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Blogging Tips For Success

Write and Read

Added to writing good content on your blog – English and subject wise – you also have to be a good ‘visitor’. You have to regularly read other blogs as well as contribute to them in terms of comments. This not only helps you to build network with other bloggers but it also gives you an idea of the ‘thought process’ behind the reader/visitor of your blog.


You must captivate and maintain the interest of the reader. Make sure that your content is fresh and lively – don’t just toll out chunks of facts – and make sure that the information is correct and useful. Add in a human touch – a casual comment, an unusual expression. Share your enthusiasm for the subject being discussed.


It is important that a blogger be consistent – cover a niche – rather than haphazardly write posts. This is untrue in cases where the blog is more of a ‘journal’ (which is more or less what a blog was initially meant as). However, if you are a ‘content’ blogger, focus on a niche and use a consistent style.

Precise Quality

Instead of writing long posts that don’t have much useful information in them, write short posts of a high quality. Make sure that your posts are precise and as short as possible so that the user can read through the post and get whatever information they need quickly. Additionally, rather than publish a ton of posts, publish a smaller number of posts with a high quality.

First Impression

Remember, in blogging, blogs are judged by their covers. Your front page should have a well designed layout and, preferably, contain your latest blog post. Additionally, present your best content on the front page. Add tag clouds and include a search box at the top. Have a well designed logo/banner. Add in a good number of pages. The first impression is very important – a disappointed visitor to the blog will possibly not come back again and will even discourage others. A happy visitor on the other hand will share the website and regularly visit it.

Experience Sharing

Blogging is more about sharing your experience than simply preseting fatcs. It is journalism on the internet. Feel free to behave like a human and reach out to your readers. Share what you have done particularly when it comes to reviewing something. Tell them what you did for fun on any day.

These are the few tips that might help you to make your blog successful, it will be great if you share your ideas through comments.

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Paid Surveys – More Tips to Make the Most of Your Paid Survey Payouts

For some people who have tried paid surveys for the first time, they complain that the payout is too low for them, claiming in the end, that paid surveys are scams and that the income is too low. Paid surveys would no have lasted this long and would not have gained its popularity if that is the case. A lot of people still continue to patronize the paid survey industries because it helps generate a bit of income and not to mention, it is the simplest job you would ever find on the internet so to avoid being frustrated and make the most of your payouts be guided accordingly by these tips:

1. Take It Little By Little

Of course everyone wants to get rich but not all people are as lucky as Bill Gates. Even Bill Gates had to work up the Microsoft system before he hit the jackpot. The point here is that people tend to believe in too good to be true ads which is why when they join the site that the ad advertised, they become disappointed because it turns out that it was just a fake. Ads will always be advertising exaggerated things because they are meant to attract people. So do not believe everything that you see. Everyone has to start out at the bottom and slowly work their way up.

2. Search it Up

As always, the number one paid survey advice is to research anything and everything before signing up. Look for review sites, blogs and forums where honest experiences from participants like you share their opinions and experiences. Research is the answer to avoiding scam sites. Also, do not forget to read everything that is stated in the terms and conditions before you agree with it so that you won’t miss anything.

3. Work for the Same People

Starters would probably receive just about the minimum but if you work regularly for the same providers or company, they might slowly raise your earnings so be sure to make a good impression by submitting on or before the deadline, filling up your profile with the required information and answering their surveys with your most honest opinions.

4. The More The Merrier

Search up as many legitimate sites as you can and join everything that you find provided that it really is legitimate. Legitimate survey companies normally send out a minimum of two to three surveys per week. So by joining several websites you won’t run out of surveys to answer continuing to get invitations and keep the ball rolling. Answering surveys is not tedious work so you do not have to worry if it piles up, the more the better.

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Proven Article Marketing Tips For Increased Conversions

Simple Article Marketing Tips that Work
Unless you’re a total newbie, then you’re very much aware of the power of article marketing and all the many uses for it. Today we’ll discuss three points related to article marketing, and if you use this marketing method then we think you’ll benefit from them.

If you have several articles in a particular niche, why not put them together to create a longer document such as e-book, which you can give away as a promotion? When done correctly, this can generate new leads and traffic for you, and it’s all accomplished by using the resources you already have. If you plan this right, you can use this to promote your website or product for free. For example, if you have 50 articles written on “learning piano”, you can easily create a 50 page report on “how to learn piano in 30 days” and divide it into sections. Giving away free reports has the potential to bring you a great deal of traffic as the report gets circulated virally. Say somewhere in your report that readers have distribution rights so that they are encouraged to send it to people on their own lists. The more the report spreads around, the higher will be your chance of getting free traffic. There is no reason why people would not want to send a good quality free report to others. That’s a lot better than letting your articles remain on your desktop. Try this and you will find that it works better than you might have thought.

Always, always, proof read your articles before they go live. The only thing is that you will not have another chance to do that after it’s live on the web. So when you have the final draft of the article ready, proof read it a few times to make sure there no unknown errors that creep in. You never want to create the impression that you are not professional in your business affairs.

If you want you can even pay someone to proof read them for you. Or if you can convince a friend to do it, then that will work too. This is an important step, so make sure you don’t forget it.

When you’re creating your articles for online marketing, you should remember that the most important element is your article’s title. If written properly your article titles will mean the difference between getting your articles read or not read. So if you don’t take care to write a good title, then you can very easily get a poor response to your articles. A poor title won’t command attention and will not compel people to want to know more – read the article. Last but not the least, when you create your article’s title, make sure you have the main benefit mentioned there. So that’s how you can do little but important things to increase your readership.

Many thousands of marketers have successful used articles to generate targeted traffic, so be sure to learn all the tips you can find.

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Easy Copywriting Tips that Bring Results

Tips to Boost Your Copywriting Effectiveness
You’ll find a number of courses on copywriting on the web, and you’ll see that most of them talk about the same points in a different way. This is proof that the basics for copywriting are exactly the same. As long as you work towards learning those basic principles thoroughly, you’ll find the rest is simple. This article will delve into some simple tips that can help you improve your copywriting skills.

You have to connect with your readers with your copy and hold their interest. Your goal is for your copy to be the most fascinating subject in the world to your prospect, at least for a few minutes. In order to do this, you need to have a flow. If you are going to write good copy, you have to do this. From the heading to the P.S. (if you have one), there has to be a steady flow. Try to transition smoothly from one paragraph to the next so it all fits together. Your natural flow gets broken if you get diverted and go off topic. The more your copy flows, the better the response from your readers will be. If you can use your copy to tell a story, this flow will come easily. Explain to your prospects that you once had the same problem they have, but that you found the ideal solution. If you can show how similar you are to your prospects, they will find you more trustworthy and they will be open to trying this product that helped you solve the same problem they have. So, by telling a compelling story that is close to the hearts of your prospects, you engage their emotions. Your audience can better understand your point when you are able to generate this kind of flow.

If you want to close your sales you need to make sure that your buyers feel comfortable. It is your job to make them feel okay about making the decision to spend money. So how do you do that? By offering a 100% honored money back guarantee that shows support for your product. This just shows your conviction in the product and your confidence in its ability. By doing this you make your prospects feel relaxed, since you’re simply taking the risk off their shoulders. Copywriters often worry that this type of offer reduces their sales. Believe it or not, the opposite usually happens: business booms and more sales go through. Also, you need to find the right length of time for your guarantee to last. For the most part, Internet marketers use a thirty day money back guarantee but you can use whatever length of time you think is best. The thing to note is that the longer your grace period on your guarantee is, the less likely it will be for buyers to actually ask for the refund.

A good thing to use in your copywriting is the AIDA formula. This is a very effective four part process that your prospects are guided through. The formula stands for Attention, Interest, Desire, Action, and your goal is to get their attention and then interest, make them desire something and then lead them to action. This method of writing a sales copy has been tried and tested; it tends to give great results.

In conclusion, work on honing your copywriting skills and you’ll be rewarded with increased sales and expansionm in your online business.

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Copywriting Tips Help You To Improve your Conversions

Tips for a Profit Pulling Copy Copywriting is one of the most profound skills that you can have when you’re working as an Internet marketer. It helps increase you sales greatly. For a good copy to be written many factors should be kept in mind in if you would like to see a jump in your sales. Below are some tips that could assist you in improving your copywriting. The point of sales copy is to help potential customers understand the benefits of your product. You also need to show them that your product is not only good but it really works. You can do this by providing evidence of past satisfied customers in the form of testimonials. Testimonials can be an excellent way to persuade a doubtful customer to buy. When hearing something from a third person our minds naturally believe. It will also serve as a first hand view of how the product works for other customers. People are naturally wary about scams on the Internet, so of course they want to be cautious about what they buy online. To give your testimonials some credence, try to include a website or details for the person who left the positive feedback. You can also include audio or video testimonials, which deliver more value. It is not a good idea to have your testimonials concentrated in one area but rather throughout the copy. From time to time show them. Make sure all the testimonials stress on different points and talk about various benefits of your product. Another copywriting principle is to tell people about the benefits your product offers, not a long list of its features and parts. No matter how good your product’s features may be, the customer is only interested in what it can do for him. Your readers want to find out what your product will do for them, not how it works or how it’s made. You can handle this by making sure that for every feature you list you also mention a benefit. If you can get some valuable word of mouth promotion of your product, you don’t want people talking about its features, but about what it does for them. The benefits are what make people want your product, even though the features are certainly important as well. So make sure your copy is full of bullets points explaining the benefits. Your third useful tip should be to use the post script or P.S when ending your sales letter for an increase in sales. Just by using a few lines you can see your sales boost once done the right way. Studies have shown that the P.S. is read by almost everybody who reads your headline. Apart from that, it stops many people from leaving your page and once again reinforces the benefits of the product. The post script should be a strong calling and a summarization of your entire offer. In conclusion, a good sales copy is made up of a number of elements. It takes some time and effort to master all of these. Your skills will improve as you keep working on it, but your copywriting doesn’t have to be perfect for you to make some sales while you’re still learning.

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How To Improve Your Conversions With These Copywriting Tips

It’s important to realize that the copy you write should not be focused on you. Instead, keep your attention on your customers, the people who your product is aimed at. Your readers are only interested in what your product is going to do for them, not about your great qualities or accomplishments. They want to know what’s in it for them. You won’t be impressing people by telling them about your peEffective Copywriting Tips that Give Results Copywriting is essential for online marketing success. In some cases, internet marketers have risen to the top of their field simply because of their copywriting abilities. By improving your sales copy, you will improve your conversion rate and thus make more sales. In this article we will be discussing some important copywriting tips that you can use now to see results.rsonal success story, you’ll be turning them off. It’s essential that your copy does not have too many “I’s” when it should be full of “you’s.” Copywriters who talk about themselves too much end up driving their prospects to the web pages of their competitors. You don’t want to put off telling your readers how your offer will help them. You have to keep your customer as the main character of your copy, from beginning to end. Another important tip that you need to remember is to keep all your focus on the benefits of your product, not the features. Yes, your product might have the best features but unless you show your customers why and how they would benefit out of them, it’s of no use. Your readers want to find out what your product will do for them, not how it works or how it’s made. You can handle this by making sure that for every feature you list you also mention a benefit. Besides that, when your prospect talks about your product to his friends and family (word of mouth) he/she won’t talk about the features but will only talk about how beneficial the product is. Even though your features make your product original, what people really care about are the advantages. It’s helpful to make use of bullet points to list your product’s benefits. Your sales letter should include a valid guarantee of some kind. If you want people to buy your product, you have to first give them some reassurance. They want to see your conviction in it and how much you believe in it. If you can prove that you are confident about what you’re selling and that you will assume all the risk, their fears about buying will be put aside. This automatically reduces their anxiety and gets them to lower their defenses about buying. Good copywriting, then, is a bringing together of several important principles. It takes some time and effort to master all of these. Your copywriting and profits will improve the more you practice and the more effort you put into it.

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Landing Page Optimization Tips For Greater Conversions

Quite a few times we’ll see landing pages with a nice pic of the merchant as well as some mention about his or her areas of expertise. This helps your prospects trust you better and it gives out a positive impression. Anybody that takes up your offer or wants to give it a shot will want to know the person behind it. All you can do is be straight with people, and actually people tend to have a good sense about these things. The longer people stay with you, then they will learn that you’re honest and so no problems. We’re not sure if including links to profiles at Twitter and Facebook will increase conversions – so you can test that one. However, it is best to avoid putting them in places that are potentially distracting from the most important message on your page.

Greet your audience with an audio message whenever video is not possible on your landing page. Doing this is a powerful method for making your visitors feel personally welcomed to your landing page. Make a point of telling visitors about your offer and why they should accept it in your audio message. This is an excellent opportunity to not only tell your audience, in a personal way, what you have to offer but also to let them know why it matters to them. Don’t make this audio too long, but only a minute or two. Take advantage of your audio to spark curiosity and a sense of urgency in your audience. For example, if the goal is to create subscribers for your list, you should ask your audience to sign up your list and let them know how it benefits them to do so.

Last, test the various elements of your landing page frequently to see which ones are working best. The success of your landing page may very well depend upon your ability to effectively test these elements and make changes according to those results. You must test your headline well and test it often for your landing page to be a success. Rotate three or four headlines and see for yourself which one offers better conversions. This is what you must do in order to increase conversions and profits.If you apply all these tips on your landing page your business should enjoy growth that is slow but steady. The more often you apply these principles the better your response will be.

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A Few Quick Tips In Seo Copywriting

SEO Copywriting is the technique of writing viewable text on a web page. The aim is to keep it readable for web surfers and also to target specific search engine terms. Copywriting is important because search engines are constantly in the need of genuine content pages.

Listed below are a few quick tips on Search Engine Optimization Copywriting:

Keywords should be researched. Online tools must be used to check search volumes and the competition in the market. If the search volumes are higher, it gets difficult to rank well. However, if you do rank well, the traffic generated to your web site would be in abundance.
The page content must match the title descriptions and the meta data. Both these attributes must be as accurate as possible in describing the content of the web page.
The h1 tag is one of the very important attributes. It must contain the most desired keyword.
The h2 and h3 tags may contain other important keywords. They can be those words that might generate some traffic for your web site. Take care to see that these words are relevant to the industry.
Occasional keywords and phrases can be highlighted. This will help add emphasis for visitors.
SEO Copywriting requires you to carefully go through your source code. You should see what content the web spiders will see first and try to add value to it.
All the link descriptions within the entire text copy should include keywords. Vague descriptions like read more and click here should be avoided. Again, care should be taken to use keywords that are relevant to the destination.
In case you are using references to external websites, a link to the source should be provided. This helps in adding credibility to the content.
Always remember, a sales page will never help in search engine ranking. Therefore, it is advisable to be informative and provide good detail on a page. Only include a click to action to the sales page if required.
Overuse of keywords in an individual should be strictly avoided. SEO Copywriting should not include a lot of keywords.
The content should be readable for not only the spiders but also the users. After all, it is the users that are going to read your content.
The targeted keyword and the phrase should be used in the first sentence.
Recognizable font faces should be used. Everyone won’t necessarily have the same font as you.

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Important Auto Blogging Tips

I have been doing some testing regarding auto blogging. This is a concept I have not even tried until just recently. I can see already that this is the key to average people making alot of money online if you do it right.

What if you do it wrong? Here are a few tips I have learned so far.

1. Blogger.com blogs. Almost every blog I have set up using Google’s free blogging platform has quickly been shut down due to spamming.

I really do not see anyway to do auto blogging with a blogspot blog. By this I mean using auto software to post plr articles and rss feeds. They do not want any duplicate content clogging up their system.

This is not to say you can not make using Google’s free blogs. I have made money with them in the past, but the key is to choose a niche with very little competition, and then add a small amount of fresh content on a regular basis.

If you do that Google will find your blogs and rank them very high for keywords relating to the niche you are in. Because there is less competition these blogs rank very quickly and can bring in some decent quality traffic.

2. Joining a membership site such as Blogblueprint.com. Even if you have a pretty good background in Internet marketing it is amazing how much you can learn from people who have been doing it for a while.

Plus what I like about this is they have videos that take you through step by step on how to do auto blogging the right way. And they have a members only discussion forum where you can go and ask questions.

The whole program is very impressive and worth the small investment it takes. They have different membership levels, but nothing is more than $ 67 a month.

3. Be consistent in setting up new blogs that you host yourself. There is no doubt that building a blogging empire takes a lot of work. Initially you will want to do the work yourself on a part time basis until you get a system in place.

Then you can outsource much of the day to day aspects of your business. The whole point of auto blogging is not having to spend a lot of time on any particular blog so you want to automate as much of it as you can.

I can actually see that anyone can make money on the Internet doing auto blogging if you just learn how. Once you get the hang of it is actually pretty easy and can be a lot of fun.

As long as you are willing to put a consistent effort this can be the answer to making money online that many of you are looking for.

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Internet Video Marketing Tips

There are some tricks to good internet video marketing and having it rank high on the charts. The first thing you want to do before you make your video is do a little keyword research. After all don’t you want people to see your effort? If you make a video with some specific keywords in the title and through out the description, Google will like it.

Remember You Tube is owned by Google and is a gigantic search engine, the third largest in the world, and Google likes good content to offer their customers when searching for something. Your description has a lot to do with that along with your keywords.

To make a good video, I suggest getting a Flip Cam. They are inexpensive and you can up load to your computer fast and easy. Of course you can use whatever you like, I like a flip cam because the format is right for You Tube. Other videos might have to be formatted different (size etc.) It saves you time and aggravation. Think about what the video is going to be about . Identify a need and address it and then offer a solution. You want to have good lighting in your video so people can see you. When doing internet video marketing just be yourself!

That is what people want to see, the real you not some fake act. If you don’t like the first one you made just delete it and do it again. You can’t mess it up. The whole reason for internet video marketing is to personally brand yourself. When people can see you and here you and see your gestures they start feeling more at home with you and get to know you believe it or not.

After you are done simply up load to your computer and then up load onto You Tube where you can do some more magic by writing a good description with related keywords.

Internet video marketing is free and can give you massive exposure for years to come. It can help you leverage your business in a big way. Make a list of all the main video sites and up load to as many as you like for maximum exposure. Try to keep you’re video around 3 to 5 min. long. The longest most places will give you is 10 min.

So in conclusion just prepare before you shoot. Sometimes you will have the urge to go make a quick video on some subject. Go do it while it’s fresh and you can find the keywords to relate to it after wards. Just be yourself and do it over and over and you will start to like it. If you want to make it online , really make it, you need good internet video marketing to help pull it all together and help people relate to you. A email is nice, a email with a picture is nicer but a video is the best. The 5 minutes you spend making that video could pull in traffic, FREE traffic for years to come. It is an awesome free advertising tool of the 21st century so take advantage of it.

This was written by Doug Cox, business owner for 35 years and internet marketing consultant. You can read more tricks and tips about internet video marketing at my blog.