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3 Ways to Integrate Account-Based Marketing Into Your Sales Practices #bigcitymarketinggroup

Now that you have discovered the benefits of using an account-based marketing (ABM) strategy to maximize your available marketing and sales resources by developing personalized campaigns for targeted accounts, it's time to focus on how you can further integrate ABM into your sales practices. Through the integration process with sales, you'll be able to develop a deeper understanding of each account in order to enhance how you personalize all marketing communications with those accounts going forward.

The result can be increased revenues and referrals from those accounts as their satisfaction with their experience rises.

Here are three ways that you can integrate ABM into your sales practices:

1. Technology

Available tools and platforms facilitate the integration process between ABM and your sales processes. This includes platforms that automate and update lead and contact information so everyone has the same current data on the accounts. Technology can also streamline marketing campaigns and provide a way to collaborate on the production of these campaigns. For example, this can include getting immediate feedback from sales on the visuals and content that marketing has developed, which is then shared across both teams.

Another area that technology can assist with in terms of integration would be the ability to deliver action-oriented insights from the data collected during the marketing and sales processes. The analytics can be divided and segmented into different metrics to understand the impact that certain ABM strategies had in assisting sales with lead generation as well as conversion.

This capability also includes customized reports on each account, drilling farther down to illustrate how the personalization efforts have impacted the results with that account. Having this information can serve as the map that both marketing and sales need to see how they can work together to improve the efforts that both make to winning new customers and keeping existing ones.

2. Training

Shortening the learning curve for your marketing and sales teams through training can speed up the integration process between ABM and your sales system. The introduction of the aforementioned new technology also precipitates the need for training. our teams need to understand how ABM works and what it can achieve for sales.

First, your teams need to understand how ABM works and what it can achieve for sales. This gives them the rationale they need to be willing to change habits and processes that they might have been using prior to this move to the ABM approach. Second, providing hands-on training of any new technology gives them the framework for what type of integration is possible that will save them time and reduce any redundancies across functions. It will also show them how the integration can produce more insights that will help them achieve better results.

The faster you can ramp up their understanding of what and how to integrate ABM and sales, the faster those results will come for the organization. Through their training, they may even realize other aspects of what they do that can be integrated to speed the personalization of marketing and sales for each account.

3. Communication and Collaboration

While technology and training can provide the pathway to integration between ABM and sales processes, it is up to the people within those functions to truly make it happen. To be successful requires communication and collaboration between those on both teams. This starts with regularly sharing what each team is doing in conjunction with each account to determine how they might combine efforts to improve the experience for that account.

This will also help to ensure that both marketing and sales are speaking the same language so the accounts don't become confused by interaction with both.

Scheduling meetings as well as checking in on a one-on-one basis helps everyone understand the latest information on that account and showcases the results of the integration efforts. Ideas and feedback can then be implemented based on the previous efforts to determine how to further integrate. Doing this in a stepwise fashion can ensure the integration process works and helps everyone on both teams get acclimated to the changes that result.

The sales staff can provide their insights to marketing about why and when an account wanted to buy, which enables marketing to more effectively plan their campaigns for specific times of the year based on that information. Making that information available through a collaborative platform furthers the integration of the processes that both teams enact, helping to get more results within less time and using fewer resources.

Continual Process

Integration doesn't happen overnight between sales and marketing, and it doesn't end at some point. Instead, consider integration as an ongoing evolution for your organization that will occur over time. Each step you take toward integrating ABM into your sales processes will incrementally change what your teams are doing and result in measurable performance improvements.

Be patient, thoughtful, and open to the integration process that requires technology, training, communication, and collaboration to optimize the benefits you'll get from doing so.

When asked, a third of marketing organizations say their biggest challenge is maintaining personalized and consistent interactions with their customers. Download the Argyle ABM Survey  for more insights. 

Argyle ABM Survey

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Ways to Improve Sales Conversions for your Business

The well-designed website and keyword-rich content plays a crucial role in increasing sales conversion rates for the business. Hence, it is necessary to ensure that there are no hurdles for the visitors that will restrict them to reach the conversion goal.

The business owner must consider each web page as a starting point for their website rather than just home page which will direct them step-by-step towards conversion goal. Following are some of the ways which can help your business to make more sales conversions out of your website:

1.  Once a visitor lands on one particular web-page, direct them to take a further step to view other web-pages/services and then help them to take a final step which is the conversion.
2.  A website must have alternative paths to the conversion point so that they do not loose out any potential customer.
3.  Inspect all the conversion paths to identify missing information, broken links, errors on web pages and call to action areas.
4.  Once you have identified the problems, you must not waste time to correct them to lead a visitor directly to conversion.
5.  Use analytics to determine the areas where steps can be added or removed to make the conversion process easier and more efficient.
6.  If your conversion rate is already improving, its time for you to experiment with new paths to generate higher leads and sales conversions.
7.  Create and test new paths to attract higher number of customers towards your website.

There is no looking back once you are at the center of the competition. You can never stop looking for new opportunities to improve your conversion rates. All this is possible only if you have great understanding about your target market which will help you to build paths that will work for your business successfully.

So, follow the above seven steps and make profits by higher sales conversion rates for your business.

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Video Sales Letter Formula – Triple Your Conversions Using Video?

Ryan Deiss has just released a new program called the Video Sales Letter Formula, that’s basically going to spit in the face of every self-righteous, old school marketing guru in the industry. But Ryan doesn’t care. You need to hear this.

“Old-fashioned” long-form salesletters are DEAD. Okay, maybe they’re not “DEAD”, but they are on life-support. They are also the single biggest reason new marketers, just like you, FAIL online. Why? 1) They are nearly impossible for most marketers to write well. Have you ever tried it? It’s not easy to convey passion and enthusiasm in print, if you have not had years of training doing it before. And even then it’s hard. 2) Customers HATE reading them. 3) They simply don’t work anymore… not even HALF as well as what Ryan will teach you in his Video Sales Letter Formula program.

Here’s a sign just how outdated the long-form salesletter really is if I’ve ever seen one… “King-Kong” Google won’t even let you BUY traffic to long form sales letters anymore! So creating them in today’s market is a complete waste of time. That’s why smart marketers have found a better way, using the secrets that are revealed in the Video Sales Letter Formula program. If you keep on clinging to old ways of doing things, to what used to work in the past but doesn’t work anymore, you’re as dead as a doornail.

The only thing that’s really working well these days to sell products online is VIDEO. But not the kind super fancy and advanced videos you might be thinking about. The kinds of videos that SELL are easy-to-create videos that literally take only minutes to make… where you don’t have to show your face if you don’t want too… You don’t need a camera or great editing skills. In fact, the more ugly and simple you make the videos the better! Ryan has done some serious research before releasing his Video Sales Letter Formula and for the majority of the products he tested, the more ugly and simple the video the better it converted. There were a few exceptions however, and he tells you exactly what they were and when to use them inside the program.

Ryan Deiss has dived head first into this new way of selling products online using video. And he says, he will probably never write a long-form salesletter again, and neither should you. In the Video Sales Letter Formula, you will get full instant access to Ryan’s unique “12 Step Psychological Persuasion” Template with which you can easily create your own ultra-high converting video sales letters. According to Ryan’s own research switching from long-form to video sales letters have TRIPLED his sales and increased conversions of his products with 321%. Wouldn’t y


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7 Top Tips to Increase Sales and Boost Conversions

Increasing your website sales takes several efforts including your perfect online marketing strategies.

You can increase the sales on your website if you can prove your salesmanship by influencing the visitors.

However, if your website is getting lots of hits but low or no conversion, you can observe significant change in the sales and boost conversions if you follow certain techniques.

This is a short and far from a complete list of the techniques to use on your site to increase sales and boost conversions.

1. Pre-sell your products by publishing reviews on each of the product. It may take time and efforts to write reviews, but looking at the profit that you gain by increasing conversions, you will feel that the efforts are worth it. The reviews help the visitors know about your products and services.

2. Provide detail information about your product and describe your visitors how your products are able to solve their problems. You can also mention about how your products differ from your competitors’ and give your visitors the reasons why they should choose you. The more compelling your content is, the more the visitors will get attracted towards making a purchase.

3. What makes the visitors take decision on your website is your ‘call to action’. Experts say, you content may be persuasive for the visitors, but if you are not writing a compelling ‘call-to-action’, the visitors may not feel to take action on your website. Hence, any type of content you develop, it is very important that the readers are encouraged to take relevant action depending on your business.

4. Offering discount is a surefire way of influencing the online shoppers. You can persuade the visitors to buy your products with special offers associated with making purchase. Gifts are another attractive form of creating interest in your prospective customers. However, you need to mention clearly about the conditions, if any, so that the buyer will not feel deceived afterwards.

5. When your prospective customers are on your sales page, offer them information about other related products that are available with you and useful for them. It increases the chances of the buyers making more than one purchase on your website.

6. Follow-up your customers after they make an inquiry or make purchase. Inform them through emails about the new offers that you have or the launch of new products or any other news that is crucial for them to know.

7. Increase your online credibility by providing sufficient information about you to your visitors. It is very important that your visitors can contact you whenever they want and get information about your services.

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Creating Sales Letters That Produce Great Conversions

Top copywriters are paid a lot of money for the skill they possess, because they are able to create sales copy that’s able to convince people to buy the product or service that’s being offered. The people who don’t possess this skill pay thousands and thousands of dollars to have great sales letters produced for them in their online Internet business, Just because someone is willing to spend thousands of dollars on a sales letter doesn’t necessarily mean the sales letter will convert or that the offer or service it’s trying to sell any good.

If you want to realize higher conversions you must make sure the value you’re offering is great and the reader will gain maximum benefit from the purchase of your product. So when you decide to employ the services of a copywriter make sure you keep these core principles in mind when it comes to the product or service you’re offering.

What you’re selling must offer great value:

It is important whatever you’re offering has great value to the reader so you will get higher conversions. If someone is going to spend their money with you they have to be sure whatever problem your product is offering to solve will indeed be solved, so that their left feeling satisfied and happy with your product. A lot of Internet marketers ignore the simple fact because they’re just concerned about getting the sale, but this is a great mistake because if you make sure your customers are happy then they’ll spread the word to other people, which will help you realize even greater conversions without you having to do any work to achieve those conversions.

It cannot be overpriced:

Depending on the market you are trying to market to you must be aware of the kind of money this market has available to spend, or just how much money they’re willing to let go of to solve their problem. Not knowing this information when deciding to have your sales letter created can mean a loss of business for you, or a very low conversion rate at best. This is why you want to make sure you do proper market research before you price you product. So when you’re creating a sales letter make sure your product isn’t overpriced, as it may turn a lot of your market away from you, especially if you’re not offering enough value.

Do not exaggerate claims:

If you want to create a great sales letter make sure you don’t go overboard in the claims that it makes. We all know that you must push the emotional triggers of your readers in order to get them to buy, but you don’t have to outright lie to them or mislead them to get them to buy your product. Always be honest and tell them exactly what to expect from the purchase of your product if you don’t want to have a lot of angry, dissatisfied customers on your hands who will all be demanding refunds. As long as you remember these core principles your sales letter will produce great conversions for you.

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Video Marketing – More Sales and Conversions

Video is huge, if you have been on the internet in the last 2 years, you most likely have seen first hand the rise of popularity of video on many sites. Not only the rise in popularity, but also the start of many new sites.  There are hundreds of sites that are dedicated to nothing but user added videos.  If you are business person or simply represent a business, you must know that if you are not making videos on the internet today, you are missing out on one of the most popular and effective methods of online advertising.

You can use video to show off a new product or service, or even show off the results that your customers are receiving.  Both are powerful methods of persuasion to a new or potential client.  Many of the experts suggest that the best way to utilize online video is to “give it away”, simply meaning that you should give the video away and that the video should have some value.   If a new client or potential customer can gain knowledge or some information that they see as valuable for free, they are much more likely to buy from you down the road, because they now have “Value” attached to your company name in their mind.
In the past we have tried to design our web sites so that a potential buyer could find the information they needed easily and make the path to the next step as straight forward as possible, you the KISS theory (Keep It Simple Stupid).  But now with video these problems are mostly worked our automatically.  We can point out what we have to offer and how to get it, the user has to do nothing but sit there and watch. This is a great medium for us to motivate a buyer or even walk a new person through the steps they need to take to get involved with your business.
The only problem with using video to convey your business proposal or message is that unlike text on a web page it cannot be translated.  If you have a web page sales letter, anybody in the world can change the browser language settings to translate the web page.  If somebody in China who only speaks Mandarin runs across a video in English, they simply cannot understand your message.  This is something that you should keep in mind and always make sure that your video description is concise and includes a link back to the appropriate web site so anybody can get the whole message if they are interested.
Unlike other media on the internet, videos are easy and effective if spread across the internet on many sites.  We all know that the old SEO experts tell you that duplicate content is no good, well the game has changed and with video duplicate content can help you in most any case. The multiplication of exposure only helps and also gives you a “brand awareness” that you cannot buy!
So moving forward, I highly recommend you take the time to promote yourself or your business using videos and if you need any help with finding out where to syndicate and promote your video series don’t be afraid to contact me directly.  I am always willing to help where I can.

To Success,

Nick Simpson

Nick Simpson is a mentor and success coach to many, find him on YouTube or visit his site directly for more free internet marketing tips and resources.
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B2B Lead Nurturing Myths That Promote Sales Pipeline Leaks #bigcitymarketinggroup

“A small leak will sink a great ship.” — Benjamin Franklin

Myths are plentiful when it comes to B2B lead nurturing. Perhaps we build these myths simply to make our lives easier. It seems like we have a tendency to move towards the simplest tactics to execute rather than those that deliver the highest return on investment.

Let’s step back a minute and ask a key question, “Why is lead nurturing so important?” Well, the data is in and according to Forrester, businesses that put nurturing at the forefront of their lead generation strategies produce 50% more leads while slashing costs by 30%.

Lead nurturing works. But if you’re going to do it, you need to put these myths behind you.

1. You Can Nurture a Complex Sales Cycle with Email Alone

For many people, email marketing has become synonymous with lead nurturing. While email is inexpensive, your nurturing program needs to be more than a one-trick pony.

What can email nurturing do for you? If you send the right content that meets an individual’s needs, emails are effective in creating brand awareness, building trust and educating buyers. Also, you can use emails to recruit individuals into your social media marketing communities where you can continue to nurture them.

If you’re selling a complex product, service, or solution, however, you cannot expect email nurturing to do all the heavy lifting. There is no substitute for the human touch when developing a relationship and ramping up trust to the next level. In reality, what you want to foster is not a B2B relationship, but a person-to-person (P2P) one.

How do you insert tele-nurturing into your lead nurturing sequence? Probably the best way to nurture is to use emails for leads which you believe are in the early stages of the buying cycle. For instance, they may just be gathering information for a decision they plan to make several months from now.

While tele-nurturing is likely to have a greater impact, it is also more expensive. So you might want to use this tactic when it appears as if someone is closer to buying. By using the phone at this point, you can break through the clutter by reaching out on a human level, establishing credibility and building that P2P relationship.

2. You Can Nurture All Leads the Same Way

We talk a lot about the necessity of nurturing leads. It’s not surprising some marketing leaders believe that as long as they are nurturing their leads, they are on the track to success. There are, however, a couple of problems with this theory.

First, your leads are all in different phases of the buying cycle. What someone needs when they are doing initial research to solve a problem is very different than the needs of their colleague who has already chosen the product category and honed down the potential vendor list. One may be happy to read blog posts that talk at a high level about the problem. The other may be more interested in reading case studies that enable him or her to separate the potential winners and losers.

Second, if you’re like many B2B businesses you likely serve a myriad of industries and your product or solution has multiple applications. Someone in manufacturing will likely not be interested in the same content as another individual in, for example, hospitality. You want to personalize the emails and content offers as much as possible.

To nurture your leads most successfully, sending them content that helps to move them through the buying cycle, you need to:

  • Score your leads based on how they interact with your organization online
  • Segment leads according to the content they have downloaded and what you have learned about their demographics

Bear in mind that some of the information you need for scoring and segmenting your leads will likely not be available by looking at online information only. To assess the quality of the lead you need to know if he or she has the budget, authority to buy, need and when they expect to make a purchase decision (BANT criteria).

To answer these questions, you will likely have to talk to the individual. Of course, there is no need to call all your leads. Prioritize which leads to call by waiting until they reach a threshold lead-score.

This process is powerful because it allows for two-way communication. You can better understand where the prospect is in the buying cycle and the problems they are trying to tackle. This knowledge allows you to customize your messaging to meet their needs.

So don’t let the lead leak sink your sales and marketing ship. Forget the myths. Lead nurturing does not equate to email marketing— it’s much more comprehensive. Also, all leads are not the same and need personal treatment to move them through the buying cycle as fast as possible and to turn them into valid sales opportunities.

When leads don’t convert to sales, you can’t afford to abandon those prospects. Nurture these leads with information aligned to their stage in the buying process. Download the Lead Nurturing Guide for Modern Marketers to turn lukewarm leads into B2B sales.

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5 Psychological Triggers To Boost Your Online Sales and Drive More Conversions

5 Psychological Triggers To Boost Your Online Sales and Drive More Conversions
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Bill to ban Reform, Conservative conversions at public mikvas passes hurdle
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