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You Can Sell More Product With Copywriting

Writing a Profit Pulling Copy You have to be able to do more than write if you want to convert with your copy. It involves understanding your target market and showing them why you can give them the solution to their problems. We will look at some proven copywriting techniques to help you do this. A sales copy about your product is written to convince your target market. But you also need to show that your product also delivers. Sharing testimonials from past customers is a good way to provide proof to your readers. Testimonials can be an excellent way to persuade a doubtful customer to buy. It is the design of our minds to be reassured when reading something said by a third person. It will also serve as a first hand view of how the product works for other customers. There are numerous scams about the place so it is only natural that customers be careful before invest in a product online. If you want to make your testimonials more realistic, then include the contact details or the website address of the person who is giving it to you. You could also add video testimonials for a more realistic approach. Where possible, try to spread your testimonials throughout your copy and not center them in one place. Bring them up from time to time. Make sure all the testimonials stress on different points and talk about various benefits of your product. You should never, ever forget to test your copy. Every aspect of your sales copy, from the wording to the fonts should be tested. You should try different words and headlines and move things around to see if this improves your results. Sometimes changing a few words here and there can make a big difference. If you ask any top copywriter, they’ll tell you that they always split test their copy. If you split test two copies, it’s easy to find out which one is converting better. Remember when you’re testing your copy that you want to test various parts of it. You can test one headline against another, then change a sub headline, then another part of the copy and so on. You want to know how every element in your copy is performing, so you have to test everything. Of course, your copy has to be written with a specific audience in mind if it going to work for you. And the only way to do that is to test it out in the open. For an increase in sales the third tips should be followed, use the post script when ending your sales letter. A few simple lines can actually boost your sales if you do it the right way. The P.S is read by almost everyone according to various studies. Not only does it reinforce the beneficial qualities of the product but it also prevents some users from leaving the page. Write a summary of what customers are getting from your offer and give a call to action. Good copy can help you capture more sales more effectively. By writing a good copy you can increase your profits. Hence the reason why you are in this business.

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These Copywriting Skill Help you To Sell More Product

Tips for a Profit Pulling Copy There is more to creating effective copy than simply writing well. You also have to be familiar with your audience and make them believe you have something they need. The following tips on copywriting will help you do just that. The first tip you need to learn is that your copy needs to be legible. If your copy is confusing, nobody is going to stay around to read it. Your copy should be effective and make strong points but at the same time you need to highlight these by using a lot of bullet points and sub headings. When you write your copy using bullets, you will be able to give the required information to your reader in the most digestible manner possible. It would then be possible to lightly read over the copy so that the most important aspects are gleaned. Copywriters who use subheadings are able to create copy that is more flowing. Imagine it as a main copy divided into many small copies. When you give a lot of white space in your copy, it tends to send positive signals to anyone who is reading it and makes it easy for them to understand. You should always set the goal of offering copy that doesn’t confuse and instead educates your reader about the product. You should also talk about the advantages of your product, not simply list its features. The features your product has, no matter how impressive, will not be of interest to your customers until you explain how these features will benefit them. Your customers are more interested in hearing about what your product will do to help them than in how you created it. You can handle this by making sure that for every feature you list you also mention a benefit. Besides that, when your prospect talks about your product to his friends and family (word of mouth) he/she won’t talk about the features but will only talk about how beneficial the product is. Even though your features make your product original, what people really care about are the advantages. The benefits will stand out in your copy if you list them with bullet points. Another copywriting principle is that you should be as specific as possible. This is true for your entire page, including the headline and sub headlines as well as the body. Your readers are looking for helpful information about a product, not general remarks that could mean anything. If you are offering people a solution, you have to provide them with a detailed explanation that they can understand. If you want people to trust you and believe your copy, this is the way to do it. There are exceptions, but in most cases your best approach is to be generous with targeted facts and details. To be a good copywriter you have to learn several different skills. You have to be willing to invest some time into learning all of this. So work on your copywriting as much as you can, and as you improve you’ll make some sales along the way.

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How To Sell More Product With Copywriting

Writing a Profit Pulling Copy Copywriting is a unique skill that can be very useful when working as an Internet marketer. It helps increase you sales greatly. There are multiple factors that go into good copy that truly converts well. Let us discuss a few tips which you can use to improve your copywriting technique. Your copywrite will serve as a statement to convince possible customers about a specific product. At the same time you want to express that your product really does what you claim. Sharing testimonials from past customers is a good way to provide proof to your readers. Testimonials can be an excellent way to persuade a doubtful customer to buy. When hearing something from a third person our minds naturally believe. They will also get a first hand view about how your product fairs and works out for everyone else. It is very common for people to want sufficient proof before investing in a product due to the number of scams out there, especially on the internet. For your testimonials to have a stronger effect it is recommended that you also provide the website or details of the person giving the testimonial. You could also add video testimonials for a more realistic approach. Having your testimonials sprinkled throughout your write will also be more effective rather than having it in one place. Show them in every other paragraph. Check that your testimonials point out different benefits and advantages that your product can help address. When you’re writing a sales copy, you don’t write like an English professor. You are simply trying to tell your prospects that your products are something they need. It’s not the time to impress them with your language but rather talk to them through words. Just communicate like you would with someone you knew. The more easy-going and comfortable you look to your prospect, the more confident you’ll come out. The prospect will then be much more comfortable with you. The more clear you can make the product seem, the better people will respond to your copy. If you create effective copy, it will be just like a person who goes out and vends for you. If you make it too dry, and write like you’re writing an essay, it would become too daunting for anyone to read it, let alone act on it. Having a long or short copy has always been a debatable subject. The decision for either a long or short copy is up to you but studies have shown that a long copy gets better results. This is mainly because people want a lot of information before they buy a product. But you can give away a short version of your copy for all those people who won’t want to go through the whole thing. While copywriting may look difficult, you will soon find it a necessary component of everything done online.

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Paid Surveys – More Tips to Make the Most of Your Paid Survey Payouts

For some people who have tried paid surveys for the first time, they complain that the payout is too low for them, claiming in the end, that paid surveys are scams and that the income is too low. Paid surveys would no have lasted this long and would not have gained its popularity if that is the case. A lot of people still continue to patronize the paid survey industries because it helps generate a bit of income and not to mention, it is the simplest job you would ever find on the internet so to avoid being frustrated and make the most of your payouts be guided accordingly by these tips:

1. Take It Little By Little

Of course everyone wants to get rich but not all people are as lucky as Bill Gates. Even Bill Gates had to work up the Microsoft system before he hit the jackpot. The point here is that people tend to believe in too good to be true ads which is why when they join the site that the ad advertised, they become disappointed because it turns out that it was just a fake. Ads will always be advertising exaggerated things because they are meant to attract people. So do not believe everything that you see. Everyone has to start out at the bottom and slowly work their way up.

2. Search it Up

As always, the number one paid survey advice is to research anything and everything before signing up. Look for review sites, blogs and forums where honest experiences from participants like you share their opinions and experiences. Research is the answer to avoiding scam sites. Also, do not forget to read everything that is stated in the terms and conditions before you agree with it so that you won’t miss anything.

3. Work for the Same People

Starters would probably receive just about the minimum but if you work regularly for the same providers or company, they might slowly raise your earnings so be sure to make a good impression by submitting on or before the deadline, filling up your profile with the required information and answering their surveys with your most honest opinions.

4. The More The Merrier

Search up as many legitimate sites as you can and join everything that you find provided that it really is legitimate. Legitimate survey companies normally send out a minimum of two to three surveys per week. So by joining several websites you won’t run out of surveys to answer continuing to get invitations and keep the ball rolling. Answering surveys is not tedious work so you do not have to worry if it piles up, the more the better.

Here is a free Top 5 List of Paid Survey Sites to Answer Surveys, paying -5 for each survey taken.


Paid Surveys – Joining Forums in Order to Know and Learn More About Paid Surveys

Finding good, legitimate paid survey sites and getting tips on how to earn more is great but where can you ask for information? The answer is not through searching it on Google or any other search engines but through forums. Forums are the ultimate places for learning and doing it like the pro. If you are conducting a research about paid surveys, forums are one of the places that you could turn to.

Most of us turn to search engines the moment we cannot find an answer to something that needs to be answered. Of course, when you are looking for the best paid survey sites, you would no doubt turn to search engines as well which is wrong. The problem with search engines is that they list out everything they could search that has the keyword “paid survey” so the chances of illegitimate sites popping out on the search is big. This is why you need to forget about search engines and join forums instead.

Forums are places where you will get to know members who share their experiences, whether bad or good, on the said topic which is paid surveys. You can also ask questions pertaining to paid surveys. You will meet experts who have been in the field for a very long time and know every little bit of secret to earning the top bucks in paid surveys. It will also make your life easier because you will get a list of the sites that are not legitimate which you can avoid when you encounter them. Paid survey experts who are members of these forums usually blog about their experiences so you can ask them to give you their blog so you can further read up on their experiences on how they made it to the top.

Another good thing about forums is that it is heavily guarded by moderators who maintain the cleanliness and orderliness of the site. Any misbehaving or dishonest person is thrown out of the forum. Forums also forbid spam, link displays, personal message call outs, etc that will help in avoiding rule breakers and miscreants who are likely to direct you to illegitimate sites.

With forums, you are rest assured that the information that you get is completely honest and true.

Here is a free Top 5 List of Paid Survey Sites to Answer Surveys, paying -5 for each survey taken.


These Six Content Marketing Tactics Will Give You 142% More Traffic in Six Months #bigcitymarketinggroup

You don’t need me to tell you how potent content marketing is.

I could spout off a laundry list of stats, e.g., “conversion rates are nearly 6x higher for content marketing adopters than non-adopters” or “content marketing costs 62% less than traditional marketing and generates about 3 times as many leads.”

You get it.

But the term “content marketing” is a wide umbrella, encompassing a nearly infinite number of strategies and variations.

What you really need to know is which content marketing tactics will get you legitimate results—which ones will boost your traffic and generate sustained leads.

In other words, which strategies are truly worth your time?

In this post, I’d like to discuss six key tactics I feel are most pertinent for content marketers in 2017.

More specifically, these tactics will give you 142% more traffic in six months.

Here we go.

1. Create multiple landing pages

I’m sure you have a landing page on your website.

But there’s absolutely no reason to stop at just one.

In today’s digital marketing world, customer segmentation is vital, and the one-size-fits-all approach just won’t cut it.

Take a look at this data from HubSpot, demonstrating the correlation between the quantity of landing pages and leads generated.


According to HubSpot, “While most companies don’t see an increase in leads when increasing their total number of landing pages from 1-5 to 6-10, companies do see a 55% increase in leads when increasing their number of landing pages from 10 to 15.”

Here’s the impact that multiple landing pages can have for both B2Bs and B2Cs:


The point I’m trying to make here is that the more landing pages you create, the more opportunities you have to rank for different keywords, generate more organic traffic, and ultimately increase conversions.

After all, leads are more likely to convert when they arrive on a landing page that’s fully customized to address their specific needs and concerns.

Now, I’m not saying you necessarily need to create 10 or more landing pages. That may be an overkill in some cases.

But what I am saying is that it’s smart to segment your audience and create an individual landing page for each specific customer type.

Here’s an example:


This approach is almost guaranteed to help you reel in more quality traffic.

2. Make infographics an integral part of your content formula

I feel a little bit like Captain Obvious by pointing out the impact of infographics.

But the bottom line is that this medium is your ticket to massive traffic.


It’s simple. Infographics get shared like crazy.

In fact, “Infographics are Liked and shared on social media 3x more than other content.”


Here are a few more stats that prove the traffic-generating potential of infographics:


They’re visual. They’re easy to follow. And they make it incredibly simple to digest complex information that would be difficult to consume in a traditional, text-based format.

Not to mention they’re fun.

There’s something inherently playful about infographics that makes people “eat ’em up.”

Just check out the number of shares this infographic from Copyblogger has gotten since the day it was published back in 2012:


Pretty impressive.

I realize there are definitely newer, sexier content marketing tactics out there.

I also realize that interest in infographics has waned slightly over the past few years.

But they’re still one of the top forms of content in terms of traffic-generating potential.

That’s why I recommend making infographics a top priority this year.

Check out this post from neilpatel.com and this post from Quick Sprout to learn the essentials.

3. Create “cornerstone” blog posts

If you’ve been following any of my blogs for any length of time, you’ve probably noticed I like going big.

By this I mean that I:

  • create long-form posts (typically over 1,500 words)
  • include a lot of visuals
  • include statistics
  • cover a lot of facts and details that others may not always touch on

In other words, I strive to provide my audience with as much value as possible.

Keep in mind I don’t always drive the ball out of the park with each blog post, but there’s a consistent level of depth I strive to achieve.

And this has been a big part of my success over the years.

This is why I can’t stress enough the importance of creating “cornerstone” blog posts, and not merely your average, run of the mill posts so common on the Internet.

In a post on Kissmetrics, I highlight just a few of the benefits of creating comprehensive, long-form content:

  • higher rankings in search engines


  • increased time on site
  • success in social media
  • a position of authority

One technique I’ve found useful for creating cornerstone content is to treat each blog post like a be-all and end-all guide.

Attack it with the intent of creating a definitive post that will answer nearly any question your audience may have.

Cover the entire spectrum.

I really recommend checking out this post I wrote on neilpatel.com to learn more about this process.

It also includes some concrete examples you can use to guide your efforts.

Now, of course, you probably won’t have the time to create five-plus posts like this each week (or even three).

That’s why I suggest at least considering scaling back your content and focusing on creating fewer but higher quality in-depth posts rather than churning out dozens mediocre ones.

4. Get cozy with video

Here are some quick stats from HubSpot regarding the state of live video.

  • “Cisco projects that global Internet traffic from videos will make up 80% of all Internet traffic by 2019.”
  • “4x as many consumers would prefer to watch a video about a product than read about it.”
  • “43% of consumers wanted to see more video content in 2016.”


No matter which way you slice it, a steady diet of video content is going to crank up your traffic.

This brings me to my next point.

5. Behold live video

I’d like to take it one step further and discuss a key video trend that’s catching on currently.

And that’s live video.

Platforms such as Facebook, Periscope, and YouTube offer live streaming, allowing your audience to watch your video content in real time.

In my opinion, live video is one of the top ways to increase engagement levels and bring a massive influx of traffic.

Here are some numbers to back this up:

  • “A significant number (50%) of marketers plan on using live video services, and 50% want to learn more about live video.”
  • “People spend 3x longer watching video which is live compared to video which is no longer live.”
  • “Facebook generates eight billion video views on average per day.”

I love this medium because it allows me to create an authentic, one-on-one-connection that’s nearly impossible to create otherwise.

It’s also cool because most live video services allow you to answer your viewers’ questions, giving you the opportunity to interact with them in a very personal way.

If you haven’t experimented with live video yet, I recommend giving it a shot.

It can push your traffic numbers off the chart.

Check out this post to learn how to use live video to build your personal brand.

6. Harness the power of content curation

At first thought, content curation might make you feel that you’re being lazy or maybe even unethical, as if you’re a poser who’s taking credit for the hard work of others.

But it’s not like that at all.

In fact, “only 5% of marketers worldwide never share other organization’s content, while nearly 1/3 share blogs, industry publications, or other resources on a daily basis.”


Content curation is an integral part of social media marketing, and almost every legitimate brand participates in it to some extent.

When you do it correctly, this practice can do the following:

  • boost your brand equity
  • establish you as a thought leader
  • bring in a steady stream of high quality traffic

More specifically, “41% of marketers that curate content indicate it has increased the number and/or quality of their sales-ready leads.”

The key is to curate content the right way.

By this I mean upholding rigorous quality standards and always ensuring that the content you select is relevant to your audience.

One person in particular who I feel crushes it at content curation is Brian Dean of Backlinko.

Just check out his definitive guide on link building.

Embedded within the guide are plenty of links to external resources that greatly enhance the content and provide additional insights.

Here’s what I mean:


Of course, this is just one example. There are plenty of other ways to go about it.

Just use your imagination.


In my opinion, all six of these content marketing tactics are incredibly useful for revving up your traffic.

They target your audience in different ways, and when used collectively, they can produce a traffic surge.

I’ve experimented with each one and have seen positive results. Collectively, they helped me increase my traffic by 142% in six months.

Be sure to work these into your 2017 content marketing plan.

Which specific content marketing tactic have you had the most success with?

Quick Sprout


Yahoo Search Marketing Campaign Management Yahoo Delivers More Sponsored Paid Clickads

Recently, Yahoo, as part of Sunnyvale, California, launched a pilot program dubbed “more sponsors”. This is in line with the company’s push for delivering an improvement on search results that meet the needs of its users. This was told to Mediaspot by David Pann, the companys vice president on search advertising.

The “more sponsors” program add links at the bottom of every Yahoo search results. This enables individuals to view more sponsored ads that are related to their original keyword search. If you click on a sponsored ad, a page with only sponsored links pops up. Consumers are thus able to peruse through a variety of sites that offer the products they need at a discounted price.

“Yahoo search assist” features a search terminology that was introduced in 2009. It makes various suggestions on search terms that are related, thus supporting more sponsors, e.g. if a consumer types in “Kenya vacations”, yahoo might suggest resorts or vacation packages. This blend of several technologies, according to Pann, is aimed at improving the experience of consumers.

This program will be launched at Yahoo Search. However, the company is working on ways through which it can be made available throughout the entire Yahoo Network where sponsored ads are present. These ads are based on text. Eventually, they could include some sort of graphic or image or a logo. Pann said the company was looking for ways through which it can improve the search ads to enhance the consumer experience.

Interested advertisers can start purchasing the paid per click ads through Yahoo. This search marketing system will cost approximately the same as the prior standard results. Now marketers will have the opportunity to bid on keywords. Consequently, the ads will be ranked depending on the cost of the bid and quality. After a consumer clicks on a more sponsored link, another search is executed.

Ads that are based on search terms are selected by the platform. For example, an ad that is ranked high in the standard sponsored result may only be shown in the sponsored-only results for the same search term.

This system has been on test by Yahoo for some months with between 2 to 4 percent of search traffic being used for this test. Although Yahoo is turning the improved search functions to Microsoft to power the algorithm and advertising platform through Bing, according to the agreement, Yahoo will control the consumer experience.

For more PPC News & PPC Tips visit us at www.absem-ppc.com

ABSEM is a knowledge based, boutique Search Marketing Agency providing scalable Internet Marketing strategies which complement all Digital Marketing channels.


Video Marketing – More Sales and Conversions

Video is huge, if you have been on the internet in the last 2 years, you most likely have seen first hand the rise of popularity of video on many sites. Not only the rise in popularity, but also the start of many new sites.  There are hundreds of sites that are dedicated to nothing but user added videos.  If you are business person or simply represent a business, you must know that if you are not making videos on the internet today, you are missing out on one of the most popular and effective methods of online advertising.

You can use video to show off a new product or service, or even show off the results that your customers are receiving.  Both are powerful methods of persuasion to a new or potential client.  Many of the experts suggest that the best way to utilize online video is to “give it away”, simply meaning that you should give the video away and that the video should have some value.   If a new client or potential customer can gain knowledge or some information that they see as valuable for free, they are much more likely to buy from you down the road, because they now have “Value” attached to your company name in their mind.
In the past we have tried to design our web sites so that a potential buyer could find the information they needed easily and make the path to the next step as straight forward as possible, you the KISS theory (Keep It Simple Stupid).  But now with video these problems are mostly worked our automatically.  We can point out what we have to offer and how to get it, the user has to do nothing but sit there and watch. This is a great medium for us to motivate a buyer or even walk a new person through the steps they need to take to get involved with your business.
The only problem with using video to convey your business proposal or message is that unlike text on a web page it cannot be translated.  If you have a web page sales letter, anybody in the world can change the browser language settings to translate the web page.  If somebody in China who only speaks Mandarin runs across a video in English, they simply cannot understand your message.  This is something that you should keep in mind and always make sure that your video description is concise and includes a link back to the appropriate web site so anybody can get the whole message if they are interested.
Unlike other media on the internet, videos are easy and effective if spread across the internet on many sites.  We all know that the old SEO experts tell you that duplicate content is no good, well the game has changed and with video duplicate content can help you in most any case. The multiplication of exposure only helps and also gives you a “brand awareness” that you cannot buy!
So moving forward, I highly recommend you take the time to promote yourself or your business using videos and if you need any help with finding out where to syndicate and promote your video series don’t be afraid to contact me directly.  I am always willing to help where I can.

To Success,

Nick Simpson

Nick Simpson is a mentor and success coach to many, find him on YouTube or visit his site directly for more free internet marketing tips and resources.
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Selling the Click vs. Selling the Product: Which Strategy is More Effective for a Text-Based PPC Ad? #bigcitymarketinggroup

Imagine for a moment that you need to write a PPC search ad for an event your company is running. It’s an event so you’re on a tight timeline. In fact, you have a week to run the ads. At the end of the week, your early discount of 5% ends.

Long story, short, you need to build a text-based PPC campaign that gets a lot of people to buy tickets, and you don’t really have time to figure out what strategy works through a/b testing or historical data mining.

What do you do?

An organization that [full disclosure] partners with MECLABS (MarketingExperiments’ parent company) to help optimize its event messaging was faced with a similar situation recently.

The strategies, while simple in wording are fairly radical in nature.




For the control ad, the primary message sold the actual value of the event.

“2 Days and 13 World Class Speakers”

For the treatment ad, the primary message sold the page on the other side of the click.

It was a fundamental shift in the process-level value proposition of the ad. One was aimed at the ultimate objective of purchasing event tickets. One was aimed at the shorter term objective of clicking through to the video mentioned in the ad.

The result of that shift was a 102% increase in thank-you page impressions. One important thing to note is that the average thank-you page impression generated more than one ticket sale. So this ad treatment hit the bottom line dramatically.


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Organic Search Vs. Paid Search: Which is More Beneficial for Your Company?

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Report: search drives 10X more traffic to shopping sites than social media
Below, for example, is the relative share of traffic from paid search and display advertising in a variety of shopping-related categories. As a general matter, paid search generates more traffic than display except in the “general merchandise” category.
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The State Of Branded Keywords In Paid Search.
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