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Website Traffic – Paid To Visit Online Sites

Getting visitors to your web-site has and always will be the main factor between success and failure of the online business. It is the process of matching what people want to find on the Internet to what is available for people to visit that gives rise to the power of companies like Bing, Google and Yahoo and all the other search engines out there. People using the search engines either find what they want in the organic search results or they find and click on the advertising displayed prominently by the search engines – and the engines use keywords to supposedly display the most relevant results in regards to the terms searched on by users.

Article marketing is another way online business owners use to attract people to their sites by hopefully having sufficiently interesting articles that readers will click on the links in the resource box.

A new and novel way for attracting visitors to your online property is to reward people for their visit, and it is proving a very popular website traffic generation tool. People are rewarded with credits for visiting other people’s web-sites and after they have installed the toolbar to their Internet browser, web-sites are displayed and for every web-site that is displayed for longer than 30 seconds, the viewer visitor gets a credit which they can either sell to other people or use themselves in a variety of ways.

Because the total number of visitors to your website is a consideration in search engine optimization terms and the Google’s algorithm, and also the Alexa ranking of the web-site also is very important when the engines rank web-sites, and it is for these reasons that using this new website traffic system is rapidly growing in popularity. Of course one of the most obvious benefits for deriving website traffic by this means is that many of the visitors become customers.

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3 C’s to Website Promotion

The hardest job selling on the internet are the 3 c’s.

The average web surfer only stays on your site for less than 1 minute. To keep your audience glued to your web portal you must follow these simple rules.

1 – Content:

Website promotion can be highly competitive depending on your service or product but with a few steps to help your business grow.

Ask yourself who is your target audience. The age, marital status wants and needs. Addressing this will help in personalizing your content.

What do you offer to the person or visitor?

The content on your main web page and all other pages must express some desire to make life easier for them.

The offer of tips and how your product or service helps them is your objective.

If you sell or promote an offer of service for example

SEO Google rankings or indexing in search engines you could give strategies relating to the title and meta tags usage.

Have this information in simple easy to read format as not everyone is as advanced as you.

2 – Credibility:

Who are you?

List all avenues that someone can research your name and company.

You may try Facebook or linked and keep adding information to these pages fresh and indexed.

Other sources to keep your name alive on the internet could be to share a video about your product or service.

Create an article or brief information package that shares your knowledge and experiences. Then submit them to article directories or depending on the length to forums or news groups

3 – Closing:

Now this may seem simple, but on most web pages the buy now button is not enough.

Summarize all that your products or services and what it will accomplish if the visitor purchases from you.

On your website display a telephone number or Skype access, email and postal address to allow for questions and easy access to you.

Most online visitors do not purchase on first visit so keeping in contact with them is a must. You should have some form of ongoing newsletter or discount offer if they join your auto-responder.

A website promotion or internet promotion has many variables to think about.


Affordable Web Design With Free Website Promotion

In the cut and thrust, ever competitive market that is web design, there is always a good deal to be had. This is especially the case in the current financial climate as the recession has meant that many people are “tightening their belts” so to speak. The website design industry has felt the full force of the credit crunch in the same way that many other business sectors have. As a consumer you can turn this to your own advantage by ensuring that as well as having a website designed and built that you also have six months of web promotion thrown in for free.

Some of the readers of this article may feel that it is some what cheeky to request this free web promotion service however my attitude is quite simple “If you do not ask you do not get”.

It is similar to when you a buy a car, this is something that my father did recently. He had read about how badly the car dealers are doing and decided to bag himself a bargain. He knew the car he wanted and stated that he was only willing to pay a certain price, a price which was well below the car dealer’s asking price. He went around a number of car garages and put in his offer, eight of the dealerships turned down his offer but the ninth accepted it.

What I am saying is that when you make these requests a lot of web designers will turn you down but there will be at least one that will accept. It is important to ensure however that the person who accepts to build you a website and is happy to throw in some web promotion for free is capable of producing the goods and isn’t just some fly by night novice.

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Cost Effective – Website Traffic Promotion

Every Internet business person wants to succeed. We’ve all heard about how easy it is to make money online. The truth is many people have indeed prospered but even more have failed miserably. Understanding Internet marketing is not much different from any other kind of marketing. Your business must be advertised. People have to read what your business is all about. The more difficult part is getting the facts to potential visitors. There is no way your Internet business can succeed without website traffic. Promotion of your products and services is paramount if you want a business enterprise that works.

Many of us have read about and heard about individuals who have made a huge success of Internet businesses because of the marketing strategy they use. Many of these individuals have not done it alone. They have taken the easy way and used the services of an expert. This is by the far the easiest and most cost effective way to get your Internet business known and thriving. It all comes down to website traffic. Promotion is the only way to get your business noticed.

A very good means is to use a strategy based on article promotion. This makes good sense because prospective customers want information. They want to read who you are and what you offer regarding products and services. If you think about it, the more articles there are about you, the more people you will reach. It is also important to know where to place these articles. All this is part of a strategy that can be implemented by an expert marketer to grow website traffic. Promotion of your business is a priority if you want to reach and attract prospective buyers. An expert will write the articles, place them and let the readers know where to find you. This is a deal that will save you money as well as make you money.

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Website Promotion – Three Popular Choices

Learning how to promote your website can be a difficult and disappointing task. Especially when you are new to the internet business, it can be hard to determine what you need to do in order to gain the proper amount of exposure that you are going to need in order to build a real and lasting income.

There are all types of methods that you can choose to promote your website. Let’s take a look at a few of them.

1. Purchase Pay Per Click Advertising. This will gain you almost immediate traffic to your website and if you choose the proper key words it will bring you the kind of targeted traffic that you are looking for. Google AdWords is the most common and most used, but each search engine has their own form of Pay Per Click advertising that you can use.

2. Use YouTube and create and post videos that will interest people in your target audience. YouTube is one of the most highly searched websites out there and if you can create a video and post it on there, you can easily start seeing some traffic to your site. If you happen to submit a video that people share with each other, you can wind up with a LOT of traffic.

3. Write and submit articles. This is my personal favorite as I don’t mind writing and it is a free method of gaining traffic to your site. When you start to have hundreds of little articles all over the internet, the traffic is continuous. This way, no matter what, you are still seeing daily traffic to your website.

There are many more ways that you can use to promote your website and get the amount of traffic that you need in order to make enough sales to support a REAL income.

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Website Promotion Tips – The Key Elements of Website Promotion

The goal of every business that has an ad on the internet is to drive web traffic which should be translated into conversions. This is also the main focus of search engine optimization professionals. If you want people to visit your website, you must do your SEO homework pretty well to get high rankings in search engines. When a visitor is attracted to your site due to its linking they need to go a step further and get converted. Here are a few simple tips that will help you maximize the conversion rate on your website.

Be quick to access

If your own experience is like that of many internet users, quick performance websites are the favorites of almost everyone. Very few visitors will want to stick to a home page that takes more than 30 seconds to load because it probably has too much stuff. Your home page needs to be light enough to open in a flash. Many visitors will discard a page that takes forever to get to the homepage since we are a generation in a constant hurry. Try to cut down the file size of your home page in a way that does not necessarily affect the content.


There is a simple but very effective sales tool that many marketers never get to take advantage of and that is called social proof. It is quite common for almost everyone to want to find out who else has an experience with the story you are trying to tell them. People will find it easier to make a buying decision if they know they are not the guinea pig as far as the product is concerned. Everyone wants to purchase a product that is a best seller and if your website is hosting such a product then you are home and dry. Try also using other third party substantiation techniques such as testimonials from satisfied customers. Every company has a slightly different audience, so it’s important to know what type of content is most compelling to your prospects.

Mutual exchange

It has worked in the past and fortunately it works even today. Try giving anyone something small and they will feel obligated to do something significant for you. This is why promotions still work to this date. There are many highly effective web based promotions that include downloads, online tools, free trials, webinars, discounts etc. Those who try this line always come out with very positive success stories. Give out something for free to your visitors and chances are a majority of them will patronize your services or products.


Nothing beats a sales process where the prospect feels secure throughout the experience while visiting your website. People will not spend their hard earned cash if they believe someone is trying to take them for a ride. You can create the requisite sense of security by displaying industry and security certifications, warranties and guarantees throughout the experience. Providing information on shipping guarantees may seem academic, but many shoppers bail out during the checkout process if they feel the product won’t get to them on time, if at all, and there may not be any recourse.

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Website Promotion Marketing

In today’s Internet World, the ultimate key to having a successful website is visibility or having high traffic.  With the millions of  other websites on the net, how does it become possible that one is noticed, or more so noticed by millions and millions of people?  Part of the answer lies in Website Promotion Marketing, which as defined is finding the right venue and the right audience in order to promote one’s website.  And while this may be a very broad topic, dwelling in some of the tools of Website Promotion Marketing may do the trick. These are Search Engine Optimization, Display Advertising, E-mail Marketing and Web Analytics may shed light to this topic.

Search Engine Optimization primarily relies on search engines to provide the necessary traffic  or hits for websites.  This happens when the keywords that the user types match the tag in the website.  In general, the earlier ( or higher in the page) and the more frequent the website appears in the hits, the better it is for the website.

Display Advertising in general, entails the use of visuals in promoting one’s website. On the internet, a common form of this form of Website Promotion Marketing entail the use of web banners.  These web banners may have pictures or animated images.  They may have audio and video elements that are interactive in nature. These banners are also used for branding.

E-mail advertising is a form of Website Promotion Marketing , which uses the e-mail to get their message across to potential customers.  Some of these websites provide a registry for all those who check their website.  They then collect the e-mail addresses of those who visit their website, and since then consider them as their potential customer.  These e-mails are designed to entice the person to go back and visit the website.  Advertisements may also be added to these e-mails.  This then translates to higher traffic for the website.  Thus, more advertisers will be enticed to invest in the website.

Web Analytics is used for the collection, measurement, analysis and reporting of internet data in order for one to grasp the optimize web usage.  It provides data for the number of visitors, page views, and the recent trends in the market. There are two kinds of Web Analytics.  The First kind is called Off-site web analytics deals with your potential audience and the potential popularity that your website may gain.  The second type is called On-Site Web Analytics.  This type of On-site Web Analytics measures the actual performance of one’s website in a potential context.  It determines things like which particular pages convince customers to buy a product.

Truly, Website Promotion Marketing plays a very important role in the promotion of websites, more so websites with meaningful contents.  It does not have to cost a lot for those who want to promote their websites.  It is just a matter of knowing the  marketing tools that contribute to more hits and more profit for the website.

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Benefits Of Website Copywriting

To seek the attention of customers is the primary aim of every advertisement. However, this needs to be done in a manner so as to convey the message to the customer and persuade them to buy the product.

This is what website copywriting is all about. It offers to convey the required information to the customer in the best possible manner.

Website copywriting done keeping in mind the seo copywriting techniques attracts prospective customers to the website, as they find quality content which has been written by experienced website copywriters.

Another advantage that outsourcing the work to website copywriters offers, is the use of seo techniques, which is mandatory for search engine optimization. Experienced website copywriters always pay attention to the use of competitive and non-competitive keywords, as a balance of both is required for effectively communicating the message across. They are also well versed in their usage at appropriate place.

Copywriting reduces expenses of the company of brochures and other marketing material. Infact, this is a very environment friendly method of advertisement as no paperwork is required.

Copywriting services have experienced website copywriters, who are experts in their niche areas. Hiring the services of these copywriting service providers will result in the product being ranked high on search engines, as the copywriters will deliver well drafted content which is well researched.

SEO copywriting services offer personalized services. You can communicate with the copywriter working on your project. This offers an unique advantage, as one can see their thoughts take shape in the words created by the seo writer.

The ideas you were struggling to convey to your customers, will be displayed in the best possible manner, surging your business to the levels you always dreamt of.

Each section of the material written requires unique text. Overemphasizing facts or repeating sentences can leave a bad impression with potential customers. If the readers feel that their concerns are not being properly addressed, their interest in the services being offered can wean away.

SEO copywriting prevents this, as the copywriter is an expert in his niche area. They make each page of the website unique with fresh, carefully selected words. With articles written keeping in mind the latest seo strategies and website copywriting techniques, this ensures quality service.

Consumer takes due interest in the service being highlighted because of the effort, the copywriter has put into the write-up. This is of advantage to the customer and the advertiser alike, as customer gets the information they require and the advertiser can thank the copywriter for bringing increased sales to the service being offered.

People are always short of time. Copywriting ensures that the advertiser can focus their time and energy on their core business, and leave the work to the experienced seo copywriter who delivers quality content in the shortest possible time.

SEO copywriting also increases business and knowledge horizon of the person who whishes to go in for website copywriting. They get to know of the latest trends in their particular field as the copywriter is well-versed in all the latest technological advances that have taken place in the recent past.

Social Media Marketing


Internet Website Marketing

One of the most basic ways to get involved in internet website marketing is by establishing a website. A website is a cost-effective way to promote a business, extend its reach, and offer services.

Any business, regardless of size, benefits from having an online presence; the breadth and permanence of the internet means that a website can be accessed at any time, from anywhere. By comparison, other forms of advertising have a more limited window of effectiveness. A website can be updated, edited and expanded instantaneously, making it a more adaptable marketing platform. To this end, websites can adopt a blog format, or add a blog section, which lends itself specifically to providing updated content in an easily accessible form, a strategy which can be further leveraged by the use of social networking sites or micro-blogging platforms like Twitter, instantly bringing any updates to clients’ attention.

Additionally, internet website marketing allows a business to accumulate impressions in ways that are unique to the internet. Search engines constitute one prominent source of website traffic, and it is possible to use search engine optimization, or “SEO,” techniques as well as paid advertising to increase the prominence of a website in relevant search results. Directories, bookmarking sites and link aggregators such as Digg, on which web content of interest is highlighted and sorted by category for broad audiences, are some examples of other popular methods for bringing in viewers. Website cross-promotion and online affiliate marketing programs can also be used to increase traffic.

By making use of web analytics software, a website can be used to determine a variety of information about its audience. In this way businesses can learn about their target demographics more easily and in greater detail than ever before, with access to information such as the location of their viewers, the sites from which they are arriving, what exactly it is they’re searching for, how long they’re staying, and more. This data, in turn, can be used to refine the business’s website and marketing strategy. Website content can even be optimised based on the details of the incoming visitor.

A website is a versatile marketing tool which can prove to have immeasurable value to any business large or small. Internet website marketing essentially places a business in a high-traffic district, open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Furthermore, it enables a business to take advantage of the limitless opportunities afforded by the internet. Internet search engines and online portals have supplanted the telephone directory as the public’s quick-access information source of choice. Businesses that lack a presence on the internet are missing out on a significant opportunity.

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