The Promotion of Carbon Neutral Events


The Promotion of Carbon Neutral Events

The state of our environment is deteriorating at an incredibly fast rate. The deterioration is caused by a large number of different factors, but one of the principal factors is the increase in carbon produced. This increase in carbon in our environment has adverse effects on us as well as on the natural world that surrounds us. The production of carbon is caused by many different means including the actions that are taken by companies, particularly those involved in manufacturing or production processes.

Recently many individuals, groups, and businesses, have begun to realise that the degradation of our environment will have greater and more immediate consequences than were ever realised before.
This has bred the concept of Carbon Neutral Companies and of Carbon Neutral Events. These carbon neutral companies make sure that the effects of the carbon they produce are counteracted by other actions they can take, such as planting trees.

Carbon neutral events have the same focus – to balance the carbon produced against the positive carbon-beating actions produced. They encourage the people and companies participating in the event to take steps to reduce or eliminate the effects of the carbon emissions that are produced as a result of their participation in the event. This can also take the form of activities like planting an equivalent amount of trees or similar. The amount of work that a company has to do to become carbon neutral will be determined by their carbon footprint.

The carbon footprint will be determined by effect that carbon and greenhouses gases produced have on the environment. A company or individual’s carbon footprint is measured in units of carbon dioxide. This measurement can show people and businesses the extent to which they need to work to create carbon neutral events. The people who are hosting events, such as conferences or shows, can also help to raise a company’s awareness of their carbon footprint. The hosts of the events can help to outline steps that attendees can take to make the event carbon neutral.

These ‘carbon-neutralizing’ actions can begin with simply helping companies and individuals to calculate the carbon units that will be produced as a result of their travel to and from the event. This can be added to the amount of carbon that would commonly be produced by the attendees. Steps can then be taken to neutralize the carbon footprint left.

Companies holding events, shows or conferences, can significantly help to increase the awareness of being carbon neutral through making their event carbon neutral. A wonderful example of this is the 2000 Motor Show, held by Mazda, which was made completely carbon neutral. This demonstration went a long way to proving that carbon neutral events were possible and practicable – even for motor vehicle manufacturers.

Planting trees is not the only way to become carbon neutral, whether at home, at work or as the host of an event. You can also make use of green power sources and reduce the emissions produced by traditional power sources. One of the most visible power sources that can be invested in to help work towards carbon neutrality is wind power. Companies and individuals that invest in wind power help to increase the amount of projects that are in existence and in return they get to show that they are playing their part in making their home, company, and community or event carbon neutral.

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