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The Top 5 Free Blog Promotion Tips

I think the question most bloggers want answered is: “How do I get more people to read my blog?”. So here they are for your reading pleasure:

The Top 5 free tips how you can promote your blog.

Tip 1: Write Interesting Content
It might seem as if this had nothing to do with promotion. But the content of your blog is the central part of your blog marketing. You need to write the most compelling posts you can think of in order to get people interested in what you have to say. You can really stand out if you have something unique to offer on your blog.

Tip 2: Use the Right Tags
Many people who read blogs find postings they’re interested in via tags. So make sure you include five to ten tags relevant to your post every time.

Tip 3: Swap Links with Other Bloggers
Do you already know other writers from the blogosphere? Great – why not ask them for a link exchange? But be sure to never send spam when doing this – bloggers hate spam as much or even more as non-bloggers.

Tip 4: Write Articles
Do you have a topic you are passionate about? Why not write an article about it and submit it to various article sites? As you might know you can add your link into the “About the Author” box at the end of your article which brings you extra visibility and traffic. You can even repost your article on your blog for extra content – and traffic. Or vice versa: Take one or more blog posts you wrote and make them into an article.

Tip 5: Try Video Marketing
This might not be for everybody but if you’ve already made a video on YouTube in the past you might try this approach: Make a video in which you sit in front of a camera and talk about a post you made on your blog. Add your link to the info box that appears to the right of your video and mention your blog’s URL at the end of the video to reach more viewers – and hopefully prospective readers.

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Learning the ABC of Event Promotion

A great band was already contracted to perform and the theme for the concert was already set but how do you think the event will be possible without people coming to watch it?

Now the problem is how to be able to convince and persuade people to go and check out the event. Below are some guidelines for you to promote the event successfully:

Give enough time for advertisement. Allot at least 2 weeks of promoting the event. Nowadays there are different media for you to make your advertisement possible: radio, television, magazine/newspaper, flyers/banners and even through the Internet.

One of the best things to make your event promotion successful is to tell it first to your own set of friends. Avoid nagging too much about it so that your friends will not be annoyed about it.

In such a case you should be able to handle stress effectively. Truly event promotion is such a load of work but you should be able to balance everything.

In cases like this you should be aware at first that anything could go possibly wrong – that’s why great preparation is a must. Never go into a battle without bringing a gun. Better you plan ahead of time and think of solutions for possible problems that may occur. When it comes to things like this it is very unpredictable that is why you should always be ready.

If being tense and stressed-out with things cannot be prevented you should never get out of composure – always be polite in trying to deliver words unto your co-workers. Avoid shouting at them, remember without them not any of the things you are able to accomplish will be possible.

Lastly when it comes to event promotion avoid expecting too much. At first you should already be aware that it is not that possible to collect all people to go to the said event.

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Website Promotion – Three Popular Choices

Learning how to promote your website can be a difficult and disappointing task. Especially when you are new to the internet business, it can be hard to determine what you need to do in order to gain the proper amount of exposure that you are going to need in order to build a real and lasting income.

There are all types of methods that you can choose to promote your website. Let’s take a look at a few of them.

1. Purchase Pay Per Click Advertising. This will gain you almost immediate traffic to your website and if you choose the proper key words it will bring you the kind of targeted traffic that you are looking for. Google AdWords is the most common and most used, but each search engine has their own form of Pay Per Click advertising that you can use.

2. Use YouTube and create and post videos that will interest people in your target audience. YouTube is one of the most highly searched websites out there and if you can create a video and post it on there, you can easily start seeing some traffic to your site. If you happen to submit a video that people share with each other, you can wind up with a LOT of traffic.

3. Write and submit articles. This is my personal favorite as I don’t mind writing and it is a free method of gaining traffic to your site. When you start to have hundreds of little articles all over the internet, the traffic is continuous. This way, no matter what, you are still seeing daily traffic to your website.

There are many more ways that you can use to promote your website and get the amount of traffic that you need in order to make enough sales to support a REAL income.

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Print Promotion For Fitness Clubs

There are several effective ways to promote new programs and facilities for a fitness club. Expensive TV or radio advertising can be beneficial but fitness club owners on a budget may have limited marketing resources. One effective and affordable method for promoting a fitness club is the use of printed marketing materials. The following are examples of print promotional materials that can be used.

Brochures – Brochures serve as concise information sheets outlining the program and activities. Through a balanced combination of text and graphics, brochures can feature a schedule of a list of the gym’s facilities, exercise classes, names of instructors, health tips, and fees. These are ideal promotional materials for first time or walk-in customers. They can also serve as promotional materials by outlining a list of exercise promos, discount packages, and seasonal giveaways. Bulk printing of standard or customized brochures is offered by online printing services at reliable, high-quality service.

Booklets – Booklet printing serves as handy and mobile marketing materials. They are also ideal promotional materials for walk-in or first-time customers as well as regular customers. They can feature a list of classes or program of activities, history of the fitness club, a list of trainers, and facilities. Printing booklets is convenient with online printing companies as they offer customized printing complete with Saddle-stitched binding services.

Posters – Posters can serve as high-impact, graphic materials for both internal and external promotion. They can strengthen the club’s brand name by featuring a name, logo, and tagline. They can feature, through a combination of text and graphics, motivational messages and tips on exercising and physical fitness. They can be used as in-house promotional materials to announce special offers, promos, and seasonal discounts. Online printing companies also print bulk orders of posters using offset printers.

Holistic living has renewed people’s interest in healthy lifestyle practices. People today are increasingly conscious of what they eat and are exercising regularly. Exercise activities such as sports and fitness club routines are still very popular. Increase profit and take advantage of this market demand through printed promotional materials for new fitness club facilities, programs, and seasonal offers.

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Conducting and Forming a Promotion Dashboard

Promotion is a good reward for the employees. This is what they will want to earn in the company that they are working hard for. Most organizations offer a lot of benefits for those who are promoted to a higher position. There are some that provide a new and furnished office for the employee while the majority of the companies will provide an increase on the salary or even a new car. While that may sound very delightful for the candidates of promotion, the heads of the departments will have to face this challenge. They should be able to consider the fact that all of the employees should be regarded as suitable for the upcoming promotion. This is the main job of the promotion dashboard.

It is required that the promotion panel understands that there should be an equal opportunity for the staff to be considered for the promotion. This can be a way for them to enhance their careers in addition to the fact that they will be encouraged to advance to the next level. At every stage in the promotion procedure, the promotion panel should take note of the employees that are working in the company as part time, contractual or externally funded agreements. In this case, they are reminded that the chief aim of the organization is to treat everyone in the company with respect no matter what their race is as well as their ethnic origin, parental or marital status, gender, sexual orientation, disability, creed, political belief and age.

As a requirement prior to the submission of the promotion or any promotional text, the Head of the Department should be able to convene with the other members of the promotion dashboard. There must be individuals here that have designated tasks such as to recommend and assess the candidates. The final judgment of course lies on the highest authority in the company. This can be done through the promotion panel meetings that can feature those that have a wide range of expertise regarding the topic.

It is imperative that the promotion panel consider and consult the staff in the departmental promotion so that they can assess which among them deserves to be promoted. They can also evaluate whether their productivity has increased on the thought of the promotion. Before this can be conducted, it is important for a certain company to determine whether it is the right time to consider the upgrade of the position.

There are some companies that require the staff to provide CV so that the promotion dashboard will take into account their skills and their edge over the other candidates. This will also make the selection easier. If this is the case, it is important that the panel will be able to give a deadline for the submission for the departmental promotion so that the employees will be aware of the exact date and time. There may be favoritisms from the panel but this can be avoided especially when there is a series of promotion dashboard meetings.

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Baltimore Ravens Coach’S Promotion

The National Football League team Baltimore Ravens has promoted Greg Mattison to the defensive coordinator. This is a move that is designed to maintain continuity on the section that excelled under Rex Ryan.

Mattison was hired by the Baltimore’s as a linebackers coach last February. Having only one year of experience in the NFL, the 59 year old Mattison was the defensive coordinator at Notre Dame, Florida and Michigan.

The Baltimore Ravens coach John Harbaugh praised Mattison saying that Greg is a person that he has full trust and belief in not only for his track record. I have full trust and belief in, and not just because of his track record, but also the good job he did as the linebackers. Harbaugh added that Greg has established himself as among the best coaches in the NFL and that the players can attest to that thought.

Greg Mattison will be replacing Rex Ryan, who had served as the Ravens defensive coordinator for four seasons before leaving to take over as head coach of the New York Jets.

Mattison will take over the high standard defense that earned them the rank of the second best defense in the NFL; it also helped the Ravens to advance to the AFC championship, with the help of outstanding linebackers like Bart Scott, Terrell Suggs and Ray Lewis.

Head coach Harbaugh praised the former defensive coach Rex, saying that he did a good job and that he brought out the most out of his players. He added that he has belief that Greg has the same qualities as a coach and he believes that he will compliment the departed Rex. Mattison says that he intends to employ the same tactics (pressure packed defense) that Rex had applied as it was so successful.

On his acceptance speech, Mattison said that he strongly believes that for a defense to be successful they should be aggressive and also to be an attacking defense.

Harbaugh had considered going outside the team to look for Rex’s replacement but he later resorted to inside men who had worked under Rex like Mattison, Vic Fangio, Clarence Brooks and Chuck Pagano, finally settling for Mattison.

In further promotions; Fangio was promoted to be the linebackers coach, and the special team’s coordinator Jerry Rosburg was promoted to the post of the assistant head coach.

Greg Mattison’s coaching career started in 1971 at the high school level, this is before he served as the assistant at Cornell, Northwestern and Illinois. Harbaugh and Mattison met as the now head coach was serving a six-year contract at Western Michigan from 1981 to 1986.

Mattison then was in the Navy for two years, this was later followed by stays at Notre Dame, Texas A&M, Michigan and Florida.

All the Baltimore Ravens defensive coordinators have gone ahead to become head coaches for instance Mike Nolan, Marvin Lewis and Rex Ryan, this has been so since the Ravens came from Cleveland to Baltimore before the season of 1996.


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Boost Your Business Promotion with New Business Promotion Products

If you are planning to select appropriate promotional products according to your target customers then you can see the wide range of promotional products available for you. The choice of promotional products depends on your business and your budget. Here is a description of some promotional products and the reasons of why you should choose them.

Promotional Golf Gear is good for you if your company has anything related to golf or provides services related to golf. It can be installation of artificial turf in golf courses, manufacturing of golf sticks, balls or even golf gears. Promotional Golf Gear is an expensive product and you can select it if you are promoting some sporting event or any health related event. Promotional Golf Gear can bear the name of your brand and then can be given to the participants or the organizers of the event. It is not necessary that you use Promotional Golf Gear only for above mentioned occasion. These can be gifted to the people who play golf and are in business relationships with you.

Promotional diary can be gifted to almost anyone and at any event or occasion. You can gift Promotional Diaries on New Year or simply as planner to the people you think can benefit your business.  Unlike Promotional Golf Gear these Promotional Diaries are more general and can be used by anyone and everyone. When you order Promotional Golf Gear then you have to be very sure of their quantity because it is very difficult to use them generally. They are ordered for special events whereas when you order Promotional diary then you can use then for any event throughout the year. Promotional Diaries can be electronic as well but then the cost of such Promotional Diaries goes high.

Similarly when you see Promotional Caps then you find them a cheaper option when compared to Promotional diary or Promotional Golf Gear. Use of Promotional diary or Promotional Golf Gear is usually limited and these types of products are used to target specific groups or people at specific positions in organizations. Promotional Caps on the other hand are usually intended to be used when an event is targeting masses. Promotional Caps are perfect for distribution in marathons, special run organized for special cause, any awareness camp or for distribution amongst the volunteers of any event. Promotional Caps can be made attractive and can be customized by writing special message or name of your brand.

It is a fact that if you have to distribute Promotional diary to each participant at an event that has hundreds of people then it may really go out of the estimates you might have set for spending. Promotional Caps are not only cheap but serve the purpose and look good for outdoor events. You may choose Promotional diary, Promotional Caps or any other gift that you want but the occasion and intended purpose are very important factors that you must consider before ordering these products. There are enough choices in the market and you need not restrict your choices to Promotional Diaries, Promotional Caps or Promotional Golf Gear.


Video Promotion Tips – Sell Effortlessly Through Professional Video Promotion

We have come to an age where reaching customers of our products and services is no longer a walk in the park. You must spend your time and money to develop well thought out video promotional materials. When the characteristics of your video promotional materials are unique your visitors will come back again and again.

The chief advantage of video materials is that they have a high potential to appeal to your prospective clients in a very systematic manner. Instead of going straight away for their purse strings, which they will obviously hold on to, a video appeals first to the eyes, then the heart and finally the customer himself or herself willingly opens the purse strings.

If you are not currently using video promotional materials to sell yourself then you are on the wrong side of profit making. People have very little time to spare so they would prefer something that does not tax their brains trying to figure out what exactly you are trying to communicate. The archaic forms of media are no match to video promotions. Internet video marketing is what you must do to carve your niche in the market.

All advertisers who matter have something online today which is easily picked by search engines and gets connected to local audiences. So what do you need to remember to develop effective videos which offer return on investment and give you a reason to smile all the way to the bank? The following simple tips should help you in that noble direction.

Simplicity is the key: Let you adverts be simple and straight to the point. No one has the time to read legions of text on their computer screens; there is already too much competition for your target viewers’ attention and time so something simple, short and snappy will do for you.

What’s your point: According to several studies, people will decide whether they want more of what you want to offer in less than ten seconds. You Ads will therefore need to enumerate specific instant benefits in a flash. This will prove if anyone is going to stick to them till the end.

Choose your text correctly: When there is just a little more text in your promotional video you must know how to vary your text sizes to fit properly in the space available. Many experts recommend no more than two type sizes in one ad, with the largest type size on top. Also, never use more than two fonts and avoid using all caps.

Are your visuals appropriate? Your video ad must contain visuals that are appealing and eye catching but more significantly they need to communicate an appropriate message. You graphics need not be complicated lest they steal the attention of your viewer preventing them from concentrating on the message.

Did you test your video? Test it again: The advantage of video is its flexibility and you can use it in many creative formats if you learn how to. Set aside a portion of your budget to test different approaches so that you can see how response rates fluctuate when you change the visuals, call-to-action, and price points or add a promotional offer.

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Website Promotion Tips – The Key Elements of Website Promotion

The goal of every business that has an ad on the internet is to drive web traffic which should be translated into conversions. This is also the main focus of search engine optimization professionals. If you want people to visit your website, you must do your SEO homework pretty well to get high rankings in search engines. When a visitor is attracted to your site due to its linking they need to go a step further and get converted. Here are a few simple tips that will help you maximize the conversion rate on your website.

Be quick to access

If your own experience is like that of many internet users, quick performance websites are the favorites of almost everyone. Very few visitors will want to stick to a home page that takes more than 30 seconds to load because it probably has too much stuff. Your home page needs to be light enough to open in a flash. Many visitors will discard a page that takes forever to get to the homepage since we are a generation in a constant hurry. Try to cut down the file size of your home page in a way that does not necessarily affect the content.


There is a simple but very effective sales tool that many marketers never get to take advantage of and that is called social proof. It is quite common for almost everyone to want to find out who else has an experience with the story you are trying to tell them. People will find it easier to make a buying decision if they know they are not the guinea pig as far as the product is concerned. Everyone wants to purchase a product that is a best seller and if your website is hosting such a product then you are home and dry. Try also using other third party substantiation techniques such as testimonials from satisfied customers. Every company has a slightly different audience, so it’s important to know what type of content is most compelling to your prospects.

Mutual exchange

It has worked in the past and fortunately it works even today. Try giving anyone something small and they will feel obligated to do something significant for you. This is why promotions still work to this date. There are many highly effective web based promotions that include downloads, online tools, free trials, webinars, discounts etc. Those who try this line always come out with very positive success stories. Give out something for free to your visitors and chances are a majority of them will patronize your services or products.


Nothing beats a sales process where the prospect feels secure throughout the experience while visiting your website. People will not spend their hard earned cash if they believe someone is trying to take them for a ride. You can create the requisite sense of security by displaying industry and security certifications, warranties and guarantees throughout the experience. Providing information on shipping guarantees may seem academic, but many shoppers bail out during the checkout process if they feel the product won’t get to them on time, if at all, and there may not be any recourse.

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Promotional Gifts make promotion stylish

Promotional gifts go on an old path without any modification applied to them. This thing leads to the lack of imagination and the loss of effectiveness of this important tool to market the companies.


On the other end of the spectrum, some promotional gifts are witnesses to heavy modification such as those Promotional Keychain types that come with other amazing add-ons that make them not only great advertising tools but as effective and efficient devices.


Simplicity versus Impact

Simplicity in promotions refers to using promotional gifts that can be readily given without any modifications and more designing, thereby giving a lot of savings for the company. The flip side of this is that recipients give little credit to companies using gifts that are not properly thought of. This is why some promotional companies opt to use promo gifts that can create an impact in their targeted market.


An example of an otherwise simple promotional gift that is made more dramatic with some modification is a Promotional Keychain. Today, they are not just simple metal key rings. They would normally sport the following features:


Stress ball keychains. This is the perfect promo item to be given to those who face stress on a daily basis. Made of rubber, these balls provide great stress relievers when pressed or crushed.

Lights keychain. This type of keychain features a small flashlight or signal lights that you can attach to your bike at night. The portability and compact size of the keychain makes it an ideal source of light during hiking and camping trips.

Some Promotional Keychain types are known as electronic keychains. This type of keychain comes with other add-ons like a flash drive, digital photo storage, or may even come with a mini voice recorder. These keychain, except for the flash drive variant, requires a small battery to run. Compared to other promo items that come with certain modifications, this group is decidedly a lot more expensive, which is the reason why only top-end companies use them for promotions and marketing.

Promotional Products is a business dedicated to getting your company name and logo onto as many different varieties of product as possible. The more products that have your company name and logo on them, the more exposure your business gets. Promotional Products is about advertising through merchandise exposure.