Unleash The Copywriting Secrets That Are Guaranteed To Amplify Your Conversions


Unleash The Copywriting Secrets That Are Guaranteed To Amplify Your Conversions

Why should youfind out the copywriting secrets that theleading Saleswomen and gurus use?

No problem. More cash flow. Writing good copy will increase the conversion rate of any of your squeeze pages, sales letters, emails, videos, etc. Copywriting is the foundational skill needed to be successful in any type of marketing. Regardless of your marketing method you need good copyriting skills.. It’s just sales talk in another format.

You have to understand how we humans think. People initially make buying decisions based on emotion and later justify those decisions with logic. Why is this crucial? Of all the copywriting secrets out there this is most important. We have to trigger these emotions so they will buy. If youlearn nothing else from this writing then figure out this principle. Everything you create in copywriting should have this behind it.

How do we unveil these copywriting secrets then?

Without a doubt, you have already asked yourself “does my product or service offer something of value that my prospect wants or needs? Does it provide them a solution to a problem?” If your product doesn’t provide an answer to the prospect’s problem then you may want to find another opportunity.

When you have something that meets your prospects’ needs then there is a neat little system to create great copy that will jack up your conversions. . . . .

1. Identify the challenge. Revisit some past troubles you and your prospect have been through. Really twist the knife here. You want to cite examples that the prospect will relate to and feel pain since it is the same as their own experiences. For example, If you are pitching a weight loss supplement you might talk about the fun times fat people miss due to their obestiy or the family moments they’ll miss from premature death, etc..

2. Give them an answer. Talk about all the benefits of your product not the statistics. People want to know how it will help them solve their problem not how many calories or vitamin C is in the product.

3. Talk about Your Credentials. Give them reasons to buy from you rather than your competition. If you’re not an expert yet, cite a third party who has credibility with the prospect. Third party validation is huge.

4. Give them a guarantee. This shows them they have nothing to lose buy purchasing. It also speaks volumes for YOUR BELIEF in the product.

5. Call to Action. This is the most important of all the copywriting secrets. Many are ignorant of this or are just scared employ it. Never be afraid to ask for the sale! Come on guys! You’re not even talking to someone live in many cases. In order to achieve a sale you must ask for it! Include a call to action at the end of your copy telling them what exactly you want them to do next.

I work in network marketing. On my blog and my squeeze pages I always have a call to action for people to opt-into my free valuable trainings that I offer. I get a constant flow of leads daily coming to my business just by asking!

I have set up a lead generation system with my team that contains some of the best copywriting secrets on the Internet. Click this link right now to discover how I get tons of leads coming to me daily. Copywriting Secrets

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