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Effective Promotion Through Classified Ads

Websites are designed to make money from the Internet marketers and visitors. Classified Ads are one such medium which help in effective promotion of the website and create a clientele to provide profits through effective sales.

There are a few steps which help in creating an impressive ad and place it amongst those sites which generate higher returns for that site. The most important leverage that a website owner can enjoy is the ability to publish the most desired content on the Internet according to the specifications. For example when you want to promote a sale or a specific product then you can create a special message for your product and place it in the desired place which you think is best for attracting relevant visitors and generate higher sales.

A classified ad has to be designed in small crispy hard hitting words so that they take notice of that specific classified. That opportunity to pull the customer’s attraction is more than enough to attract the customers towards the desired counter. Almost half of job is done when the ad gets specified attention.

Free submissions of the classified are possible in some specially designed classified ad-sites which provide some free space to their customers for some specified period of time. The problem is that there are a number of such sites and it is practically difficult to assess which is best for the customer. Hence, the problem of submission to increase your web site traffic as a result of ad posting remains as it is.

Proper knowledge of ad posting sites enables website owners to attract customers and hence generate sales. These sites are better judged by some specific Companies which are working day and night to promote the website in a relevant direction and derive desired result.

There is a mushroom of free classified ads websites on the Net. Posting ads on these websites is like finding a needle in the haystack on visitors’ part. So create your ad in such a way to gain attention of the visiting customers and place them on such domains which help in creating the desired result.

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Business Blogging Success through Facebook

Expanding the reach of a blog has become increasingly easy thanks to growing social media platforms. Not only do social media sites allow you to share content that isn’t necessarily appropriate for a blog, but they also enable you to reach various markets that your blog might not reach.

In particular, Facebook is one of the most powerful ways to extend the reach of your blog.

Just look at the stats: According to Facebook’s Facebook page (yes, you read that correctly), there are more than 500 million active users on Facebook, and 50% of these users “log on to Facebook in any given day,” and, “people spend over 700 billion minutes per month on Facebook.”

Also, over 150 million people log onto Facebook using a mobile device, and these users are on Facebook double the amount of time than users who don’t access Facebook via a mobile device.

It’s obvious from these stats that Facebook has reached unbelievable heights in its popularity. Now it’s time to discover how to harness Facebook’s popularity as a blog marketing tool—and it begins with creating a Facebook page for your blog.

In order to use your blog’s Facebook page as a powerful blog marketing tool, you must understand the power of a Facebook page and how to channel this power into a driving force for your blog.

If you want to become influential and maximize your blog reach, use Facebook pages as a(n) . . .

Exploration Hub: When you use Facebook as a branch of your blog, it’s so easy to explore different ways to interact and share. There are endless opportunities for creativity when you use Facebook as an extension of your blog. Experiment with posting quotes, questions, articles written by others, and more. You can also play with the navigation tabs on your Facebook page using Facebook’s FBML application.

Quick-Thought Platform: How many times do you have a quick thought you want to share with your blog readers but don’t think it deserves its very own blog post? Sharing these quick thoughts on your Facebook page is the perfect way to express your ideas without writing an entire post around it.

Blog-Idea Generator: Depending on the responses you receive from your Facebook page posts, you can determine whether that topic of conversation is popular. For example, if you posted a question or a quick thought onto your Facebook page that happened to generate a lot of responses and interest, you might consider writing a full post on the topic for your blog.

Instant-Sharing Spot: Whether you happened to stumble across an interesting article or saw a video on YouTube that you wanted to share with your followers, you can easily and instantly share that social object with your entire Facebook page fan base. Sharing a variety of interesting social objects makes for an engaging and influential page that generates comments and discussions around specific topics. Your followers can connect to you and each other through such interactions and, therefore, be more likely to visit your page on a daily basis.

Blog-Promotion Tool: Promote your blog by setting up an automatic feed for your blog posts using Networked Blogs. This way, whenever you post a blog, you don’t have to sign into your Facebook page and post the link—it will automatically be added to your page. When people see a topic that interests them, they’ll click on the link and be directed to the post on your blog.

Discovery Zone: One of the most beneficial tools that Facebook pages offer is an insight tool. Through this tool, you can see who is following your page with detailed demographics such as gender, age, language, location, interests, marital status, and more. You can also easily observe who is interacting, how many interactions are being had, and what the most popular topics of interest are.


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Michelle Salater is an award-winning writer and president of Sumèr, LLC, a company which specializes in web copy writing, SEO copywriting, and the promotion and marketing of websites after they launch. As an avid business blogger, Michelle has grown her marketing blog, Copy Doodle, to be a powerful lead generation and client education tool, and frequently guest blogs and lectures on blogging. In 2009, Michelle won the Charleston Business Journal’s Forty under 40 award for her business and community leadership.


How To Make Money Through Blogging

Many people are earning a lot of money by blogging. Blogging is used to connect friends, business partners to know how they are doing online. The first step in making money blogging is to set your own blog. There are free hosted blogs that can help you by giving you the tools and resources to make it simple to start your own blog. You need to identify a niche or a subject that could be potentially profitable, choose a domain name based on the research you have done, buy it, host it and set up the blog. If you are setting up a blog with the intention of making money, you need to find a profitable niche.


The name of the topic of your niche will determine the key words to use. If for example, let us say that you have done some research and you have settled at beauty products as a potentially profitable niche and decided to make money from your blog by selling beauty products. A possible search term that one might use to search for beauty products will be beauty products so an appropriate domain name would be BeautyProducts.com.  The other thing to take into consideration is the amount of people searching for a particular term, the amount of money advertisers are paying to advertise using that phrase and how competitive that term is.


You can now start promoting your blog by using web services that will get you some attention such as blog directories and social book marking. Using these services can help you get indexed in search engines and drive traffic to your blog. Commenting on other blogs can also build links into your blog and help more people to find you. Once you have some materials to read and you are indexed in search engines, you can begin really to monetize your blog and start earning money.  Sign up with Google AdSense as it offers the ability for people to display targeted advertisements on their blogs. Google will give you a percentage of that revenue when people click on the advertisements, view the advertisements and buy something from the sponsor. Apply to other webs that pay you to advertise on your blogs. There are many blog sites that will pay you a fee for writing a specific advertisements and links to your blog. Apply for blogging jobs. Many online classified networks advertise the ability to post in your blog or a blog belonging to a company. Many freelancer bloggers earn a regular income by blogging this way.


You have to maintain your blog by updating it regularly. By keeping your blog updated, you will attract readers who will be coming back and who might click your advertisements or purchase advertised services. Add reader services to your blog such as Really Simple Syndication (RSS) feeds to allow syndication and to attract more readers. Continually finding ways to grow and improve your blog will increase your money earning potential.

Rob Benwell is a blogging expert that specializes in traffic generation for blogs and monetization like how to make money blogging. He currently has helped over 50,000 people get started with making money with blogging with his Blogging to the Bank website.

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make money blogging


How to Earn Money through Blogging

It is not too difficult to earn money through blogging. All you need are some patience as well as a little know-how so as to get the blog ready to make money. However, you need to know that all advertisers you work for do not just give away money, they will want something in return, which is usually a share of your traffic or your Page rank.


Getting Started


So, how do you get started? Well read our series on setting up a blog if you need any help at all, or get in contact and we can set you a blog up for just £20 / $ 35 per year. Once your blog is live you need to work on it to make sure that it is producing what advertisers will want to buy from you.


Selling Optimisation


For those interested in optimising their own website, they will be looking for blogs with plenty of backlinks and a good Page Rank. Article writing, guest posting, commenting and other tricks are all useful here. Again, read our starting a blog series if you need more help.


Selling Traffic


For advertisers wanting to spread the word of their site, or to create a buzz as it is often referred to, then they want blogs with plenty of traffic. The same tricks work as for Page Rank, but more targeted work is needed. Then commenting on forums and various other tricks, maybe even paid advertising, work well. Again, our series tells you more.


Earning Money


After that you need to find ways to earn money with your blog. Sponsored Posting, Pay Per Click advertising, banner advertising, affiliate work and a lot more tricks are possible. Certain methods work best for high Page Rank blogs whilst others work best with high traffic blogs. All will work well if you manage to get both traffic and Page Rank and Sponsored Posting works well on either, you just need to know which systems to sign up for.


The last way to earn money through blogging is simply by selling it, or by blog flipping. It seems extreme to sell your work, but that is what some people enjoy and if you are made a fantastic offer, then why not!


Anyway, if you are looking for any help on any of these aspects do browse around this blog carefully and read through the series on starting blogging. Sign up for our RSS Feed or join the newsletter and keep up to date with the latest posts. Happy blogging!


If you want to know more about blogging, call over to our website – http://www.howtostartmyblog.com. There you will find loads more help, and you can get yourself a free copy of our how to start a blog ebook.

Written by Keith Lunt


Video Promotion Tips – Sell Effortlessly Through Professional Video Promotion

We have come to an age where reaching customers of our products and services is no longer a walk in the park. You must spend your time and money to develop well thought out video promotional materials. When the characteristics of your video promotional materials are unique your visitors will come back again and again.

The chief advantage of video materials is that they have a high potential to appeal to your prospective clients in a very systematic manner. Instead of going straight away for their purse strings, which they will obviously hold on to, a video appeals first to the eyes, then the heart and finally the customer himself or herself willingly opens the purse strings.

If you are not currently using video promotional materials to sell yourself then you are on the wrong side of profit making. People have very little time to spare so they would prefer something that does not tax their brains trying to figure out what exactly you are trying to communicate. The archaic forms of media are no match to video promotions. Internet video marketing is what you must do to carve your niche in the market.

All advertisers who matter have something online today which is easily picked by search engines and gets connected to local audiences. So what do you need to remember to develop effective videos which offer return on investment and give you a reason to smile all the way to the bank? The following simple tips should help you in that noble direction.

Simplicity is the key: Let you adverts be simple and straight to the point. No one has the time to read legions of text on their computer screens; there is already too much competition for your target viewers’ attention and time so something simple, short and snappy will do for you.

What’s your point: According to several studies, people will decide whether they want more of what you want to offer in less than ten seconds. You Ads will therefore need to enumerate specific instant benefits in a flash. This will prove if anyone is going to stick to them till the end.

Choose your text correctly: When there is just a little more text in your promotional video you must know how to vary your text sizes to fit properly in the space available. Many experts recommend no more than two type sizes in one ad, with the largest type size on top. Also, never use more than two fonts and avoid using all caps.

Are your visuals appropriate? Your video ad must contain visuals that are appealing and eye catching but more significantly they need to communicate an appropriate message. You graphics need not be complicated lest they steal the attention of your viewer preventing them from concentrating on the message.

Did you test your video? Test it again: The advantage of video is its flexibility and you can use it in many creative formats if you learn how to. Set aside a portion of your budget to test different approaches so that you can see how response rates fluctuate when you change the visuals, call-to-action, and price points or add a promotional offer.

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Internet System Through Marketing

A way forward to make your Internet Marketing business work is to have a system, which will follow a certain road. On this road there must be a road map and a way of making sure you get to your destination, which of course is what you will be busily working towards. It is all about having the correct vehicle to take you all the way to your dreams, and that vehicle must have certain elements that you learn from and that also can teach you before and on your journey.

(1) A vehicle must have gas, or a direction you can set off in and know you will be able to get to your goal. In other words you have to have enough resources.

(2) Once you have started your journey you must make a decision never to stop, but also you must not be distracted or turn off the highway. (A man who chases two rabbits. Doesn’t catch any).

(3) You will probably have to take passengers with you and if you do, then they to will have to be given the correct map and destination, and if needed training and support.

(4) You must see the bigger picture and have the ability to look out side the box, find a mentor if possible, and if you can use a system this would be a step in the right direction

(5) However the way to obtain success has not changed in Internet marketing, and that is numbers, or traffic to your online business.

So you must find the best ways of getting traffic to your business and when you have enoug


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Blogging Through Obstacles

As a Blogger one comes up against many, many obstacles when he or she is starting out.  One of the first obstacles is finding a niche and fitting into it.  You have been told over and over about how to find the niche (examples include keyword research, researching trends etc.) But does one just starting out have a generalized blog or a niche blog.

If you are just starting out I would suggest that you test the waters in your blog.  In other words have the topic of your blog or the name of your blog generalized enough to encompass more than one topic.  For instance if you were going to blog about tropical fish, your tittle could be something about tropical fish not about a particular fish that is tropical.  In this way you could see what tropical fish people were wanting to read about and if there was a good readership of one type of tropical fish over another.

This way you could test the waters, so to speak on what readers are looking for.  Then you could give them more of what they want.  Because whether you know it or not you should not use your blog just to try to make money.  Don’t get me wrong here your blog can and will make money, but your number one priority is to the public.  What does the public want to read about?  What is the public researching? Give the public what they want to read and you will gain readers, and with readers the profitability of your blog will increase.

So instead of setting out just to make money off your blog, set out, to find out what readers want.  There are many programs that you can install on your blogsites that will tell you what the people in blogosphere are looking for.  Do some research on analytics for you blogsite, theses programs will tell you how and why a reader got to your site and what happened to get them to leave or stay for a while.  INFORMATION, having it can be the difference between giving the public what they want and you writing about what you want.

In one of the above scenarios your blog will potentially gain more readers.  In the other your blog will set and get stale, from lack of readers.  Which scenario do you as a blogger prefer, to have the public interested in what you are writing about or you to be the one interested in what you are writing about, in this case you may be the only person seeing your blog.

So in conclusion,  do not start a blog just to make money, the money from a blog will come in time with readership.  Start a blog to tell the world what you have to say about this or that.  If you tailor your blog to your readers you will gain readers.  With a few other practices of promoting and the like you are on your way to success.  Many Blessings in your Blogging Endeavors.

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Improving Conversions Through Credibility

If you are an online business lacking credibility your time is most likely numbered. Online businesses work under the cloak of anonymity and blind trust. With so many scams circulating the internet it is no wonder many online users are nervous about unproven sites. There is always that fear that any given company could turn out to be a hatched scam. Conversions will not come easy if you do not offer credibility. Most calls to action will go unanswered. It becomes abundantly clear that you need to prove to the masses that your online business is in fact a credible source.

You must clearly define your company’s intentions. If you are the least bit unclear it can lead to feelings of ambiguity which in turn can lead to suspicion. Be up front about your goals as a company as well as the services you will provide. By the same token, be truthful about your capabilities. Do not offer more than you deliver. One of the worst things you could do as a business owner is to make a guarantee you have no way of keeping. For example, suppose you encourage visitors to sign up for your website’s newsletter service by promising that their personal contact information will not be resold to another company for profit. Then suppose you turn around and do just that. How do you think your client will feel? Betrayed most likely. You probably just lost a customer, not to mention any chance of ever receiving any more conversions.

It is imperative that you protect any kind of personal information that comes into your website. If your site sells anything at all you must make certain to invest in the highest level of credit card protection services. Not only does it offer peace of mind for everyone involved, but it adds credibility to your company. Those businesses unable or unwilling to provide such protection can appear suspicious in nature.

Make sure you invest plenty of time and effort into developing your website as well. Aesthetically pleasing and user-friendly sites go a long way in building credibility for your business. If you entire website is riddled with errors, annoying graphics and obnoxious copy, your business can come off looking unprofessional. The odds of you gaining a conversion are slim to none.

Katherine Friesen is a business coach and mentor that assists serious entrepreneurs in building a profitable online business with multiple incomes streams. Katherine and her team have assisted hundreds of people in generating profits that exceed 0K or more in their first year. For more information and to contact Katherine visit http://www.kfforwealth.com