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Copywriting Tips – The Power of Simplicity

The area of online marketing is so huge, and there are so many tactics and strategies available to sell just about anything. But even lots of visitors to your website won’t do any good if your sales copy doesn’t convert. Part of the solution to producing effective sales copy is knowing your market very well because if you don’t, then how are suppose to give them what they’re looking for. You would be mistaken, and setting yourself up for difficulties, if you consider copywriting in the same vein as other forms of writing. The copywriter knows how to use words that reach out to the emotions and lead to certain conclusions. What we’ll do next is discuss just a few copywriting tips and strategies that we hope you’ll use right away.

Always strive to involve your readers in your copy, and there are many ways to do it. The more they get involved into reading your copy, the better they understand your product’s benefits. One easy way to encourage involvement is to ask simple, quick questions at strategic places in your copy. This will not only get your readers involved but will also make your copy interesting.

Phrase your questions in such a way that is produces a natural, yes, as an answer. It is just a way of conditioning the reader to be more positive and hopefully to buy your product. You are the grand host, and in that capacity you need to make people feel totally comfortable, and one way to do that is by eliminating any risk to doing business with you. The most common method to do that is with an iron clad guarantee that removes the risk. So many newer marketers are scared of being taken by a customer and are intimidated to offer the guarantee. But it’s quite the opposite; you’ll be able to get more business when you have a strong guarantee to support your product. You will have very few people who will take advantage of the guarantee and misuse it, but this can be easily ignored. Try to keep it all simple and uncomplicated. Here’s a cool one to use, make your guarantee period long… like a year, no kidding, and the effect it has is to almost eliminate refunds.

Be sure to include benefit bullet points throughout your copy. Just as the name implies, benefit bullets are meant to say a quick word about the product benefits which are not the same as the product features. Bullets can be extremely effective only if they are well thought and written. Besides that, keeping your copy organized will give it a neat, professional look and make it easy for the prospect to reach to a buying decision.

The only goal in copywriting is to sell something whether that is a product, service, optin, freebie, etc. All buying decisions are emotion-based decisions, and the buyer later uses logic to justify that buying decision. You get to learn how to use powerful emotions to sell products and get the results you want. All great marketers and businessmen have called copywriting the most important skill you could ever learn.

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The Top 5 Free Blog Promotion Tips

I think the question most bloggers want answered is: “How do I get more people to read my blog?”. So here they are for your reading pleasure:

The Top 5 free tips how you can promote your blog.

Tip 1: Write Interesting Content
It might seem as if this had nothing to do with promotion. But the content of your blog is the central part of your blog marketing. You need to write the most compelling posts you can think of in order to get people interested in what you have to say. You can really stand out if you have something unique to offer on your blog.

Tip 2: Use the Right Tags
Many people who read blogs find postings they’re interested in via tags. So make sure you include five to ten tags relevant to your post every time.

Tip 3: Swap Links with Other Bloggers
Do you already know other writers from the blogosphere? Great – why not ask them for a link exchange? But be sure to never send spam when doing this – bloggers hate spam as much or even more as non-bloggers.

Tip 4: Write Articles
Do you have a topic you are passionate about? Why not write an article about it and submit it to various article sites? As you might know you can add your link into the “About the Author” box at the end of your article which brings you extra visibility and traffic. You can even repost your article on your blog for extra content – and traffic. Or vice versa: Take one or more blog posts you wrote and make them into an article.

Tip 5: Try Video Marketing
This might not be for everybody but if you’ve already made a video on YouTube in the past you might try this approach: Make a video in which you sit in front of a camera and talk about a post you made on your blog. Add your link to the info box that appears to the right of your video and mention your blog’s URL at the end of the video to reach more viewers – and hopefully prospective readers.

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Three Free Copywriting Tips For You

Do you write sales copy for online blogs, websites, or traditional print media such as newspapers or magazines? If so, then you know that it doesn’t really matter whether you have a lot of experience or very little experience in writing sales copy – there’s always room to improve your writing. This article provides three (3) free tips that will help you increase the effectiveness of your sales copywriting, regardless of your level of experience.

1. Always Use a Headline

The headline is a quick sentence that highlights one of the best benefits of your product. It is used to grab the attention of the reader and make them want to read the rest of your sales copy. Use a lot of action words like “now,” “get,” or “do” when you write out your headline. In addition, make sure that you speak directly to your potential customers in the headline. Use the word “you” instead of speaking about someone else.

2. Format Your Sales Copy

One of the best free copywriting tips that you’ll ever hear is that you need to format all of the sales copy that you write so it looks professional. Potential customers will be affected by the way that your content looks, and be more likely to respond to your offer. They want to read something that is easy on the eyes. If your sales copy is in one big clump, it will not look professional at all. Try to write in relatively short paragraphs of about three to five sentences. Make sure that you put an empty line in between each paragraph so readers can follow along very easily.

3. Speak To Them The Whole Time

Remember back in high school English class when you spent a week talking about “point of view?” Most of us remember that the first person point of view uses “I” and third person uses “he” and “she.” However, the second person point of view is often overlooked. This is when you speak directly to the reader using words like “you.” This is exactly how you want to write out your sales copy. You want it to seem as if the sales copy was written specifically for your reader. As you can see, this article is written in the second person point of view.

If you use these free copywriting tips, you will increase the effectiveness of your sales pages, improve click through rates, and see a rise in sales of the products and services you are promoting.

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7 Top Tips to Increase Sales and Boost Conversions

Increasing your website sales takes several efforts including your perfect online marketing strategies.

You can increase the sales on your website if you can prove your salesmanship by influencing the visitors.

However, if your website is getting lots of hits but low or no conversion, you can observe significant change in the sales and boost conversions if you follow certain techniques.

This is a short and far from a complete list of the techniques to use on your site to increase sales and boost conversions.

1. Pre-sell your products by publishing reviews on each of the product. It may take time and efforts to write reviews, but looking at the profit that you gain by increasing conversions, you will feel that the efforts are worth it. The reviews help the visitors know about your products and services.

2. Provide detail information about your product and describe your visitors how your products are able to solve their problems. You can also mention about how your products differ from your competitors’ and give your visitors the reasons why they should choose you. The more compelling your content is, the more the visitors will get attracted towards making a purchase.

3. What makes the visitors take decision on your website is your ‘call to action’. Experts say, you content may be persuasive for the visitors, but if you are not writing a compelling ‘call-to-action’, the visitors may not feel to take action on your website. Hence, any type of content you develop, it is very important that the readers are encouraged to take relevant action depending on your business.

4. Offering discount is a surefire way of influencing the online shoppers. You can persuade the visitors to buy your products with special offers associated with making purchase. Gifts are another attractive form of creating interest in your prospective customers. However, you need to mention clearly about the conditions, if any, so that the buyer will not feel deceived afterwards.

5. When your prospective customers are on your sales page, offer them information about other related products that are available with you and useful for them. It increases the chances of the buyers making more than one purchase on your website.

6. Follow-up your customers after they make an inquiry or make purchase. Inform them through emails about the new offers that you have or the launch of new products or any other news that is crucial for them to know.

7. Increase your online credibility by providing sufficient information about you to your visitors. It is very important that your visitors can contact you whenever they want and get information about your services.

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Copywriting Tips to Make Your Life Easier

If you find yourself writing a lot of copy whether promoting other products or on your own sales pages then you will want to make life as easy as possible. Writing a long form sales letter can be a very time consuming process and a professional copywriter will probably spend over a week crafting the words. It is necessary to write more than one example to really know for sure if you have cracked it and the average sales letter will have had numerous headlines tested for conversion rates.

It is also a good idea to step away from it for a while and return after some time to ensure you are happy. A fresh pair of eyes will notice many things you did not realize as you were consumed in the process. So in order to really make the process as streamlined as possible you should follow these tips.

Keep a swipe file of your best performing copy and the words that have the most impact. You should also keep great examples you find on the web. Obviously you should not use these but they can provide great inspiration. Your swipe file will help you when you get writers block and just cannot find the words to express what you want.

Network with other copywriters. Making contacts in the industry will help you no end. By having an experienced person look over your work you can get a new perspective and you can run all your work by each other. As will all work having great contacts also keeps you up to date on the new advances and ideas that are taking off in the marketplace.

Show your work to friends outside of the industry. Let people who do not understand the techniques you are employing see your sales letter. This will be very valuable as you can see what a person who does not know much about the market or any writing tricks thinks and how they react to what you are saying.

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Copywriting Tips – Bits and Pieces

I often get asked what the best way to tackle a sales letter is. Truth is, there is no best way. Each sales letter is different. A lot depends on the product itself. For an inexpensive product, a short sales letter can probably do the job quite nicely. For a high end product, a longer sales letter will usually be necessary. It is for those longer sales letters that I suggest you take them in bits and pieces. This article is going to explain why and how to do it.

Let’s start with the why. Usually, when you write a sales letter, you try to map the whole thing out in advance. For most inexpensive products, this can be done quickly and easily. From there, you simply put all the pieces together to form your finished letter. I’ve sometimes knocked off a sales letter in less than two hours for a $ 27 product. It’s not hard to do.

But what if you’re selling something that goes for $ 997? In that case, you need to do a lot of pre-selling. Prospects are going to be reluctant to part with that much cash without a whole lot of convincing. If you’ve seen copy for products in that price range, you know that they read like novels. These pages are not written in two hours and certainly not written in one sitting. Your brain would fry trying to get through it. That’s the reason WHY you want to break it up into bits and pieces. The question is, how?

Sales letters read from top down. At least traditional ones do. So what you want to do is start with the very top of the letter…the headline. Work on it until you are absolutely convinced that it’s the best one you can come up with. Don’t think about the first paragraph or the bullet points or anything else. Just concentrate on that headline and work on it until it’s done.

Then, and this is very important, keeping that headline in your mind, think about what you want to write for the first paragraph that will compliment the headline. You don’t want to start off in one area and then go in a completely different direction. You need to keep a feeling of consistency throughout the copy. This is easy to do when you’re writing something in one shot, but not so easy when you’re doing it in bits and pieces because of the time lapse between each section. So, what you want to do…and this is critical…is read everything you’re written BEFORE you begin to write the next section.

What this does is it puts everything fresh in your mind as if you had just written it. The time lapse is no longer a factor.

Doing this, you can start writing your copy on Monday, go back to it in Thursday and not miss a beat.

Try it sometime. You just mind find that writing your sales letter this way makes the whole process go a lot smoother and easier.

To YOUR Success,

Steven Wagenheim

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Copywriting Course – Top Tips

Copywriting is writing in order to promote an idea, product, service or person with the use of words – and can be used for different mediums.

The output that a copywriter makes is called a copy, and can be a long piece, like content for sales websites and sales letters. Copy can also be extremely short, like those in newspaper or phone book ads.

While you may think that copywriting is a new job, it has been around for a long time, influencing how we think and decide – affective our lives for a long time now in more than just one way.

Because copywriting is indispensable to business, copywriters are always needed in order to create those popular tag lines and presentations. And now, with the rise of the internet as another medium for conducting business, copywriting has become needed more than ever.

So why not try your hand at it as well? Copywriting skills are not only useful if you have your own business, but useful by themselves too. You can earn a good income by offering your services to other businesses.

If you’d like to start, there are some key copywriting tips to remember:

Make Use Of The Internet

There are plenty of copywriters in the real world, who do day to day business, work in offices and meet real people. As well there are copywriters who work just for the internet. As a beginner, it is easier to find prospects and clients, as well as learn more copywriting tips from experts, by making use of the internet.

Keep Ideas Simple

Complexity is the worst enemy of marketing, and as a copywriter, you should be able to convert complex ideas into simple and concise phrases or sentences. Being able to create powerful and attention grabbing statements that are short and concise makes you an effective copywriter.

Get To Know Your Audience.

Once big mistake that businesses make is not understanding their customers. The audience is the most vital part in copywriting, because they are your prospective clients.

Copywriting tips will tell you to get to know your audience fully, and this is very true. Once you know and understand how your audience thinks and feels, you will be able to create copies that can effectively reach them, and thus, influence their decision making process.

Be Creative, Be Unique

Creativity and uniqueness is important in copywriting. You must not only be able to fully understand all those copywriting tips, but you must be creative enough to see potentially good ideas from the world around you.

These are a few copywriting tips that you can follow, the most basic and useful. You can also learn more through books, guides and courses from those who have been in the business longer than you have.

Use the knowledge and experience of top copywriters, and you might become one of them, soon.

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Video Promotion Tips – Sell Effortlessly Through Professional Video Promotion

We have come to an age where reaching customers of our products and services is no longer a walk in the park. You must spend your time and money to develop well thought out video promotional materials. When the characteristics of your video promotional materials are unique your visitors will come back again and again.

The chief advantage of video materials is that they have a high potential to appeal to your prospective clients in a very systematic manner. Instead of going straight away for their purse strings, which they will obviously hold on to, a video appeals first to the eyes, then the heart and finally the customer himself or herself willingly opens the purse strings.

If you are not currently using video promotional materials to sell yourself then you are on the wrong side of profit making. People have very little time to spare so they would prefer something that does not tax their brains trying to figure out what exactly you are trying to communicate. The archaic forms of media are no match to video promotions. Internet video marketing is what you must do to carve your niche in the market.

All advertisers who matter have something online today which is easily picked by search engines and gets connected to local audiences. So what do you need to remember to develop effective videos which offer return on investment and give you a reason to smile all the way to the bank? The following simple tips should help you in that noble direction.

Simplicity is the key: Let you adverts be simple and straight to the point. No one has the time to read legions of text on their computer screens; there is already too much competition for your target viewers’ attention and time so something simple, short and snappy will do for you.

What’s your point: According to several studies, people will decide whether they want more of what you want to offer in less than ten seconds. You Ads will therefore need to enumerate specific instant benefits in a flash. This will prove if anyone is going to stick to them till the end.

Choose your text correctly: When there is just a little more text in your promotional video you must know how to vary your text sizes to fit properly in the space available. Many experts recommend no more than two type sizes in one ad, with the largest type size on top. Also, never use more than two fonts and avoid using all caps.

Are your visuals appropriate? Your video ad must contain visuals that are appealing and eye catching but more significantly they need to communicate an appropriate message. You graphics need not be complicated lest they steal the attention of your viewer preventing them from concentrating on the message.

Did you test your video? Test it again: The advantage of video is its flexibility and you can use it in many creative formats if you learn how to. Set aside a portion of your budget to test different approaches so that you can see how response rates fluctuate when you change the visuals, call-to-action, and price points or add a promotional offer.

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Paid Survey – Great Tips on Getting Paid to Do Surveys!

With so many people trying their hand in getting paid to take surveys, you can surely be one of them. The only requirement is your time and interest to undertake any kind of surveys that may come your way. Your interest should be genuine and work should be patiently done.

As was the earlier trend, the companies would send their market research officials or small group of people would interview and seek the opinions of people or a representative would come to your house to take your interview and views regarding the products. But with the advancement of technology and the internet availability, most of the companies are now laying stress and focusing on the online paid surveys and the focus groups. Though these are very simple kind of questionnaires, you have the flexibility to work upon them from the comfort of your home and you do not need to attend any meetings or seminars for them.

The focus groups or the paid surveys are aimed at the general audience though the age limit for the paid surveys is mainly 18 years. You would simply need a few things like a good internet connection, preferably broadband and a separate email id where you can receive all your survey mails. Once you have these things the next step is making sure to register with as many legitimate paid surveys as you can, as the more you register with, the more surveys come to you. The thumb rule applies here- the more you work the more you earn. Make sure to fill in the application form on these surveys sites correctly, ensuring to fill up the profile and enabling all the things you are interested in, as the survey companies send you those topics in the surveys. Another important tip is to check your mail box regularly and take all the surveys that come in it by giving your true and honest opinion to them.

The residents of US, Australia, UK and Canada are foremost in getting the maximum number of surveys as most of the good companies are located there, though the other countries are not far behind. So, do not wait and get started to register yourself with the top paying surveys and see yourself make lots of money within no time!

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Top Four Tips For Fresh Copywriting Ideas

Do you get a big copywriting assignment or find yourself copywriting for your own website or blog and can’t think of a thing? If your brain feels empty of ideas, it has nothing to do with the quality of your brain. Even the grandest fireplace won’t give out heat if there are no logs on the grate.

The main reason you get copywriter’s block is because you haven’t given yourself enough raw material to work with. Here are four fabulous ways to get your big brain properly fueled up.

1.) Do more research on your topic.

If you think you have already written up your topic every way you can think of, you haven’t gone deep enough. Keep digging and new angles will keep turning up. You’ll find out how the shoe manufacturer you are writing about collapsed and revived three times in its sixty year history – and this provides hot tips you can share about how to revive it again today. You’ll discover that early English pirates tossed cacao beans overboard when they captured a Spanish ship because they could not conceive of chocolate. You can then write about how a most unpromising beginning can be turned into marketing gold.

2.) Get out in the world.

Walk, bike, sit in an outdoor café, observing closely. The change of scene will stir up your copywriter neurons. You will be surprised at how new ideas just pop into your head. You’ll see a little girl playing with a Great Dane larger than herself and suddenly decide to write an article on power relationships that are not what they seem. Or a farm truck fighting its way downtown will set you on a series of articles about how food really gets on your city table.

3.) Search the newspapers with a fine-toothed comb.

You’d be amazed at how just about everything can be turned into copy. An item about a big fire can spark an article on the ten top fire safety tips for your home. A political scandal can generate a blog post about how to hire accounting watchdogs. The story of a gardening tour gives you an article on five ways a garden changes your life for the better.

4.) Keep excellent reference books – and use them.

Random paging through the dictionary, thesaurus or specialized text will yield loads of ideas. A phrase from a thesaurus, such as “sensational feeling” can spur you to write about how four ways feelings affect job performance. Look up, say, “diplomacy” and find two very different synonyms – “statesmanship”and “intrigue”. Right there you have the basis for an instantly relevant article on corporate CEO does and don’ts.

In no time, your copywriter brain will be roaring with fresh fuel and you will be writing as fast are your fingers can fire out the words.

Copyright Gail Hamilton 2009

Gail Hamilton, author of 25 books, is an experienced copywriter who knows how challenging finding the right words can be. To help everyone write more persuasively, she has provided huge pools of effective, highly targeted language, in thesaurus form, in her latest works, the Marketing Phrase Book, the Fundraiser’s Phrase Book and 1001 Ways to Say Thank You. Join the Phrase of the Week group and get your free copy of Say It With Color, a powerful writer’s tool you’ll use every day.