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Three Free Copywriting Tips For You

Do you write sales copy for online blogs, websites, or traditional print media such as newspapers or magazines? If so, then you know that it doesn’t really matter whether you have a lot of experience or very little experience in writing sales copy – there’s always room to improve your writing. This article provides three (3) free tips that will help you increase the effectiveness of your sales copywriting, regardless of your level of experience.

1. Always Use a Headline

The headline is a quick sentence that highlights one of the best benefits of your product. It is used to grab the attention of the reader and make them want to read the rest of your sales copy. Use a lot of action words like “now,” “get,” or “do” when you write out your headline. In addition, make sure that you speak directly to your potential customers in the headline. Use the word “you” instead of speaking about someone else.

2. Format Your Sales Copy

One of the best free copywriting tips that you’ll ever hear is that you need to format all of the sales copy that you write so it looks professional. Potential customers will be affected by the way that your content looks, and be more likely to respond to your offer. They want to read something that is easy on the eyes. If your sales copy is in one big clump, it will not look professional at all. Try to write in relatively short paragraphs of about three to five sentences. Make sure that you put an empty line in between each paragraph so readers can follow along very easily.

3. Speak To Them The Whole Time

Remember back in high school English class when you spent a week talking about “point of view?” Most of us remember that the first person point of view uses “I” and third person uses “he” and “she.” However, the second person point of view is often overlooked. This is when you speak directly to the reader using words like “you.” This is exactly how you want to write out your sales copy. You want it to seem as if the sales copy was written specifically for your reader. As you can see, this article is written in the second person point of view.

If you use these free copywriting tips, you will increase the effectiveness of your sales pages, improve click through rates, and see a rise in sales of the products and services you are promoting.

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Website Promotion – Three Popular Choices

Learning how to promote your website can be a difficult and disappointing task. Especially when you are new to the internet business, it can be hard to determine what you need to do in order to gain the proper amount of exposure that you are going to need in order to build a real and lasting income.

There are all types of methods that you can choose to promote your website. Let’s take a look at a few of them.

1. Purchase Pay Per Click Advertising. This will gain you almost immediate traffic to your website and if you choose the proper key words it will bring you the kind of targeted traffic that you are looking for. Google AdWords is the most common and most used, but each search engine has their own form of Pay Per Click advertising that you can use.

2. Use YouTube and create and post videos that will interest people in your target audience. YouTube is one of the most highly searched websites out there and if you can create a video and post it on there, you can easily start seeing some traffic to your site. If you happen to submit a video that people share with each other, you can wind up with a LOT of traffic.

3. Write and submit articles. This is my personal favorite as I don’t mind writing and it is a free method of gaining traffic to your site. When you start to have hundreds of little articles all over the internet, the traffic is continuous. This way, no matter what, you are still seeing daily traffic to your website.

There are many more ways that you can use to promote your website and get the amount of traffic that you need in order to make enough sales to support a REAL income.

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The Top Three Blogging Mistakes

Knowing the most common mistakes made by bloggers can help you avoid making them.  In the end you have complete control over your blog.  You can choose to do or not to do anything you want.  Knowing the repercussions of certain actions or inactions can help you make better decisions.


Blogger Mistake #1 – Ignoring Comments


Ignoring the comments posted on your blog is a big mistake.  Some bloggers never read the comments posted on their blog.  This is bad for two reasons.  First, you will gain no insight about your followers. Your followers are essential if you want to have a popular blog or a blog that you earn money from.


Think of your blog as a conversation not as a monologue.  Never ignore your readers.  If you ignore them they will eventually ignore you.


Additionally, the comments section is where most SPAM will appear.  Even if you install SPAM blockers there will be a certain amount of SPAM that is able to make its way through.  SPAM can hurt your blog’s reputation and even cause problems on Google and the other search engines.


Blogger Mistake #2 – Infrequent Posting


Infrequent or irregular posting on your blog can lead to you losing followers.  Even if you do not think anyone is reading your blog you want to set a schedule for blog postings and stick to it.  It is important to have consistency on a blog, especially if it is a corporate blog or a blog intending to create revenue.


Depending on the focus of your blog you will need to determine the minimum frequency you can post on it.  Some blogs can do quite fine with 3 or 4 blog posts per week while other blogs need 10 or more postings per day.


Your followers will start to expect to see postings regularly so do not disappoint them.


Blogger Mistake #3 – Taking Things Personally


Do not fall into the trap of taking criticism personally.  You can expect to see your share of negative posts, perhaps even flaming (flaming is when someone viciously attacks another person online).  Do not retaliate with a personal attack of your own.  Simply delete the offending comment and move on.


These are the three biggest mistakes bloggers make.  The key to succeeding with your blog is to review popular blogs and see what they do well.  Try to focus on the positive aspects of blogging while keeping an eye out for common mistakes.

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Three Things That All Web Copywriting Should Contain

Why aren’t people reading your web pages? Usually it’s because your web copywriting isn’t easy to read, understand and isn’t listed in search engines.

I believe good web copy has three core elements

• Keywords, so the SERPS can find your pages

• Answers to the questions your readers are asking inside their heads

• A call to action (or a message that is easy read and understand)

Lets go through then in order.

First the keywords. If your web copywriting isn’t done with SEO in mind right from the start, your efforts are wasted. Why write stuff for the web and NOT have it listed in the search engines? You want people to read it right?

Good choice of keywords and how they are placed is crucial to success.

Provides the answers. I know when I surf I am always looking for an answer to something, even if it isn’t firmly in the front of my mind. Copy that waffles, isn’t tightly written and is full of puffery rarely gets read. When I read a web page and the “aha!” factor kicks in (even if a question wasn’t foremost in my mind when I started reading), then the copy has done its job.

The question was asked and answered on the web page. It’s sad if your readers have found your website but abandon it after a scanning few lines because they can see straight away there are no answers or useful information.

Easily understood with a call to action (maybe). This is one of the crucial areas that people forget about. Web copywriting has to be easy to scan and read.

A logical structure, bullet points, subheadings and emphasis are all important copy elements that need fine-tuning. Great slabs of text and little white space sends readers scurrying. If a scanner can get the gist of your message just by reading the subheads in order, and he is satisfied, your web page has done its job.

Especially if the reader does what you want e.g. opt in to your list, buy your stuff, leave great feedback or just be happy to recommend your site to others because it’s full of great useful information.

Writing for the web isn’t difficult if you keep these three principles in mind. It can be very satisfying to know your web copywriting is doing what it’s supposed to – getting readers, making them read right through, and giving them useful information they can act on.

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What Are The Three Main Search Engines For Paid Search Advertising?

With all the search engine companies out there, there is still no doubt regarding what are the big three search engines users and paid search advertising providers chose. Occupying 60% is Google, 20% is Yahoo, and almost 10% is MSN.


I don’t think there’s anyone who has never Goggled the net for defenitely everyone has tried it. It’s voted number one as a consequence of its comprehensive and significant coverage. From web pages, pictures, discussions, news, and comparative shopping, you’ll find these and so much more when surfing on Google. Google also has a More pop-up menu where you can unearth human-compiled facts, videos, books, scholarly aids, catalog searching and other useful services.

For searchers who want to regard the prior versions of the web pages or even dead pages, there are cached links on Google. When you’re looking for word definitions, phone numbers, stock quotes, street maps, you can unearth all these in Google. The Google toolbar and other Google web applications are also crafted to assist Internet users. Users have truly coincided why they chose Google as number one.


The web’s first directory or hierachical site, Yahoo, follows Google with the top two spot. What makes Yahoo exceptional is users can feel a sense of community when using the search engine. This is because it aspires to team up individuals and firms around the planet.

You’ll never find Yahoo uninteresting and complicated to use when surfing the Internet. Yahoo has put tabs above the search box for searchers who want to search specifics like images, Yellow page listings or shopping comparisons. If you don’t uncover what you’re searching for in the traditional search box, Yahoo has a distinct home page for search purposes where it has more dedicated elements.


Even though just under 10% of the search population use MSN, but its Microsoft technology has permitted it to provide unique facets that the other search engines don’t have. These are the automatic MSN spider, the human fine-tuning and perfecting of categories and links, and the index generator that arranges pages into subjects, directories, rankings and others.

Each search engine has something to give to Internet users; it all depends on the searcher’s personal preference and what he’s seeking that determines which search engine he’ll utilize. Then again, it looks like Google is the search engine choice for the majority of Internet users and PPC publishers around the world. For websites that would like to get a share of the 60% of the searching community, qualified PPC advertising services companies are there to assist you. Your target audience is only a few PPC ads away in the top three search engines.


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