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Paid Surveys – Things That Should Not Easily Be Given Out in Paid Surveys

Most scam sites these days are getting more and more difficult to identify and distinguish from legitimate sites which make it difficult for participants to avoid them. Paid survey scam sites specialize in two ways which is either by getting a lot of surveys done and not paying you for it or by getting your personal information and making use of it to their advantage.

There are also paid survey scam sites wherein they ask you to answer numerous surveys and pay you. Yes you are compensated but are you well compensated for the work that you have done? Most scam sites are greedy and evil and work on a common goal which is to bring you down and in turn will discourage you from getting the chance to enjoy the benefits of paid surveys.

In most cases though, there are things that you have to be careful of before you give it out to the company:

Personal Information

These are your name, birth date, address etc. The basic information required by a paid survey company. Do not be afraid because these are normally asked by legitimate sites. Do not freely give it, however, especially if you are unsure of the site. Scam sites will use these pieces of information and sell it out.

If they end up getting this information, you would find yourself answering nonstop calls about new product offers, getting your mail and email filled with the most unbelievable junk and spam you would ever see and annoying door to door salesman who will knock on your door several times a day to offer you their product because they got hold of your address. The next thing you know is that you are sent a high telephone bill just because of annoying callers.

No one wants to wake up to a day full of expected annoying things that will irritate and ruin your day everyday of your life so be careful before you entrust these to a paid survey company making sure the site is safe and will protect your information as stated in the agreement.

Money Details

Another important thing that you should safeguard is your money information and details such as your credit card and bank account number. Once scam sites get a hold of these, there’s no stopping them in spending your own hard earned money. One thing to look out for is the fact that paid survey sites do not usually ask for your credit card number or bank account. All they need is your PayPal email account and nothing else. That is where they will deposit the money and not directly into your bank account.

Unless you are sure of the site, never ever entrust these pieces of information easily to strangers.

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Paid Surveys – More Tips to Make the Most of Your Paid Survey Payouts

For some people who have tried paid surveys for the first time, they complain that the payout is too low for them, claiming in the end, that paid surveys are scams and that the income is too low. Paid surveys would no have lasted this long and would not have gained its popularity if that is the case. A lot of people still continue to patronize the paid survey industries because it helps generate a bit of income and not to mention, it is the simplest job you would ever find on the internet so to avoid being frustrated and make the most of your payouts be guided accordingly by these tips:

1. Take It Little By Little

Of course everyone wants to get rich but not all people are as lucky as Bill Gates. Even Bill Gates had to work up the Microsoft system before he hit the jackpot. The point here is that people tend to believe in too good to be true ads which is why when they join the site that the ad advertised, they become disappointed because it turns out that it was just a fake. Ads will always be advertising exaggerated things because they are meant to attract people. So do not believe everything that you see. Everyone has to start out at the bottom and slowly work their way up.

2. Search it Up

As always, the number one paid survey advice is to research anything and everything before signing up. Look for review sites, blogs and forums where honest experiences from participants like you share their opinions and experiences. Research is the answer to avoiding scam sites. Also, do not forget to read everything that is stated in the terms and conditions before you agree with it so that you won’t miss anything.

3. Work for the Same People

Starters would probably receive just about the minimum but if you work regularly for the same providers or company, they might slowly raise your earnings so be sure to make a good impression by submitting on or before the deadline, filling up your profile with the required information and answering their surveys with your most honest opinions.

4. The More The Merrier

Search up as many legitimate sites as you can and join everything that you find provided that it really is legitimate. Legitimate survey companies normally send out a minimum of two to three surveys per week. So by joining several websites you won’t run out of surveys to answer continuing to get invitations and keep the ball rolling. Answering surveys is not tedious work so you do not have to worry if it piles up, the more the better.

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Paid Surveys – Is it Really Important to Buy a Paid Survey Directory?

People interested in participating in paid surveys were always scared to jump start because of the number of scam survey sites online, which are waiting to exploit people. Some of them who are new to paid survey business have always thought, it would be great if they could get a list of online survey sites.

Is it that difficult to identify legitimate survey sites? Do we really need to pay a price for paid surveys directory?

Well, the answer is no. Of course, there are many scam survey sites online which spoils the names of legitimate survey sites and also scare people. However, identifying the legitimate sites and making a list is really not that difficult as it may seem. In fact, there are many sites, which are ready to provide the directory of paid survey companies for free. That being the truth, why should we really pay a price for getting such a list? What is the guarantee that the company which promises the list is genuine?

Never pay for something, which is available on internet free of cost. If you pay, you might lose your hard-earned money, if the site is a scam. Of course, you may not get a complete list in the free directories. However, the list available will be good enough for a start.

Listed below are few methods, by which you could make your own list of legitimate paid survey companies:

• Check how long the company has been in existence. If you know for sure that the company is a well-reputed one, go ahead and mark it in your list.

• Check for the contact or support details in the web page. If they have one, test if it is a valid one, by sending out an email. If you get proper response related to the question you asked, then it is a legitimate site. On the other hand, if you don’t find any contact details, it is better to avoid such sites.

• Check if the company has Terms of Service page and also check if they have a privacy policy. If they don’t have both, then it may not be a legitimate site.

• Check if the company asks for a fee for membership. If yes, then it may not be a legitimate site.

If you check for these things in a site, then it is really easy to identify if the company is a legitimate one.

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Paid Surveys – 3 Things to Look Out For in Identifying Illegitimate Paid Survey Sites

As the popularity of paid surveys are continually rising, huge numbers of scam sites are also popping out and more people are becoming victims of scam operators. People surely have become more aware of what to do in order not to be scammed and with all the articles and information about scam sites, still some people become prey for the scam predators because they just keep getting good in getting people to think that scam sites are legitimate which is why here are three more things to look out for to keep yourself safe from these predators:

1. Stay away from nosy sites

These are sites that ask too much information especially your personal information. It is quite normal for legitimate paid survey sites to ask for personal data like name, address, education and employment background and the likes because these pieces of information serves as their basis for the type of surveys they will give. Scam sites however, could be differentiated from legitimate sites if they ask for too much personal information not relating to any paid survey matters. It is better to avoid those kinds of sites because these sites sell out your information or use it against you.

2. Stay away from unmaintained sites

You would not want to go into a house full of dust and cobwebs. The same thing is said for paid surveys sites. Avoid sites that are not maintained or have not been updated for a long time. Check everything to see if it works. Check the contact numbers. Each company should have contact numbers for inquiries and customer services. If there is a contact number, try sending out an inquiry and see if they respond. Check all the links if it works, there should be no broken links.

3. Be careful of sites that ask for membership fees

In previous articles, it was discussed that not all sites that ask for membership fees are scams which is why you should not completely avoid sites that ask for payment but rather be careful and wary of them. However, it is common in the paid survey site that they are usually free and don’t ask for membership fees. In cases like these, do not immediately sign up but instead, make a research on the said site. Do not be quick to give your credit card number or bank account number.

These tips are just precautionary warnings and it is still always up to the participant to be wise and wary before joining any site. By being alert, you can stay away from scam sites and enjoy the benefits of paid surveys.

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Take Up Paid Surveys When You Feel Relaxed!

The jobs of online paid surveys have seen an upward trend. Companies are relying on this mode for collecting feedback about their products and services. But, do every individual who takes up a survey get full payment after the job is complete. The answer is simple negative. While the opportunities are growing, the fraudulent survey sites are also proportionally spreading their wings. After carrying out the analysis of the facts, it can be surely suggested that many people do not get full reimbursement because of the fact that they do not opt the legitimate surveys sites for part time job. Or, alternatively, they do not get chance to work with the genuine sites.

So, how do you enable yourself to secure high paying survey jobs? Do you need some specific training? Do you need to pay some survey site for securing the regular best paid surveys? These are some questions that strike your brain after you fail to find suitable survey sites during starting efforts. Here are some useful tips that can assist you to get the legitimate high paying surveys jobs. At the first step, you should reply on discussion forum rather than the search engines for finding the suitable and reputable surveys sites.

You should organize your working hours in such a manner so as to deliver the best result. This is because some times, you are not feeling energetic and yet you try to complete a job. In such scenarios, you are going to spend more efforts do complete even a short survey. Another enabling factor can be read as much as you can on the topic of paid surveys. This will help you in the memorizing some important tips that prove to be savior in times when you are entrapped in paid survey scam.

There is no shortcut to success in this business. So, the sites those advise you to pay a lump sum membership fees so that you get access to their database of high paying survey sites, come under the category of illegitimate paid survey sites. Even if you wish to join them, gather adequate information about surveys so that you are sure of their genuineness.

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Most Sought After Job For 2009 is Paid Surveys!

If you usually stay at home just like me, you would surely want to earn income while sitting comfortably. I found a lot of jobs available in the internet and among them are article writing, article rewriting, web designing and of course, paid surveys. The next things that might concern us are if we are qualified to apply for these jobs and if we have an idea on how to perform the job.

If you want to apply for an article writing job, you would surely ask yourself if you are able to write an article. If you don’t have enough skills in writing, you would have fewer chances in getting accepted for the job. If you want to become a web designer, you should have an idea on web creation. If you don’t have any of these skills, you would surely be searching for the job that doesn’t need any particular skill but can make you earn enough income. What exactly are you searching for?

The most appropriate job for you would be paid surveys if you hate using much of your brain. For this year of 2009, the most popular online job or even the most famous part time job is paid surveys. There are no qualifications required since you only need to answer questionnaires and that s the time you start working.

Try searching paid surveys via the internet and surely, you will be able to get countless results. This is so because the demand for this kind of job is increasing and as of now, this is the job that is most in demand. Just search for the correct sites and join those that are suitable for you. If you are all ready to work, then register now.

An income of $ 250 can be possibly earned by you as there are companies that are willing to pay you such amount. Also, there are companies that require the completion of a daily quota and if you are able to do so, they would give you an extra credit. As for others, they offer freebies as extra credits since they are able to establish that you are sincere in performing their work.

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Online Paid Surveys – True Facts and Accurate Sources in Searching For Legit Websites

The fast growing trend for part time jobs nowadays are online paid surveys. Anybody can try this new career online. By just spending a few hours on the internet, you too can earn little extra cash for your little expenses. For those people who have already tried doing surveys online can really attest that there is real money on by just giving out your opinion on a certain product or service.

There are a lot of experienced survey takers that confirmed that they have earned decent money from different research companies. If you are one of the beginners who are searching for the great website, you will encounter a lot of fake websites. So be watchful in selecting the website before you register. Some of the websites are free and some will ask you to pay a certain amount for membership or enrollment fee. This fee gives you the assurance of having a regular flow of survey assignments exclusively for their members. Payments also vary. Some legit websites offer low paying surveys. But some big research companies can offer higher than usual.

You may also use different search engines to look for paid survey jobs and definitely you will get hundreds of them. The next thing you need to do is to filter out the fake websites and this will take a lot of your time. You can ask for the help of a consultant if you want. This consultant can give you the list of the best paying websites at a minimum cost.

There are also other options that you can choose. You can also check reputable forums or blogs that provides the genuine experiences of hundreds of survey takers. You can also send your questions about anything. You can ask how much they are receiving per survey or what is the method of payment? You can ask them directly and for sure they are willing to share everything. Just always remember that before you register to a certain website, it is important that you have read every detail on it. Do not give out your personal information if you have not checked the terms and conditions on their website to prevent any fraudulent actions.

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Paid Surveys – Replacing Telemarketing

As the Internet becomes a common household commodity and more people world wide begin to use the services, companies are finding ways to begin using this technology to their advantage. There are many tasks that were once considered a challenge, almost impossible to complete, are now finding people lining up to help companies complete the tasks at hand. One of the ways this is occurring is through paid surveys, which are replacing telemarketing.

Telemarketing was used to contact people – just about anyone and everyone – in order for research and marketing firms to obtain information in regards to products and services that may be or will be available in a particular area. This method was found to be relatively ineffective after a number of years, as telemarketing began to be used as a way to solicit sales or charitable donations.

After the Internet began to be used by more people across the world, survey providers began to find they could actually compensate their participants in a number of ways, which all proved to be cost effective. Fewer employees are now needed to solicit the surveys, allowing the providers to save on the costs of wages. The Internet also eliminates the necessity of multiple phone lines and long distance calling charges. When compared with telemarketing dollar for dollar, paid surveys are far more cost effective and efficient for research and marketing firms to use in order to fulfill their contractual agreements.

Everyone has received, at some point in their lives, a telemarketing call that came at a very inopportune time. In some instances people become angry that they are being contacted when they have not offered their consent to participate, creating instances where those making the calls are on the receiving end of some very abusive and stressful situations. Paid surveys through the Internet eliminate this, since participants register willingly to participate in these surveys. Legitimate sites rarely recruit pro-actively, lessening the odds of a person’s right to consent being violated or interrupting their personal lives.

With this improvement in technology, telemarketing is becoming a thing of the past. Now, survey providers are able to ensure their panelists are participating willingly, not out of guilt or an obligation to be polite, are the panelists are now able to receive compensation for their efforts – something that was virtually unheard of in telemarketing calls. Considering all the factors that make paid surveys more efficient and cost effective for the provider and the factors that make paid surveys more practical for participants, it will only be a matter of time before telemarketing as a method of research is phased out entirely.

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Top 2 Questions About Paid Surveys

People who are just starting their careers in survey taking may still have questions in their minds. Many still doubt how legal this online job is. There is no doubt that online surveys can truly give a lot of people the chance to earn a decent amount even if they are just staying at home. But how can someone appreciate the benefits that the job gives them if there are still some things that bug in their minds. Here are two of the most asked questions from survey taking beginners.

Q1: Are paid surveys scam-free?

The answer is no. Scams are all around the internet and it will keep on bugging people no matter what online job they are into. There are thousands of legit survey sites online. And since this job has become popular, there are a lot of participants who are joining these sites. Scam operators would just simply imitate those legit sites and try to offer more to attract as many members as they can. As they get members to register with them, they are already operating some techniques to scam you out like taking away some amount of cash from you. The only way to avoid this is to exert effort in searching and do some research on the sites that you are thinking to join. Read all of their policies; if you are keen enough, you would be able to detect some fishy rules if they are just scamming you out. Be cautious; this is your best defense against those scammers.

Q2: Does beginners have a chance in getting the best paid surveys?

The answer is yes. But of course, like any other jobs, it would take some time before you can reach the top. Take one step at a time. As a beginner, you will only be offered surveys which pay freebies or lottery entries. But if you strive hard in answering as many surveys as you can, companies will see your effort and consistency with your job and may be interested to hire you. If you keep your work in proper flow, then your reputation will be established. And this is your way to get surveys with higher rates.

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Paid Surveys – From Here You Should Start!

Many people have been paid again and again for taking up the surveys from lot of market research companies. These people have found the online paid surveys as one of the most ultimate part time job opportunity in order to increase their earnings. To be frank, there is no other easy way to make money. However, you have to be very smart in your approach towards the surveys job. The point is that you should know some trips and trick to earn big money from these business opportunities and perform your job in such a manner so as to enable the consistent flow of surveys jobs.

If you desire to make money in the simplest way, then online paid surveys are the best option to venture into. Lots of people are already in the market for taking up the surveys and some of them have even secured the best paying surveys. If you do not want to lag behind, then you should act now. The first thing to adopt is to read about paid surveys from the online resources like article directories, forums, search engines etc. You should remember that good preparation will yield better results. A majority of freelancers sign up randomly at various surveys sites so as to make money.

This practice is of no use as these sites might not reimburse you for taking the job. These sites are just there to collect the profile data so that that can be used in the later stage for sending promotional spam emails etc. As a beginner, you have to be very careful about this whole theory and should not sign up randomly at any good looking site. Your sole target should be to find a genuine site that pay you well for your efforts and time. For this, you need to submit your profile to at least twenty paid surveys sites so that the probability of getting a job increases. Rest of the incoming surveys jobs depend upon your performance and speed. These surveys are real fun as you work from your home and at time suitable to you.

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