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Print Promotion to Strengthen a Corporate Image

Whether a corporation is just in its beginning stages or is recovering from a major loss, management commonly engages in steps to boost company morale. One way that management strengthens corporate workforce is through corporate identity reinforcement. At the same time, corporations also place a premium on its external image to clients. This premium is achieved through the use of printed corporate communication materials. Printed materials are often used to deliver inspiring messages, underline company mottos, and promote company team spirit. In-house graphic designers or freelancers are commonly responsible for designing these corporate materials. There are several printed materials that can be used by corporations to strengthen corporate identity. The following are examples of them.

Letterheads – Letterheads are important internal and external corporate identity materials. They are used to communicate information such as proposals, memos, presentations, legal documents, and employment contracts. Letterheads are official documents that need to convey professionalism. Corporate letterheads feature a company logo rendered in company colors, a company motto, affiliates, satellite offices, and contact information. Customized letterheads can be printed using convenient, online printing services.

Catalogs – Catalogs can also serve as professional corporate marketing materials. Catalogs can feature a variety of information such as a company profile, top executive board members, an employee directory, department functions, and a list of products and services. Text information can be accompanied by vibrant and dynamic graphic designs and powerful photo images. These materials serve as effective promotional materials during trade expositions and exhibits. Customized catalogs can also be printed easily using the services of online printing companies.

Posters – Posters can be powerful and effective in-house corporate promotional materials. Management can print posters and use them to decorate the interior of corporate headquarters. They can be used to strengthen corporate identity with inspirational messages and corporate mottos. They can be used to boost employee morale by featuring commendable employees, department achievements, and company incentives. They can also be used as informational materials with a list of products, services, quality assurance measures, and company achievements. Online poster printingservices offer wholesale poster prints at reasonable and discounted prices.

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