded, “Yeah, that’s Rocky Rochester. He was defensive tackle for the New York Jets in Super Bowl III.”

He happens to sit by me, and we strike up a conversation. He notices I’m wearing a Hofstra shirt, and he says, “Hey, we used to practice there.” Then, when I notice his Super Bowl ring on his finger and mention it, he does something that simply shocks me.

He just hands it to me. So, I’m sitting there, holding a ring from Super Bowl III. The Super Bowl of Super Bowls. Broadway Joe. The Guarantee.

I share this story because inbound marketing was on the top of my mind in that coffee shop on Sunday morning — the team at our sister company, MarketingSherpa, was putting the finishing touches on the Quick Guide to Inbound Marketing for B2B  — and I realized this story was the perfect analogy for effective inbound marketing. Often, we get so focused on data and metrics, technology and automation that we overlook everyday human interactions like this.

However, normal human interactions are what we should be trying to emulate with our marketing, especially inbound marketing.

Lesson #1: B2B inbound marketing gets you recognized

The first lesson speaks to the power of inbound. Whatever you’re selling — marketing automation tools, hospital diagnostic equipment, construction software — your buyers have a list in their head. It’s the consideration list.

I need to buy a B2B product. I can’t consider every possible company. Who’s going to make that short list?

When you create an engaging inbound B2B program and build an audience, you’re like Rocky Rochester. No longer are you just another guy in a Starbucks. You’re someone everyone wants to talk to. And hear from.

And the value of that has a ripple effect through your marketing. When prospects are at a trade show scanning booths, name recognition makes them much more likely to engage. When they get a phone call or email from someone representing your company, they’re more likely to give it a small opening. And, when they’re making that all powerful consideration or RFP list, you’re more likely to be on it.

Lesson #2: Have a good story to tell

Recognition isn’t enough. Prospects must have the desire to actually want to engage with that brand.

Sure, it helps to have the biggest brand in the world in your industry. However, if customers know they will only be sold to when they engage with you, they’re much less likely to seek out your content or subscribe to your newsletter.

The reason everyone was engaging Rochester in that coffee shop is they knew he would have good stories to tell.

On the flip side, if everyone had recognized him as, say, a vacuum cleaner or insurance salesman, they likely would have had that moment of recognition as well. However, they also likely would have gone out of their way to avoid him, not engage him.

Lesson #3: Effective B2B inbound marketing is relevant

When we were talking, Rochester noticed my Hofstra shirt, and he mentioned how the Jets would practice at Hofstra.

It’s a minor detail. And it happens naturally in a human conversation.

But all of your inbound marketing should, as closely as possible, replicate these human interactions and seek to provide relevant, helpful content to your audience.

Do you give your audience different email newsletters to subscribe to based on their interests? Do you de-dupe email sends when you know someone has already taken advantage of the offer — for example, removing people who have already registered for a webinar from the invite?

What can you do to make your B2B inbound program more relevant to customers?

Lesson #4: Surprise and delight your audience

Once they know who you are, are interested in your story, and know it’s relevant…still, these are busy people with a million different concerns. Even if they’re reading your blog post, they’re probably skimming it and only half reading it. And, how likely are they to share it with their social network?

To stick out from the clutter, you really need to delight them.

When I noticed Rochester’s ring, I didn’t expect him to hand it to me. It was so far above and beyond my expectations that I didn’t even think to take a picture of the ring on my finger until the moment was well over, and I had left the Starbucks. D’oh!

How can you surprise and delight your prospects? How can you go above and beyond? Here’s a great example from the Quick Guide to Inbound Marketing for B2B with New Relic, a software analytics company.

The company had a photo booth at an event and turned the photos of visitors — along with their answer to the phrase “Data helps me ___” — into virtual picture billboards it shared on social media. A great inbound strategy — customers hearing from customers.

But, the New Relic team didn’t stop there. They decided to surprise and delight. They turned the virtual billboards into tiny physical billboards that they then mailed to the customers. What do you think happened when they received those billboards in the mail?

They were surprised and delighted, so they shared that story with their peers on social media. Just like I’m sharing my minor brush with Super Bowl history with you.

“It’s really important to connect on that personal level, because no matter how big the companies that you’re selling to may be, they’re still people. And any time you can find a way to engage that’s a little unexpected and fun, that makes a huge difference,” said Baxter Denney, VP of Growth Marketing at New Relic.

You can follow Daniel Burstein, Senior Director of Editorial Content, MarketingSherpa, on Twitter @DanielBurstein.

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Internet Marketing For Small Businesses

Most small businesses do not understand the value of the internet niche marketing in relation to growing their bottom line. You really CAN add more revenue online even if you do not have a physical product that you can ship to a customer outside your region.

They key is to understand that, as a business owner with a product or service to offer, you possess one of the most sought after items on the internet. That product is information. If you really think about what people use the internet for on a daily basis you will realize that the average person does not go shopping everyday online. Unless they have a very specific item they are looking to buy, most purchases result from stumbling across an item that they cannot do without but did not realize they needed.

The majority of searches done on a daily basis is the search for information on a wide variety of topics. They research problems they have. They look for information to comparison shop. They search for ways to improve the quality of their lives.

If you do not currently have a product that you can sell to the masses to grow your small business online, all you have to do is create a simple information product or report that you can sell online. The key is to know what product to create. You will find this out by researching your market and finding a profitable niche that is ready and waiting for the information you can supply.

In my niche marketing course I use the example of a small business that installs laminate flooring. This person is not likely to go outside their region to sell a job and laminate flooring is not a product that would lend itself well to shipping to customers outside their local area because of the cost of shipping.

So how could this small business owner grow his bottom line through niche marketing? We all know that home renovations and do it yourself projects have become a very hot market. This small business owner could get out his video camera and do a little do-it-yourself instructional video teaching people all of the tips and tricks of an experienced installer.

I know if I was a homeowner about to tackle installing a floor for the first time I would do my homework and find as much info as possible. I would not hesitate to pay a reasonable price for advise and instructions from an expert. And I am not alone. Many people would pay for that information.

The best part of this situation is that once your instructional video is created, there is no more work on your part to create any additional products. You have one product that you sell over and over again on autopilot to as many people as you can reach.

The next questions is how do you reach buyers? Again you do the market research and find targeted niche keywords that have low competition and you begin to build the foundation of your marketing campaign. It really is drop dead easy if you have the proper information.

I used the exact same niche marketing principles and took my small seasonal business and turned it into a 12 month per year money maker. It isn’t rocket science and it isn’t difficult. It just requires the right information to get you started. Once you understand how, you can continue to grow your bottom line anytime you want to add more revenue to your small business.

Cathy Henry of profitable-niches.com is an experienced internet marketer who took a small seasonal business and turned it into a full-time business with 6 figures a year online sales for the past 5 consecutive years.


Internet Video Marketing Tips

There are some tricks to good internet video marketing and having it rank high on the charts. The first thing you want to do before you make your video is do a little keyword research. After all don’t you want people to see your effort? If you make a video with some specific keywords in the title and through out the description, Google will like it.

Remember You Tube is owned by Google and is a gigantic search engine, the third largest in the world, and Google likes good content to offer their customers when searching for something. Your description has a lot to do with that along with your keywords.

To make a good video, I suggest getting a Flip Cam. They are inexpensive and you can up load to your computer fast and easy. Of course you can use whatever you like, I like a flip cam because the format is right for You Tube. Other videos might have to be formatted different (size etc.) It saves you time and aggravation. Think about what the video is going to be about . Identify a need and address it and then offer a solution. You want to have good lighting in your video so people can see you. When doing internet video marketing just be yourself!

That is what people want to see, the real you not some fake act. If you don’t like the first one you made just delete it and do it again. You can’t mess it up. The whole reason for internet video marketing is to personally brand yourself. When people can see you and here you and see your gestures they start feeling more at home with you and get to know you believe it or not.

After you are done simply up load to your computer and then up load onto You Tube where you can do some more magic by writing a good description with related keywords.

Internet video marketing is free and can give you massive exposure for years to come. It can help you leverage your business in a big way. Make a list of all the main video sites and up load to as many as you like for maximum exposure. Try to keep you’re video around 3 to 5 min. long. The longest most places will give you is 10 min.

So in conclusion just prepare before you shoot. Sometimes you will have the urge to go make a quick video on some subject. Go do it while it’s fresh and you can find the keywords to relate to it after wards. Just be yourself and do it over and over and you will start to like it. If you want to make it online , really make it, you need good internet video marketing to help pull it all together and help people relate to you. A email is nice, a email with a picture is nicer but a video is the best. The 5 minutes you spend making that video could pull in traffic, FREE traffic for years to come. It is an awesome free advertising tool of the 21st century so take advantage of it.

This was written by Doug Cox, business owner for 35 years and internet marketing consultant. You can read more tricks and tips about internet video marketing at my blog.